How To Get Paid To Sell Used Books Online

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You can get paid to sell used books online.If you’ve books in your possession that you no longer need,sell them online.This is a good way to make your home clutter-free. And also you’re doing your bit for the environment by recycling.You can sell your used books to local used-bookstores,but,that won’t make you much.Selling those online is easy and profitable.

You either do that using online marketplaces like eBay or sell them to specialized websites that deals in used books.Selling via eBay is not everyone’s cup of tea. It require fees to resister and lot of rules and regulations to be followed.Rather use specialized online used book marketplaces.This is a very good way to make some quick cash.

As a used book seller you can make good money for your books.Most of these sites pay via PayPal or direct deposit,so you can get paid very quickly.You can even work as a sub-dealer where you buy used books from your locality and sell those bulk online.This can be a very profitable business.Most of these websites does not require any shipping cost,so, your investment is very low to start with.

Here are some of the more popular such sites:

Book Byte: A great place to sell your used textbooks.You can instantly find how much you can make with your book by putting ISBN of your books.

CKY Books -Sell used books online with this website.Put you ISBN and get instant quotes.They pay by PayPal or business check.You don’t have to pay anything as shipping costs.

eCampus -Marketplace for used textbooks.

College Book Renter -Sell used college books.

Textbooks Rus -Another great place to buy and sell used textbooks.

Cash4Books -Very popular website for used book sellers.

Barnes and Noble-A very reputed company that offer used book buyback service.

Amazon -Undoubtedly this is one of the bets place to trade your used books.They charge 99 cent + affiliate commission as fees for individual sellers.

There are some more sites-



College Books Direct



We Buy Textbooks

Better World Books

Powell’s Books

Valore Books

Book Emporium

Book It

There are many more such sites offering similar services.Before joining any site,do your research and make sure you’ve understood the terms and conditions of the site.

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