Top 20 Lists of Google Adwords Most Expensive PPC Keywords – Main Google Revenue Secret source

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Google Adwords PPC Adversting. Discover the main almighty Google Revenue Secret weapon Source – Google makes tons of lot of money from online advertising. In fact, 97 percent of Google’s revenue is from its Adwords advertising, which totaled $33.3 billion in the past twelve months, comes from advertising.

The top twenty keyword categories that demanded the highest costs per click are listed below, they are the main over all source to how Google makes money online. They give some share to adsense publishers for displaying adwords ads on their sites.

Here are The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords Categories In Google Adwords Advertising
Here is where Google is making its money online – $33.3 Billion, over 97 percent of Google Revenue source is from advertising.
1. Insurance (example keyword: “auto insurance price quotes”)
2. Loans (example keyword: “consolidate graduate student loans”)
3. Mortgage (example keyword: “refinanced second mortgages”)
4. Attorney (example keyword: “personal injury attorney”)
5. Credit (example keyword: “home equity line of credit”)
6. Lawyer
7. Donate
8. Degree
9. Hosting
10. Claim
11. Conference Call
12. Trading
13. Software
14. Recovery
15. Transfer
16. Gas/Electricity
17. Classes
18. Rehab
19. Treatment
20. Cord Blood

Infographics Insight on Top Best Most Expensive PPC (Pay Per Click) Keywords and Terms All Times

Here are lists of most expensive google adwords and adsens keywords terms for Google advertisers and Publishers respectively

how google makes money onlineAnyone would like to share his experiences regarding this pictorial statistic displaying the most recent Google revenue secret source which is through adword advertising.

Anyone is in the top 3 niches e.g insurance , loans and mortgages and having top 10 search engine rank position (SERPs) in google? if someone wants to get into these 3 niches then how much effort and investment is required for seo and what is the approximate return for this effort?  i am really looking forward for the feedback from you.

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