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League of Legends error code 003 [Solved] With Pictures

How to Solve lol error code 003
 League of Legends is an online multiplayer arena game that is famous around the world, it has over 33 million active players around the world, the game first came out at 2008 with huge fame in North America and Europe and at a certain point, it was the most played online multiplayer game with huge fame around the world.
The game consists of 2 basic maps to choose from, and it has many game types that players can choose from like Co-op Vs, Custom Games, Normal Matchmaking, Ranked Matchmaking.
Some users face some problems while installing the game or while playing which makes playing the game impossible for them. one of these problems is League of Legends error code 003 [ Patching Error (Code 003) ] happens when the game client and patching server has some problems keeping a stable connection or because something is blocking your league of legends game files from being properly installed 
League of Legends error code 003 usually happens while installing a…

League of Legends Error Code 004 [ Solved ] With Pictures

How to Fix LOL Error code 004
Some users face an annoying issue after installing League of Legends game called Error 004 while patching the game in the game lobby that makes the game failed to start and failed to enter the room this problem could happen to any user without an alert or without doing anything that affects the game and its files and here we have some solutions to fix this problem.
League of Legends or LOL (as it's known among players) is an online free multiplayer battlefield game that has been published first time on the seventh of October of 2008 it has much fame in North  America and Europe in 2012 was the most played video game in the world.
    REASONS OF ERROR CODE004    Error Code 004 or Failed to patch Error usually occurs because of some reasons we're going to mention it.
1-You have an anti-virus block some actions needed to patch the game.
2-You're using an old version of the game.
3-There is not enough space on your hard drive.
4-You're using a …