How To Get Free 50GB Of Dropbox Storage Space on Android Devices

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Simple Dropbox Free Storage Space Bonus Hack valid for Two Years

Easy and straight to the point if I’m asked!

With this Dropbox free storage space getting simple  hack, you can get a whopping storage size of about  free 50 Gigabytes of drop box with all rooted android  devices, manufacturer and model notwithstanding.

To start with, you’re going to need to download,  extract and run these .apk executable files as found  in these folders

Inside the file download directory, you will find two  files namely

  • Dropbox.apk

On your device go to settings apps and find Dropbox,

  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache
  • Force Stop
  • Uninstall

From the folder where the files are saved, quickly run  and install Download.apk, you are advised not to open  this application, just click done.

Thereafter you’re going to need to reboot into  recovery and flash installing from the and reboot your device afterwards.

Allow your device to boot, then select Dropbox and login, and complete the setup Dropbox will send you a message to the email you supplied during signup thanking you for taking advantage on becoming a Dropbox Guru! and you will get 48 GB instantly.

It will become 50G when you add the 2G you ll’ be getting during signup with the 48GB you got during the process.

This can easily be repeated after exhaustion in 2 years


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2 Responses to “How To Get Free 50GB Of Dropbox Storage Space on Android Devices”

  1. I became a “Dropbox Guru” the other day when I deactivated automatic photo upload from my Android to Dropbox. I have no idea why…

  2. night says:

    Does this trick still work? If i do this, is there a chance that Dropbox will “flag” and suspend my account?

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