Get Paid Uploading Video Sites – How to Make Money Uploading Videos and Movies Online

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These are the top 2 sites that pay you just by uploading videos and movies to their sites.

VideoZer is a free video hosting and sharing site just like Youtube. They pay you when you upload videos to their sites. Its free and VideoZer pays per view usually $25 per 1000 views which is great. VideoZer has a minimum payment of $20. That is if you make your first 20 USD, you will get paid
Videobb is also a great video hosting and sharing sites. You get paid up to $30 USD per 10,000 video views. Videobb also give incentive and remuneration to make you earn 25% on their referral program

These are the two get paid to upload video and movies sites i can share with you now. you can use to search for more

make money uploading movies

The more videos you upload, the more views the more money you make from these sites.

How to Find and Get Free Videos To Upload On Get Paid to Unpload Movies and Videos Sites
You can download some new movie trailer from youtube and other top video sharing and hosting sites and upload them to videoZer, Videobb etc and get paid.

You can use Windows Movie Maker (easiest free video editing software) to add effects or make some personlizations to your videos. windows movie maker  normally comes with your PC

For tutorial help on how to use Windows Movie maker to edit videos please search youtube for help.

There are some great automated black hat software and tools for inreasing video views so as to increase your earning potentials on get paid to upload video sites, i will on this in my subsequent posts.

13 Responses to “Get Paid Uploading Video Sites – How to Make Money Uploading Videos and Movies Online”

  1. Works really Jerry. I love the tips and the websites you just shared here. Expecting more from you soon 🙂

  2. divx says:

    Its a valuable information for me as i don’t knew about the money making by video sites up till now but this blog offers me the know how regarding the uploading video and the earning . On can share or upload the video from divx for this purpose.

  3. alain says: is a new free video streaming hosting website. Unlike other websites, Modovideo is compatible with iPhone/iPad. Therefore, any kind of device will be able to view with. So if you have a website, forum or blog you will have additional 130 million potential users (owners of iPhone/iPad). MORE CLICKS, MORE MONEY FOR YOU!
    Modovideo offers you the highest streaming quality in the market!
    Modovideo is willing to pay users that upload popular content. You can make money simply by using your video content.
    Introduce Modovideo to your friends or affiliates; enjoy 25% of their view counts earnings and earn 10% of their premium packages.
    Modovideo is the best free streaming website. The only website that will support your iPhone and your iPad!!!

    • Dear Alain,
      do you run and manage the site? can you give tips on how users of our blog
      can earn massively from the video sharing site?

  4. uploadDr says:

    Hi , love your blog, good tips, Thanks!
    I found a website ! its great!
    you get the features of bb and videozer – and you get MUCH more!
    I think the 2 best features they have and none of the other sites have are :

    – iPhone/iPad accessibillty! My viewers can watch videos with any device they want!
    – GOLDEN VIEWER ! its a new feature , 1st time i see it anyway – if you watch 25 hours within 30 days you get a FREE premium for 30 days! 1st video hosting website i see that takes care of the viewers… i think its great for people watching videos on my site.
    anyway, modovideo gives the more money then the two you mentiond and has gr8 new featurs.
    and agian, thanks for the tips boss!

  5. alain says:

    hey Jerrywhyte
    well, you can upload videos. the videos will be viewed by users, and for every 10,000 views you will make up to 30$. besides that you can make 25% of referrals and 10% from each premium you bring. this is a new site, it is the only site that enables all devices to view videos! there are 250,000,000 iPhone/iPad users that cannot use live streaming.
    sounds good?
    enjoy 🙂

  6. john says:

    simple steps
    upload your files free on
    fileserve or
    filesonic or
    hotfiles or
    uploadstation or
    filejungle , wupload etc

    and advertise your file on

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