Free Difficult Huawei E303, E357, E369 Usb Modems Unlocking Code Calculator

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Here are 2 free simple ways to get your stubborn huawei 300 series USB modems unlocked with varying unlocking codes.

Literally, most version and model of huawei usb modems are simply unlocked with the traditional USB modem unlocker software that works on the techniques of generating huawei usb modems unlock code and flash code.

But the reverse is the case for novel huawei USB like huawei E303, E357, E69 etc. as their respective unlocking process is difficult and hard to successfully complete.

Here are two simple unlocking tool and calculator for generating their unlock codes

Method 1: Using Specific Version of DCcrap or Dc unlocker a version that uniquely can be gotten from Dc unlocker software client


After a successful download and saving of this software on folder/location that can easily be accessible then, Plug in your huawei usb modem(s) whose unlocking code you could not easily generate from the normal huawei unlocker tool.

Thereafter, install the dc client software and run the application from your PC. Allow the user interface to automatically detect the modem upon plugging into your USB port, then select your huawei version e.g huawei e303.

Then in the Unlocking Tab, select the Generate Unlock Code by IMEI and click on Do Job


the unlocking software will automatically do the wizardry job by providing you the unlock code of your modem

Click Here to Read Method 2 tutorial using LoginPlus client v5.0 unlocker software

Post updated 17th July, 2013.

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  1. CHido says:

    Boss, gudday i installed the software but it didnt want to run outside, but runs in the background wen i click to open it, pls what can i do, nd b4 i use it do i need to pay the owners of the software? thanks as ur reply will highly appreciated.

  2. CHido says:

    pls upload ur own n give me the link so that i can download it oo, i’m begging cos i want to unlock my modem.. thanks

  3. henry says:

    i need a username and password

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  5. Frank says:

    Plsssssssssssssssssssssss i Ned a paypal account,
    is the payment into Gt bank account still on and for real?

  6. Glo modem-Huawei E303

  7. medorian says:

    Thanks guy, it really work for me…….cheer

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