Money Names – How to Make Real Money Of Premium Top Level Domain Names (INFOGRAPHICS)

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Just like the contemporary stock market money goldmine, names of money from domain name niche is by far one of the smartest millionaire fastlane way to hit up the ground running with mega wads of cash if applied well.

Smart domain names should sell for millions in near future if carefully chosen


Just take a look at these top premium domain names being sold in the last 1 year

1. ($1,000,000)
2. ($550,000)
3. ($500,000)
5. ($148,000)

Its no longer news that premium top level domain names that are keyword-rich, short, generic, descriptive, proper names, geographic, industry wide, memorable and brandable “money names” sell well like mad

these are just some of the sharp idealogical ingredients that spice up a domain name from any profitable niche

Top Four (4) Lessons to Make Money Of TLD Names
Carefully study the hot domain names for money infographics trend below as read from



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