All Zte MF Series Unlocked Codes – Zte MF100, MF110, MF180, MF190 Usb Modem Unlocking Software, Drivers and Firmware Download

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Just as I have explained from my preceding  posts on how to use crap DC unlocker to unlock  your wireless 3G usb modems, more often than not  lots of people are still having difficulties  unlocking their ZTE MF series and model of usb  broadband modems

Two Ways to Unlock Your ZTE MF Series 3G Usb Modems

1. Using free crack version of crap DC unlocker
2. Using Zte MF Specific Unlock Code Calculator,
Drivers and Firmware

Method One (1):
Using Free Crack Version of Crap DC Unlocker

Just to give you an highlights, but you can read full proceeding Zte modems unlocking tutorials here

Quick Tips & Tutorial Overview
Download and install Crap DC unlocker software and tool from here or 

After successful download of this modem unlocking software tool, first open the zip file and click on the dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0597_2.exe link to install. See image below


Second step is for you to open Zip File and click Unlock Zte option as seen from the image below



Step three is for you to extract DCCrap.Exe to anywhere you can easily access it e.g on your deskop

and start unlocking your usb modems


Steps to Unlock Your 3G Wireless Usb Modems

Step 1: Insert your modem with any other network service provider sim card in the sim tray

Step 2: Open the dongle Crap DC unlocker on your desktop and select ZTE Datacards

Step 3: Select Auto detect which is always recommended, and click scan

Your Zte MF usb modem will automatically be detected and unlocked by the crap dc unlocker

Method two (2):
Using ZTE MF Series and Model Unlocking Software, Drivers and Firmware

Click Here to read the concluding part of this post


9 Responses to “All Zte MF Series Unlocked Codes – Zte MF100, MF110, MF180, MF190 Usb Modem Unlocking Software, Drivers and Firmware Download”

  1. nana kofi says:

    please i download the software but there is no download link

  2. Danh Than says:

    i want unlock my 3g USB modem

  3. DONCHUKS says:

    Hi, JERRY, Kudos for the great work and help you offer to numerous ppl here. please i try to download the DC UNLOCKER CRAP but the link in mediafire is either deactivated or deleted, can you send the software as an attached file to my e-mail: thanks

  4. Artsen says:

    New Skin for ZTE Join Air you cand download here:

  5. Azam says:

    please i cant unlock my zte190 moedm.. IMEI86131301006959

  6. ashok says:

    Hi Jerry,,,Unlocker software is not downloading,,,Can u plz give me the unlock code i also need this software plz mail me the software<<<Thnx in advance….


  7. Jay says:

    Please can anyone help me with my problem. I gave out my glo netpro MF110 modem to a friend to use for a while but then, he was formatting his systems and unfortunately the modem was formatted and now i have no idea on how to get the software to make the modem work.
    Please help me out…

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