Easily Water Mark Your Images Online Free With Picmarkr Photo Watermark Creator

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Adding watermarks to photos and pictures is one of the surest way to personalizing your image file. There are so many image plagiarism and copyright infringement activities online, and adding watermark to your photos makes you stand out

What is image and photo watermarking?
according to TheFreeDictionary.com and Dictionary.com image and photo watermark means

” faint design made in some paper during manufacture, that is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker”

In order word, its means adding and embedding custom text, tile and image into photos thereby making it different from every other photos online

Image water mark is very useful as it does not only help to add and embed a custom links, text or whatsoever to your image, but its also needed to help you protect your image work copyright without any undue and unsolicited infringement.


How and Where to Watermark Your Photos Free Online
There are tons of free image and photo watermark-adding and editing software program online that you can use with ease, but the simplest free watermark pictures creator I have always used is the Picmarkr.com

To watermark your image at Picmarkr.com

Step 1: Upload your Image and Photo
Grab and upload your photos from online (flickr.com or Facebook.com, or Picasa.com) or directly from your computer. On picmarkr watermark creator, you can upload and water mark upto 5 images at once. You may also want to resize your uploaded pictures by 500, 800 or 1024 pixels as it suites your need

Step 2: Select Any Watermark Format
You may choose from any of the three popular watermark features format which include text, image or the tiled watermark format

Step3: Get and Download Your Watermarked Images
After selecting from your preferred watermark format, then your watermarked image should be ready for download instantly

Getting Image Traffic From Flickr.com With Picmarkr Watermarked Images
You and I know that getting traffic to our website and blogs is vital for the sustainance of our online web properties, so you can piggyback on pickmarkr and ultimate flickr by leveraging on its organic image search traffic when you directly link to your flickr.com account or better still your yahoo logins.

Post Summary
To create a free watermark on all your images, photos and pictures, Picmarkr.com upload your image, apply your watermark format and download your watermarked image.

Lets me know what you think, please feel free to share your experience with other free quality watermark photo creating software program online

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