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How to Download From ThePirateBay Using Torrent Software (Utorrent and BitTorrent)

ThePirateBay is site where premium files like expensive software, applications, scripts,  musics, movies, films, songs, games etc, are uploaded with free full download access with out having to pay ThePirateBay function, plays and serves the same purpose as UTorrent and BitTorrent, Just that Bit and U torrent have their own file download manager software and […]


Ways To Increase, Accelerate And Optimize Torrents Downloading Speed For Fast Free Downloads

Are you a happy torrents’ free downloads users? Would you want to increase, accelerate and optimize all your torrents downloading speed for instant fast downloads in minutes? then read this torrents fast downloads tricks and codes. Torrent Downloading is just like a task that DSL internet users do on daily basis while surfing Movies, Songs, […]