How to Translate a Language Online Using Free Google Translate Translator

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I was currently doing a research online earlier today, I stumbled on a spanish based website whose contents has the exact stuffs I need but could not translate the website text contents to english which is my nation preferred language.

I quickly remember Google has a simple but yet intuitive free all language translate translator online. Then hover there and at the end of the day i was able to break non english based contents sites language barrier

How do you use the free google language translator? Its simple. kindly visit

Select from the 65 and above countries languages available e.g from Spanish/French to your own preferred language – English


How to Use Google Translator to Translate a Website Language

Using this G translator feature is equally easy, just copy and paste the website url link into the white space provided at the left hand corner of your the webpage

How to Use Google Text Translation– the same thing equally applies here, just also copy and paste your text into the white space provided

How to Use Google Language Translator Virtual Keyboard
This is a feature that allows you to use online google virtual keyboard to type in your queries or text when trying to translate from your language to any other languages. In each case, simply click on “Translate” after inputting the website link or texts

See Screenshot above for help

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