How to Cancel and Delete Your RebelMouse Account After Signin/Signup

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Just like every other trending big top contents curated sites like Pinterest, Huffington Post, he Big Apple  Circus, Drudge, Adobe’s CMO

Most people still don’t know the option to optin for especially when it comes to synchronizing your website  contents with psuedo or real contents curating sites on the internet

While many websites owners and websites are still  confused of the type  and kinds  of contents curated sites, many still don’t know whether  or not if they should also allow their web contents to  be harmonized through out a specific sites.

You can read up this Forbes post on 4 Reasons Why  Content Curation has now become a big deal and the order  of the day in the contents marketing industry

Just as other contents aggregating (curating) sites  regardless of the content curating methods, purpose,  industry and niches, there is ultimately single thing in  common – combining two or more sources of information,  re-writing, formatting of contents style, layout or
format into one comprehensive resource

What is Rebelmouse about?

Rebelmouse is simply a social media sort of contents  aggregating and listing sites that automatically pull up  your website contents and lay them all out in place on  their website created under an individual specific  account.

Big websites like Mashable, Business Insider, TechCrunch  and the rest of others seems to make recommendation for  this website they are actually not using. The few top  big sites using this site contents listing features do  so under a customized domain unlike other normal users  like you and I, going by this simple reason and other  things, I became sceptical using their service and I  discontinued effectively

As at time of writing this post, Rebelmouse is currently  on the Beta(testing) stage, there is something actually  missing on at the moment, its the  inability of its users to cancel and delete its account.  I searched the website and did a few Google search there  was no solution to this.

How I Canceled and Deleted My Rebel Mouse Account

After trying few ways to ensure my account was deleted  from Rebel mouse with no result, I simply shoot them an  through their support email address at and with the  email subject

“I Want To Delete My Website and Account From Rebel House‏”

This message was sent on Saturday and got a reply from  one of its customer care Representative – Jack by Monday  morning. This delay was because it was weekend, if you  send yours within business working days, you should  receive reply within 24 hours

Email Template and Snippet I sent Rebelmouse for my  Account Deletion


Email Reply I Received From Rebelmouse for My Account  Cancellation


Here is my account URL link with Rebelmouse after signup  And you could see that, that page has been removed from  their network and contents also deleted from their database as the link now shows “404 Error”


Please I don’t really have any negative opinions about Rebelmouse social contents sharing, just that I didn’t have  a good reason why I needed to remain with them.

I Want to Signup and Create an Account?

Getting a Rebelmouse account created for you is free,  simple and easy, with any of your social network site  account logins with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ you can signin/signup

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