How to Check Your Account and Bundle Plan Balances in All 3G Usb Modems and Datacards Using New Algo. Dashbaord

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Do you use a usb modem by any of the network operator mostly powered by hauwei technologies but the modem lacks the feature that can conveniently enable you to check either your airtime/credit balance or internet access subscription bundle plan then this simple tutorial will solve this annoying difficulties for you

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What Type Of Account Balances Can You Check With This New Dashboard on All Your 3G Modems

1. Any USSD requests and inquiries
2. Your airtime/credit/recharge voucher balance
3. Data bundle plan subscription activation and
balance inquiries

Its no more news that one of the lacking vital features on most hauwei powered usb modems dashboard is the facet that cause its users to easily make USSD requests without having to remove simcards from the datacard tray and then insert into a mobile phone any other mobile devices that offer similar functions

Secondly, with this dashboard you can also specifically check your airtime balance to know how much credit is left on your line for making calls, sending text messages (sms) and multimedia messages (MMS) and lots more

Thirdly, worry no more as you can now easily subscribe for any internet connection bundle plan and check your data subscription balances without having remove your sim from your modems especially after your usb modem have been unlocked

For example, let’s assume you are using Orange internet connection service on a MTN usb modem, without this USSD dashboard you can’t subscribe to any orange internet bundle plan.

So this is where this tricks and usb modem hack becomes vitally relevant and important for easy modems management and usage thereby ensuring you have a hitch-free internet browsing experience

What is the meaning of any 3g modem dashboard? it simply means the accessible user interface or GUI of all modems where settings and other things are incorporated and launch after successful installations before you ever think of running and establishing a network internet connection which are made possible via dial up number internet protocols

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With all these being said, you are going to need to download this modem USSD requests/inquiry dashboard and run the software on your PC

After a successful download and installation of this dashboard from here

Kindly follow the hacks below


Click “Tools” on top of the dashboard software

Then Click “USSD

From the USSD panel, you find two (2) white spaces as seen from the image above

The 1st, is where your USSD results will appear
The 2nd, is where you’re going effect any of the inquiry.  From here just enter your command code or select from the drop down menu or lists after you would have created some if it appeals to you to,  then click “Send

Download link for this USSD dashboard one again

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