Watermelon Business Guide: How to Become a Watermelon Millionaire In 73 Days

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Thinking of going into watermelon production and make good money on the side while doing this, here is how to start from scratch to finish.

Reasons why watermelon business is worth your time and effort.

1. It’s a money spinning business

2. The gestation period is usually very short roughly between two and half months both cultivation and harvesting.

3. There is huge demand for these produce world-wide owing to growing medicinal and health benefits it provides.

4. watermelon is an agribusiness that is agro-base in production meaning you can easily run large scale using chemical substances or improved techniques.

hybrid watermelon

Watermelon Business Financial Plan & Financial Plan

Watermelon returns on investment is amazing – Imagine selling 1 ball of watermelon between N150 – N500 depending on the size, demand and supply?

You can run an hectare with as little as N31,000 and be able to make N300,000 – N400,000 in 73 – 80 days

Please see here for free detailed Watermelon business plan

The Challenges in Watermelon Production

1. Diseases
2. Pests
3. Irregular Weather

How to Make Money From Watermelon – The Complete A to Z Manual Guide on Watermelon Business

  • Land Preparation
  • Watermelon Hybrid Seeds
  • Spacing
  • Treatment
  • Chemicals Application
  • How to Take Measurement
  • Solid and Foliar fertilizers Application
  • Getting Rid of Weeds Easily in Hours
  • Detecting Watermelon Maturity
  • Harvesting Techniques
  • Selling to Hottest Potential Market and How to Locate them

how to make money producing watermelon

Plus lots more

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Jerry Obamwonyi
The Watermelon Millionaire


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