League of Legends error code 003 [Solved] With Pictures

How to Solve lol error code 003

League of Legends error code 003

   League of Legends is an online multiplayer arena game that is famous around the world, it has over 33 million active players around the world, the game first came out at 2008 with huge fame in North America and Europe and at a certain point, it was the most played online multiplayer game with huge fame around the world.

  The game consists of 2 basic maps to choose from, and it has many game types that players can choose from like Co-op Vs, Custom Games, Normal Matchmaking, Ranked Matchmaking.

  Some users face some problems while installing the game or while playing which makes playing the game impossible for them. one of these problems is League of Legends error code 003 [ Patching Error (Code 003) ] happens when the game client and patching server has some problems keeping a stable connection or because something is blocking your league of legends game files from being properly installed 

League of Legends error code 003 usually happens while installing a new game patch.

Here is how to fix League of Legends error code 003

  We gonna show you the best solutions that worked properly with most of the users having the same error.
First of all, you might just need to restart your pc, sometimes the game works properly after restarting your pc, so this might be your first thing to do. 

Solution 1:

You might not have enough space to install the new patch files
  • Go to the disk that your game located at [Usally disk C]  
  • Leave at least 1GB free space
  • Try to clean or delete some files [Unnessosery Files or games] or move them to another disk 
  • Restart your pc 
  • Run the game and install the new patch files

Solution 2:
  you can re-download the new patch by the deleting the old patch files [Repatch]
  • Go to league of legends game folder, usually located at "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends"
  • Go to folder RADS/projects/league_client/releases/
  • Once you find the folder delete everything inside it 
  • Start your League of legends game and run it as administrator 
The game should install the new patch and update itself

Solution 3:

Automatic Troubleshooting - Hextech Repair Tool 
League of Legends error code 003

  Hextech is a repairing tool that is powered by Riot's support 
It is perfectly safe and fast and recommended by Riot's support, all you need to do is to install the Hextech repair tool and run it and it will fix all the technical errors that your league of legends has.
[Don't forget to run the Hextech repair tool with administrator rights]

Download link from here

Solution 4:

  It might be a connection problem
  • Restart your router or internet connection
  • Check your connection problems with internet troubleshooting program
    League of Legends error code 003
  • Use Vpn to secure and stable your connection, we recommend Nord Vpn or Hola Vpn
  • Install the Vpn and connect to any near server
  • Run your game with administrator rights and let the patch update.

Solution 5:
It might be there is something that blocking installing the new patch files

  • Make sure your Windows is up-to-date
  • Restart your pc
  • Disable your Windows Firewall
  • Disable all of your anti-viruses programs
  • Run the game with admin rights
  • Let the new patch install its files 

One of those solutions should work with you, Don't forget to leave feedback in comments.
or if you have a question we will answer you in comments


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