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How To Solve Spotify Error code 18 [ Step By Step ]

Spotify Error code 18

How To Solve Spotify Error Code 18 [Full Guide]

  Spotify Error Code 18 is a common problem that faces users while installing the Spotify music app, In this article, we will show you how to solve this problem in varied ways.

  Spotify is a very common music app that was founded in 2006 and now it has over 217 million active users who use it to listen to music, download songs and follow their preferred singers from all over categories and from all over the world.

   Unfortunately, some users face annoying problems while installing the app, one of the most this common problems that is occurred while installing Spotify app is the problem named [ Error Code 18 ] in this article we are going to show you how to solve this problem like what we mentioned Step By Step.

   The first thing we need to know about this problem is to know the reason that caused the problem. secondly, this isn't a big problem and it can be solved easily.

   Spotify Error Code 18 happens because files that must be copied to install Spotify are used by another app on your computer while the Spotify installer trying to reach those files and logically the installation progress will be affected.

First Solution

1- Open task manager ( press ctrl+alt+delete) .

Spotify Error code 18

2-Press on processes.
3-Search for any task has Spotify in its name running on the background.
Spotify Error code 18

4-Close any program that has Spotify on its name by clicking on End task.
5-Close task manager then try to reinstall Spotify.

This is the easiest solution and most effective one but, if this solution didn't solve Spotify Error code 18 try to follow the second solution.

Second Solution

1-Press on Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog.
2-Write %AppData% then press the ok button.

Spotify Error code 18

4-Search for Spotify folder in the AppData folder that will be opened when you click ok.
5-Remove that folder.
6-Restart your computer.
7-Try to reinstall Spotify app.

   Spotify Error Code 18  will be solved if you follow these steps on your windows even if your Windows is 10, 8, 7, or even Windows XP but some users have other problems on their computers that make those steps unuseful and useless so here are another steps that should solve this problem permanently.

Third Solution

1-Open My Computer or My PC folder.

2-Then press on Ctrl+C to search on quick access.
3-Type Spotify and wait to search for all folders have Spotify in their names.
Spotify Error code 18

4-Press  Ctrl+A to select all folders then delete them.
5-Press yes to delete them.
6-Restart your Computer then try to reinstall Spotify.

   Those solutions, of course, will solve Spotify Error Code 18 a lot of users have tried doing those steps and in 99% cases, those steps are useful and will solve your problem. 
   If you have any question don't be shy to leave it in a comment and we will answer it as fast as possible.
   WE hope you have been benefited from this article and thank you for your patience.
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