How to unfollow all friends or pages on facebook at once 2019

how to unfollow all friends on facebook

How to unfollow all friends on facebook easily

Did you get tired of seeing random posts or unwanted posts on your facebook timeline from people you don't know? we gonna show you 3 ways on how to unfollow all friends on facebook then you can refollow the people you actually want to see their posts and news from.

However, Facebook hasn’t yet implemented the ability to unfollowing everyone at once. that's why we found 3 methods to unfollow everyone and save your time.

3 ways to unfollow everyone on Facebook

First Method: for unfollowing friends or pages
  1. Go to facebook
  2. login to your account
  3. click on newsfeed Preferences ( you will find it in the dots next to settings )
    How to unfollow all friends on facebook
  4. Select the friends, groups or pages you want to unfollow
  5. select people you want to unfollow and press Done button
  6. you can select as many as you want, one, two, ten or all of them.
From newsfeed preferences, you can also edit
  • who to see first
  • Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts
  • Reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed
  • Manage snooze settings
  • hide apps
Second method:

  • Open Google chrome
  • how to unfollow all friends on facebook

  • Search for extension "facebook unfollow"
  • you will find 2 extensions one for friends unfollow called "Unfollow Multiple FB Friends" and for pages "Unfollow Multiple FB Pages"
  • how to unfollow all friends on facebook
  • Download the extension you want
  • you will find the extension after you downloaded it, on the top right on google chrome.
  • login to your account on facebook
  • open the extension wait for 10-30 seconds
  • Select the friends or pages you want to unfollow or press select all button
  • you can select a time interval between requests of unfollowing
  • press submit button and wait until you unfollow the people you selected
    how to unfollow all friends on facebook
  • You can download the extension directly from here " friends extension " pages extension"

The extension also has

  • Follow multiple friends
  • Unfollow multiple friends
  • Mute stories of multiple friends
  • Unmute stories of multiple friends
  • Unfollow multiple liked pages
  • Follow multiple liked pages

Third method:

  1. Go to facebook and login to your account
  2. Search for the profile or page you want to unfollow
  3. Click on the down arrow next to following
    how to unfollow all friends on facebook
  4. Click unfollow

This method is the most known one and takes too much time to unfollow the people you want. that's why we recommend the other two methods mentioned above for bulk follow/unfollow friends, pages or groups.

What will happen if you unfollow someone, page or group?

  • you won't be able to see their posts or updates
  • you won't see their stories anymore
  • IF it's a group or page you won't see any posts from the group but you will remain in group members/page likers
  • No unfollow notification will be sent to the person you unfollowed


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