League of Legends Error Code 004 [ Solved ] With Pictures

How to Fix LOL Error code 004

League of Legends Error Code 004

   Some users face an annoying issue after installing League of Legends game called Error 004 while patching the game in the game lobby that makes the game failed to start and failed to enter the room this problem could happen to any user without an alert or without doing anything that affects the game and its files and here we have some solutions to fix this problem.
   League of Legends or LOL (as it's known among players) is an online free multiplayer battlefield game that has been published first time on the seventh of October of 2008 it has much fame in North  America and Europe in 2012 was the most played video game in the world.


   Error Code 004 or Failed to patch Error usually occurs because of some reasons we're going to mention it.
1-You have an anti-virus block some actions needed to patch the game.
2-You're using an old version of the game.
3-There is not enough space on your hard drive.
4-You're using a weak internet connection.
  And here are some solutions that will, of course, solve League of Legends Error code 004.

First Solution

   Some times Lague of Legends needs administration permission to patch correct and open normally so you have to give it the authority to be an administrator so follow the next steps to do that.
   Open the game as administrator 
1-Click on the Game icon.
2-Click on Right Click.
3-Click on Properties.
League of Legends Error Code 004
4-Click on Compatibility.
5-Mark on Run this program as administrator.
League of Legends Error Code 004

6-Press ok to save changes then reopen the game and enjoy.

Second Solution

   Free some space on your hard disk, some times League of Legends Error Code 004 occurs as a result of leak space on your disk so freeing some space could be an effective method to solve this issue even if the solution looks easy or naive just try it and try opening game launcher.

Third solution

   Cache files some times make the computer slower and take unneeded that makes the computer slow and affect programs speed as well as League of Legends so here are some steps well definitely help you remove this unwanted garbage.

1-Download CCleaner to remove cache from your PC.
and CCleaner is an application used for removing cache and unwanted files which make the computer slower so its main function to make your PC faster and solve windows problems. 
2-Install the application.
3- Press on the Easy Clean button then press start.
League of Legends Error Code 004

4-Wait till it finishes then press clean.
5-Try to reopen League Of Legends to check if Error code 004 still exists or not.
   Those solutions, of course, will solve League of  Legends error code 004 a lot of players have tried doing those steps and in 99% cases, those steps are useful and will solve your problem. 
   If you have any question don't be shy to leave it in a comment and we will answer it as fast as possible.
   WE hope you have been benefited from this article and thank you for your patience.

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