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Here is a  Fiverr Quick Start Guide for making easy money online. is a website that allows  you to sell services, items, pictures, just anything you can think of, for just $5.   People have offered everything on here from custom made videos, to special photos, to strange phone calls, and beyond

So Why Fiverr? Here’s My 3 Main Reasons And Benefits Of Money:

1.    Setting up a Fiverr account is Free.

2.    Fiverr gets a ton of traffic, which means you get immediate exposure.

3.    Since you cannot control the testimonials, every positive one you get will boost your business immensely, both on Fiverr and on other sites.

Hey buddy I’ll bet you’re here because you just can’t wait to get started. Here’s an easy Quick Start sheet to get your Fiverr account up and ready for marketing and making profits in just 15 minutes! After you follow these steps take actions

Step 1) Set Up

Go to

Sign up for an account

Choose a trustworthy name

Write a brief profile description OR Copy and paste the following into your profile.

If you’re looking for excellent Fiverr service, you’ve come to the right place. Shoot me over a mail if you have any questions about what I offer!

If you’re looking for excellent Fiverr service, you’ve come to the right place. Shoot me over a mail if you have any questions about what I offer!

Upload a profile picture. If you’re stuck, go here and choose a free stock photo.

Step 2) Create a Gig

Click Create Gig (or go to “Seller” then “My Gigs” and then “Add a New Gig”

Think of any talent or skill you have. (make sure it’s a service or product you enjoy) make quick easy money online
*video reviews
*picture taking
*sending tweets to followers

Then take that skill and offer it for $5 (make sure it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes of your time to complete)
Create at least 5 More Gigs (you can try a different skill for each gig, or make variations of the first)

Step 3) Get Customers

Tweet, Facebook Update, Post on Forums, Post on Craigslist advertising your $5 Gig. You can get ____ For Only $5! Hurry though, I won’t be offering this forever!

Step 4) Hooking Interest

Check your competition by doing a search on Fiverr. f someone has a similar gig to yours, make your gig stand out by enhancing what you offer (offer greater value)

The best way to get your gig featured is to create a unique gig. Look at what’s out there. Now put a spin on it.
For example: if everyone is doing video reviews, you do video reviews as your pirate persona Two-legged Jim.

Step 5) Turning Fiverr Gig Leads Into Real Customers

Create a website that has to do with the service you offer. (you can create a free website at or

I would suggest registering at and purchasing a domain so you have your own

If you want an article on how to build a quick WordPress website, just email me at

Or if you have a website at the end write:

I want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied! If you need to reach me or want me to answer any questions, contact me at

Note: You can replace your website with another form of contact, such as your twitter or facebook, or phone number if you like.

If they contact you, offer them “Premium Services” based off the Fiverr gig they ordered. (a service that is similar but has more value, therefore allows you to charge more)

If they were willing to pay $5 for a certain service, they’re likely willing to pay $50, $500 or more for an upgraded version of the service.

When you direct them to your website, it should look like a simple portfolio or business/card like site with your contact information on it. Nothing complicated, just make it easy for them to reach you and see that you’re a professional.

Again, this can be a single page site.

IF you want to take it a step further, create a “store” of sorts where you can show different services you offer and the prices for them on there. Take it as far as you want! You control how much (or how little) you grow and make from your Fiverr Marketing!

That’s The Quick Start! This will help you get started fast making some easy money online using, but for the Best Results, take time to practice and learn on how your own.

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  1. Fivers World says:

    Great article gerry. I would like to invite you to visit a website like fiverr with lower fees & threshold.

    • Hey buddy,
      great one there, Its also 5 dollars like fiverr.
      The site is still very much new, i pray its stand
      the test of time and become popular like fiverr
      some days


  2. Ganixra says:

    Nice Information. is that trust to earn money from

    • Yes Ganixtra,
      you mean its takes trust to earn on
      sure. One thing that has made the
      best market and workplace for outsourcing
      tasks and jobs online is that you dont control
      customer, consumer or clients comments
      and opinion. has really been lots of help to
      many IM across the globe.

  3. Freeman Adewale Temitayo says:

    Hey, I just joined fiverr and I would like to know how you get paid by the buyer!

  4. Exceptionally entertaining many thanks, I believe your trusty followers will probably want further well written articles such as this carry on the good hard work.

  5. i read different blog about related fiverr.but fiverr is most popular site rather than other.

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    It was really inspiring and motivating.

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    – Felix

    • Thats is great Felix,
      Thanks for your feedbacks i will try that out.
      what is payment option? is it
      only paypal or any other paypal payment
      alternatives there?

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  10. Brandon says:

    I found this website similar to fiverr. Its Right now they charge nothing for listing and selling.

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