Keyboard Shortcut Keys For windows 8 OS

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Its good to know that windows 8 operating system will officially be released October later this year. Microsoft has officially made the pronouncement and we all are waiting to witness a full complete version of a “never released before” OS

Below are top quick microsoft new windows 8 operating system shortcut keys

Windows key – Shows the New Metro User Interface (UI) screen

Win + A / Win + Space – Switches keyboard Layouts
Win + C – Brings Start menu with Time and date
Win + D – Shows the Standard Desktop Screen
Win + F – Allows you to search for files
Win + I  – Opens the Settings Sidebar
Win + L – Lock Windows
WIN + O – Applies Rotation Lock
Win + P – Presents with Multi-Monitor options
Win + Q – Lists all Installed applications
Win + W – Instant search for settings.
Win + X – Opens oower user shortcut menu
Win + Y – Desktop Glance
Win + Z – Shows the Application bar in Metro apps


Functional Keys Shortcuts

Win + F1 – Displays Help
Win + F2 – Rename Item
Win + F3 – Search for files and folders
Win + F4 – Displays items in Active list
Win + F5 – Refresh

Page Up/Down Shortcuts

Win + Page Up – Move Start screen to left Monitor
Win + Page Down – Move Start screen to right Monitor

Number Shortcuts

Win + (1-9) – Switches to the app as numbered on the Taskbar

Arrow Keys Shortcuts

Win + Left arrow– Snaps Desktop Window to left 
Win +  Right arrow – Snaps Desktop Window to right
Win +  Up arrow – Maximizes the Desktop Window
Win +  Down arrow – Minimizes or Restores the the Desktop Window

Period Shortcuts

Win + . (period) – Snaps the Metro app to  right
Win + . (period) + Shift – Snaps the Metro app to left

Win + Tab – Makes a Switch between currently opened apps

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