Zte 3G USB Modems Unlocker Software – Universal Unlocking codes Generator Software Free Download

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Here is the free universal usb modem unlocker software for breaking and generating usb modems unlocking codes so that they can function as universal so as to work with other network carrier and operator simcards

This universal(General modems unlocker) Zte 3G usb Modems Unlocker software is use for generating working zte usb modems, sfr 3G usb modems (modem neuf and neufbox), huwei 3G usb modems, Nokia phones, NEC and LG phones unlocking codes.

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How to Use The ZTE 3G USB Modems Unlocking Software to Generate All Zte Modems Unlocking Codes

universal modems unlocker

The Zte Modem unlocker is easy to use, just get your free zte unlocker from here, you don’t need any installation. just download the universal modem unlocker.exe and save it on your desktop. Whenever you want to break / hack any zte usb modems, all you need is to enter the modem IMEI number into the free unlocker software and click Calculate, within seconds you will ne provided with the modem unlocking codes.

This universal zte modem unlocker software is compatible with all zte modems such as zte mf626i, zte mf626, huawei u8800, zte f350, zte mf100 unlocker and lots more

And with any internet network provider and as such they can be regarded as MTN ZTE Modem unlocker, GLO ZTE Modems software, AIRTEL Modem unlocker software etc. as the case may be in your own country.

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How To Use The Universal Modems Unlocker Software On Hauwei 3G USB Modems to Generate Huawei Unlocking codes

huawei usb modem unlocker software

Though i have given a separate modem unlocker software for unlocking specifically any hauwei 3G usb modems here, you can equally use this free universal modems to unlock your huawei modems and make them universal.

Modem 3G Sfr Unlocker Software
The universal modem unlocker software can also be used to unlocker sfr modems be it option modem sfr, modem sfr neufbox, iphone comme modem, modem neuf sfr etc. and generate their free unlocking codes.

Free Nokia Phones  Unlocking Codes Generator and Calculator

secret phone codes calculator
You can also use the free fast Universal Unlocker Codes generator to generate and calculate most nokia secret codes using the the nokia model IMEI number. just the screenshots below.

Universal modems Unlocker software is also used for unlocking NEC phones, LG phones and VK phones/Modems using their IMEI number to generate their unlocking codes.

Click Here for the free universal modem unlocker software and free zte modem unlocker download.

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Post updated 17th July, 2013.

395 Responses to “Zte 3G USB Modems Unlocker Software – Universal Unlocking codes Generator Software Free Download”

  1. Tanvirahmed says:

    Good software for huvai (hauwei)

    • Thanks Travirahmed,
      Hope the zte – hauwei modem unlocker software did work for you.

      • Atiq says:

        Boss!first of all thanks for your attempt to help people.but i request you to simplify the method of download links.for many users your face book link does not work.And i know you left the mediatech direct download link,but that is a DC-unlocker cracked,which has been published 100000s times on different blog sites and forums,and that software is not the same for ZTE/Huwaei as shown in your blog,s snap shots/pictures.We are looking something different than DC-Unlocker as that crack does not help to unlock many ZTE vodafone data cards e.g K3772-Z.
        Secondly enter code method work only on Huawei modems but ZTE modems do not ask for any code when you put any locked sim inside,rather they just need to be unlocked directly.
        i will appreciate if you can PM me at cellcare58@yahoo.com
        i realy need your help.And please if you have any experience of unlocking vodafone (ZTE) K3772-Z,please help me with the information.
        South Africa

      • Abdul says:

        Hi Jerrywhyte,
        I need a software to unlock my ZTE USB modem. Where can I download a free working software.

      • luckee says:

        Dear Sir , Please help me,As soon as possible, for unlocking my data card,i.e…… CE 1588 ( ZTE)

        modem : HSUPA USB STICK, CE 1588 ( ZTE)
        Model : MF 190
        IMEI : 911133906697732
        RSN: RZTCDC121294662

    • Saleem says:

      Dear Jerry

      If U really want to help people for their problems, then don’t give half information, better U give full information with details like steps , codes, procedures, methods etc.


      • Dear Saleem,
        There is no any half information on this web page
        the articles are painstakingly linked so that you
        easily navigate the site.

        You are suppose to say at least thanks first thereafter
        you can proceed ahead to make request. lets respective
        our views here



  2. abraham says:


  3. ankit sinha says:

    hey jerry, thanks man your notes are helpfull , i have got the codes now i want to insert this code in my zte k3370-z modem, help me

    • Dear Ankit thanks,

      First of all, you will use the unlocker software that you have download
      to break the coded modem and unlock to generate the unlocking codes

      You will need this modem unlocking codes already generated. just insert
      another simcard provided by other network provider other than that of
      the modem network. Being that the simcard is from another provider,
      you will be requested to enter an unlocking codes to crack the modem

      Just enter the unlocking codes generated and your modem will be
      unlocked, once unlocked at this first time, its unlocked forever even
      different network provider sim is used on it, it won’t ask for any
      unlocking codes again

      To configure your modem and simcard so that its works universally
      please check the guide above.

      Hope you found this helpful. Thanks

  4. Dan Ola says:

    when i want to download the zte unlocker, the page redirect me to facebook page and there is nothing there to download. pls am i missing any steps to download it?

  5. SAMUEL says:

    hi jerry, is there a direct link to the download page?can you pls send the link directly to my e-mail box

    • Dear Samuel,
      there is download link there, just click on the link button
      to reveal the next button, Immediately you click on the
      next button, you will be taken to another pages, click
      next still to get to the final page that has the mediafire
      download link of the universal modem unlocker

      You need an FB account to achieve results. Lets me know if this

      One Love.


  6. nindo says:

    i am from Romania and i have an zte mf110 .i-ve wrote an wrong flash on it and it stopped at 98%.since then is not recognized anymore by computer.

    • Dear Nindo,

      i am sorry for your computer not being able to recognize your zte modem.
      I wish i can get an elaborate difficulties that you are actually encountering.

      Well i recommend you uninstall the modem user interface software from
      your computer and re-plug the modem into your port to re-install

      also try changing your usb port.

      Lets me know if this helps

  7. nindo says:

    it doesn-t work not even on a diferent computer.where can i find a software to write firmware on it and where can i find that firmware.the model of the modem stick is zte mf110.thx

  8. Selorme Wellman says:

    make it easy for us to download the software

  9. Thank you so much jerry for such a wounderful infomatiion you post on your blog.
    Iam also a blogger just like you.
    I just bought a modem from etisalat the MF 180 but want to unlock it,i have tried to download the software as u directed from you blog but only come as a jpeg file and not as a software.
    pls help ok.
    thanks very much.
    Jerry Oluranti

    • Dear Jerry,

      Click on the faccebook like button, you will get the download
      link of the universal modem unlocker from the Nigeria Best blog
      facebook like page.

      Lets me know if this helps

  10. Segun says:

    I have been able to download the unlocker but my moderm type is not listed… its MTN ZTE model number E1588 with IMEI number 357534044059589.
    can you help to unlock it? and give me the code

    • Dear Segun,

      Find your zte modem unlocking codes below

      Phone Model: zte E1588
      Phone IMEI: 357534044059589
      Calculating Codes…
      NCK : 802194224224
      SPCK : 787044664659
      Codes Calculated OK…

      Hope you find it very helpful?


  11. sed says:

    hi boss, wana download the modem unlocker software . pls help with a download link.
    ime 353164047367542 zte mf 100 hsdpa

    • Dear Sed,
      Use the download link above to get the software.
      Let me know if the download link works for you.


      • Santana Cazorla says:

        Awesome! Its actually remarkable piece of writing, I have got much clear idea about from this article.

    • kakaire says:

      boss, can yo help me unlock my zte e1588 with emei 359905017510311

  12. Hello is there a way to revive my 3G modem? it just died using a different sofrware :(

    • what killed your modem, which software got the modem destroyed?
      Let me know the exact problem of your Zte 3G Usb modem so that
      i can help.

      Hope this helps

  13. Gbemiskyblue says:

    can u plz help me to unlock my ZTE MF190 HSUPA…..


    • Dear Gbemiskyblue,
      You did not provide the Imei number that will be used to calculate
      and generate the unlocking codes. Please provide your zte 3G usb
      modem IMEI number.

      Hope this helps

      • shekar says:

        i haw zte hsdpa usb modem imei no-353737040360570 i also unlock baut unlok cod entar please tel unlock cod

  14. OLADELE says:

    the new mtn fast link is ZTE MF 190. PLS I NEED THE UNLOCK CODE AND IT MUST BE 16digits. thanks

    • Dear Oladele,
      Provide the IMEI number so that we use it to get the unlock code
      OR use the software download link above to download the
      universal unlock code calculator so that you do it your self.

      Hope this helps

  15. Gbemiskyblue says:

    plz help me to unlock my zte mf 190


    hope to read back from you….


    • Dear Gbemiskyblue
      Below are the unlock codes of your zte 3G modem

      Phone Model: ZTE
      Phone IMEI: 357534044056486
      Calculating Codes…
      NCK : 996716274864
      SPCK : 570366614299
      Codes Calculated OK…

      Lets me know if it worked for you.

    • opoku samuel says:

      cannot download the zte 3G usb modem unlocker software

  16. Gbemiskyblue says:

    plz can you help me to calculate the zte mf 190 357534044056486
    NCK : 996716274864
    SPCK : 570366614299.

    the code were sixteen digit plz

    hope read back from you soon

  17. chibuike says:

    pls help me get the unlocking code of this MF 627 imei: 3515899042480415

  18. Wale says:

    Pls can you help me with the unlocking code for ZTE MF 190 wjth the following particular
    IMEI: 357534044056312.
    Thank you. I was finding it difficult to download the software

    • Dear Wale,
      Below are the unlocking codes of your zte mf 190 usb modem

      Phone Model: ZTE
      Phone IMEI: 357534044056312
      Calculating Codes…
      NCK : 770738272314
      SPCK : 983388612749
      Codes Calculated OK…

      Please try this and let me know if it helps

  19. Babar QB says:

    sir i have zte vodafone k3370-z i downlaod your software but ther is no model there and pleaase give me code of this and when i insert differnt sim it only ask sim is not recognise not asking for code what i do please help me

    : k3370-z


    • Dear Babar,
      I doubt if these zte unlocking codes that i have calculated
      will work for your type of zte 3G Usb modem. Well give this
      a try and lets us if it helps.

      Phone Model: ZTE
      Phone IMEI: 359592034917008
      Calculating Codes…
      NCK : 004574426624
      SPCK : 804283856819
      Codes Calculated OK…




  21. edem victor says:

    please, what is the meaning of NCK & SPCK… i have calculated my modem, how do i know the unlocking code??

  22. gobind says:

    i have a zte vodafone 3g modem model no-k3570-z
    how to i using anather network sim in this modem plz tell me

    • Dear Gobind,
      It easy try downloading the software from the post above
      and follow the unlock process above. Its should work for you


  23. GOBIND says:

    Dear sir plz help for my vodafone 3g usb modem model no- k3570-z

    IMEI NO: 359592036746926
    S/N 320B03128B13


  24. Engr Kuforiji A O says:

    Hi Jerry, i tried to follow the link to download this software but it seems not to proceed after clicking the LIKE button, I’ll really appreciate it if you can help me attach the software and forward it to my email. Thanks

  25. GOBIND says:

    IMEI NO: 359592036746926
    S/N 320B03128B13


    • Dear Gobind,
      is it Vodafone, Well try this unlock codes below

      Phone Model: ZTE
      Phone IMEI: 359592036746926
      Calculating Codes…
      NCK : 958740104704
      SPCK : 577387734999
      Codes Calculated OK…

  26. mohammed says:

    Dear brother: I have a modem (usb zte mf110) (IMEI -864446000409193) I want unlock code and how to use them. I own programs but gives the jaw (NCK. SPCK) does not give any unlock

  27. krishna says:

    dear brother, i have a reliance netconnect modem(ZTE modem). how can i unlock it. i don’t know the imei number. and even i couldnot open the sim. please help me……

    • Is it a 3G Modem, Let see the model no. and the
      IMEI number so i see if whether i can help you
      with the modem unlocking codesss.

      Hope it helps

  28. krishna says:

    My modem is Reliance netconnect-Broadband+ V1.0.21.
    please help me brother

    • Dear Krisha,
      You did not provide the IMEI code that
      we can use to generate the unlocking code.

      I am currently working on sending you guys
      a powerful working zte modem unlocking codes
      generator and calculator for writing the secret
      unlock codes, i am still downloading and trying
      experiment with it, if it works out fine you will get
      it here.


  29. mohammed says:

    Dear unlock code consists of a 16-digit nck Muti and consists of 8 No. What do I do

  30. wuflava says:

    can u pls help me unlock my ZTE AC2746 modem? all i have is:
    ESN: DD12A7D7

  31. azzongi says:


  32. azzongi says:

    mf100 Zte 3G usb Modems imei number 864446000423574 i need unlock this modem plz

  33. james abraham says:

    please i’ve been struggling to unlock my mtn zte mf190hsupa modem.please kindly help with your assistance.thanks as i hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dear James,
      Some of the zte unlocking codes here generated is not working
      as you are required to enter 16 digits unlocking codes which is
      against the 12 digits unlocking codes generated here.

      Please stay tuned i will update this in few days now.


  34. Vinod Joseph says:

    Dear Jerry
    I have downloaded from you, the unlocking software for vodafone k3370-z .After getting NCK ,SPCK codes How can I use my vodafone k3370-z for other SIMS like BSNL,Idea,Tatadocomo,etc..What shall I do now? Please help me ..

    • Dear Vinod,
      Since you have downloaded the software, follow the steps
      above as contained above

      • mahesh says:

        thanx for idea n i know about universal code generator but afterward what we have to do for unlocking vodafone k 3770 z dongle n how it is working with different sim plz replay me n my ncx no is 36990500 what can i do after calculating code plz replay

  35. Vinod Joseph says:

    Dear jerry
    how to unlock reliance netconnect 1x cdma ZTE MG880 MODEM I have only S/n412923225075

  36. vind joseph says:

    Thank you very much…..


    sir will u plz help me in unlocking zte 3G modem HUSPA USB STICK MF190

    • Dear Tarun Kumar
      I am sorry, the zte modem unlocker software here cant unlock the type
      of your modem. I am currently making a post on how to get the software
      that will unlock your modem model type

  38. sakeer says:

    Dear jerry
    are u fine
    my modem : zte mf633
    S/N :3240880200049982

    • Dear Sakeer,
      I am sorry, the zte modem unlocker software here cant unlock the type
      of your modem. I am currently making a post on how to get the software
      that will unlock your modem model type.

  39. Vinod Joseph says:

    Dear Jerry
    My usb modem is vodafone vodafone k3570-z
    IMEI: 356222040161234 I got the following numbers
    NCK : 268718747074 SPCK : 690879787296
    But dear friend please don’t blame me for my ignorance .direct me to go forward. I insert vodafone vodafone k3570-z with another SIM.but a message SIM not recognize .I searched much to give the above numbers.but couldn’t find .please help me.thanking you in advance your friend Vinod Joseph

  40. vind joseph says:

    Dear Jerry
    after using your DC-Unlocker client I found at last like this.but modem is not detecting now .I used different type of SIM to get INTERNET.plz tell me what to do now?inserted in different usb ports too
    Found modem : K3570-Z
    Model : K3570-Z
    IMEI : 356222040161234
    Firmware : BD_P680A8V1.0.0B03
    Compile date / time : Jun 08 2010 09:30:53
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6246
    SIM Lock status : unlocked

    • Dear Vind,
      Congrats, but from what i am seeing here it shows that
      your zte modem is already unlocked.

      From the Sim lock status, its shows its unlocked i wonder
      why is not detecting any other network operator reception?

      Well i think you have to try any of the above stuff again

      1. Try using a different sim card entirely
      2. Try using a different usb Port
      3. Try using a PC with a different Windows
      4. Try uninstalling and re-installing the GUI
      software again

      Lets me know if this helps

  41. chetan says:

    i want unlock ZTE e1588…. tell me the process or link..plzzzz

  42. Vinod Joseph says:

    Dear Jerry

    Not able to any thing

  43. Vinod Joseph says:

    Not able to do any thing with my
    Modem : K3570-Z
    IMEI : 356222040161234
    Firmware : BD_P680A8V1.0.0B03
    Compile date / time : Jun 08 2010 09:30:53
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6246
    SIM Lock status : unlocked

    • I am sorry Vinod,
      i dont really know what exactly is wrong, i have tried all i could. Maybe you will have to
      get another modem preferably Hauwei 3G modem brand.


  44. Daniel says:

    Well done sir,i had mtn modem but the IME code is almost clean up,what can i do to get the ime code back.

  45. seberom says:

    hi, i have huawei ec122 modem whose imei i do not know. can u help me unlock it please or is there a way of knowing the imei? thanks in advance

    • I am sorry Seberom,
      I am sorry i cant help you on that now,
      i would have researched this for you but no time as i am
      very busy here.

      Just use Google.com to see if you can get any useful help
      on how to detect an hauwei modem IMEI Code!


  46. Vinod Joseph says:

    Dear Jerry
    After unlocking vodafone k3570-z using your DC-Unlocker client ,modem is not detecting directly and but set up file not found .I think something has to be installed in order to use it as universal modem.What would be that? I shall try in the net.If you get anything let me know please..
    good wishes from vinod joseph

  47. myk v. says:

    dear jerry,
    my wireless modem is a zte mf100 with an imei: 352867040574804
    the problem is that the firmware stops other programs from unlocking it. i hope your code magic works 😉
    thanks in advance


  48. Ron says:

    Found modem : MF100
    Model : ZTE MF100
    IMEI : 359518036180840
    Firmware : BD_SMTP671A1V1.0.0B02
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)

    Sir please unlock my dongle . i’ve google a lot but still failed .
    it asks for a 16 digit code to unlock .

  49. Ron says:

    it doesn’t unlock it .
    can you please provide me the 16 digit code?

  50. yusuf mj says:

    I have downloaded the software for unlocking of Zte modem but my modem model MF190 is not on the software i clicked on the unknown zte modem option but yet did not detect. pls how do i get about this step by step i.e MF190, IMEI:357534044086327

  51. RICH says:

    IMEI NO…352847028921466

    • I am sorry i dont really what this errors is all about.
      Try watching the video there.

      OR Google Search Search the error to troubleshoot it.

  52. Kyere says:

    Big bro help with this ZTE AC2726
    ESN: 08F087D
    S/N: 922028223B1B
    FCC ID: Q78-AC2726

  53. P MAN says:

    pls help me with the unlock code of this my etisalat HSDPA USB stick
    zte corporation

  54. MAKOTHA JOHN says:

    plz help me to unlock my modem so that i can use multiple SIM,
    S/N. 322002861197
    Model, K3570-Z, HSDPA USB STICK.

    • Dear Makotha,
      Try the unlock code below
      Selected Modem: Voda K3565
      Phone IMEI: 359592035451247
      Calculating Codes…
      UNLOCK CODE : 38849339
      FLASH CODE : 57781054
      Codes Calculated OK…

      Hope it works for you

  55. Vikas says:

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0460

    Detecting card :

    selection :
    manufacturer – ZTE datacards
    model – Auto detect

    Found modem : K3570-Z
    Model : Unknown ZTE modem
    IMEI : 356222040597437
    Firmware : BD_P680A8V1.0.0B03
    SIM Lock status : unknown(read failed)

    unlock button not enable, what i do?

  56. john says:

    sir,i have cdma zte880+,1x data card,will you give me plz its unlocking number or any software?

  57. Vishwa says:

    dr jerry cn u plz unlock my ZTE mf 100

    plz unlock this i beg u

  58. stralima says:

    please help m eunlock my sierra wireless modem ( not huawei )

    Sierra wireless 860
    Found modem : AC860
    Model : AirCard 860
    IMEI : 357806002351921
    Firmware : U1_1_29ACAP
    Voice feature : disabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (PH-NET PIN

    thanks very much

    00 237 99361648

    • I am sorry Stralima,
      I doubt if i can get you this type of 3g usb modem unlocking
      codes, i suggest you use google to search for software that
      supports you modem type.

  59. Olu says:

    I want you to please help me to unluck my ZTE MF 190 modem. The imei no is: 357534044065909. IT MUST BE 16 digits no.
    If you don’t mind, you can send it to my email or my phone number 08067739282.
    Will be very grateful if you can help me.


  60. Jacky says:

    I have been able to download the unlocker but my moderm type is not listed… its MTN ZTE model number MF180 with IMEI number 355291040237295.
    can you help to unlock it? and give me the code!
    thank U !

  61. harihbk says:

    dear jerry ….

    i use ZTE MG880 modem ….. any chance of unlocking it so dAT i can use othr networks like airtel, tata docomo …etc ??

    awaiting eagerly for ur reply


  62. Donal says:

    I have unlock my ZTE MF190 latest MTN modem today using the software i downloaded. at first it was very tricky before i later discover how to use it. But it does not work with antivirus (avast) been on. It software unlock the modem by itself. NOTE IT DOES NOT NEED ANY 16DIGITS NUMBER TO UNLOCK IT. IT UNLOCK BY IT SELF THROUGH THE SOFTWARE. ANYONE WHO NEED THE SOFTWARE SHOULD LET ME KNOW AND I WILL TRANSFER IT. CONTANT ME ON FACEBOOK ON MY NAME DONAL CHIMEZIE

    • donald you can share the software with us if you want to. The one here is working well also for our blog fans
      this zte dc crap unlocker here is working well. if you have any special ways you did yours share with us here
      using the comment board here. thanks

  63. Donal says:


  64. poonam says:

    i have vodafone K3770-z modem
    dc-unlocker not unlock it

    please give the correct software

  65. fikki says:

    plz i hv unlocking codes….both nck……and spck……both codes are12digits…n i dont knw hw to us eit to unlock my modem can u help me plz….am pleading

    • is your modem zte or hauwei? if its zte? if its hauwei paste the modem imei number
      here so that i help generate the unlocking codes. if its zte kindly use our cracked dc
      unlocker post

  66. sandeep says:

    i m using zte 3370-z vodafone datacard i m unable to use my card on other network and i am also unable to find any dc software for that datacard plz help

    sandeep mishra

  67. Eldho Jacob says:

    Dear Jerry..Im using Longcheer W72 modem,i tried with DC unlocker,but its not find out my modem.so please send me the NCK code for my mode,IMEI no is 352161041863980,S/N no is S7210052502688.

  68. Osei Owusu Nicholas says:

    please can you help me with a software to unlock usb modems so that it can be used to browse freely without buying credit?

  69. Akighir says:

    i need an unlucker code for this MTN zte,
    IMEI: 357534044240049, NOW

  70. Jignesh says:

    Can’t able to unlock this vodafone k3770-z
    plz give me any solution for that……..

    Using DC Un-locker
    DC – Un-locker 2 Client 1.00.0717

    Detecting card :

    selection :
    manufacturer – ZTE modems
    model – Unknown ZTE modem

    Found modem : K3770-Z
    Model : Unknown ZTE modem
    IMEI : 911133700025692
    Firmware : BD_K3770V4.0
    Chipset : ICERA

    sorry, this modem not supported !

    or plz Give me any new dashboard software for this particular stick…..

    plz guyzz helpppp me……..

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  72. Tanshit says:

    Sir i want to unlock my zte ac2746

    can it be unlocked
    By which software

  73. Tanshit says:

    Sir i want to unlock my zte ac2746

    By which software

  74. Murad says:

    Dear Sir , Please find me unlock software for below model & Brand,s GPRS Modem

    Name of Brand : ZTE Corporation
    Model : MF180S
    Operator Name ; etisalat
    Made By : China
    IMEI : 353582045234671
    EAN : 6934933017900
    TYPE : HSPDA USB Stick

  75. monty says:

    Can’t able to unlock this vodafone k3770-z
    plz give me any solution for that……..

    Using DC Un-locker
    DC – Un-locker 2 Client 1.00.0717

    Detecting card :

    selection :
    manufacturer – ZTE modems
    model – Unknown ZTE modem

    IMEI : 911133700069450

    how to use nck and spck codde

    NCK : 424730088648

    SPCK : 478690085979

    plz guyzz helpppp me……..


  76. vishal parmar says:


    k3570z vodafone datacard unlock

    model : k3770-z
    IMSI : 405030004132757
    SERIAL NO. (IMEI) : 911133700197889


    EMAIL : parmarvg@yahoo.com


    IMEI 911133900094605

  78. qamer says:

    my friend i have huawei modem 356185034602218 when i try to unlock there is option credits unlock 0 remain please help me

    • Dear Qamer
      Maybe you were not able to get the modem unlocking
      codes. or maybe while inputing the imei number of
      the modem, its was mistyped.

      Here is the modem unlocking code :Unlock Code : 36447820
      Try its and lts me know if its works fine for you

  79. paresh.patel says:

    hi jerrywhuyte please Vodafone Mobile Broadband Model:K3770-Z HSPA USB Stick unlock software free download IMEI = 911133700067439 ImsI= 404051076687400 S/N:321112412598 plz guyzz helpppp me……..

  80. obinna says:

    thanks Jerrywhyte and other crew guys, after searching and searching, with the help of the link provided, i was able to unlock my zte mf110 modem, thanks and weldone for the work you guys are doing

  81. keith paul says:

    hey anyone who has succeded with the code of ZTE 3G+ modem MF192 kindly help email me kpmich@gmail.com

  82. Akash Singh says:

    Can You Plz Tell Me That How Can I Unlock My ZTE MF 190 3G USB Modem Whose IMEI Number Is:911133900779080. KIndly if possible Provide me the unlock code for this

  83. king says:

    hi jerry
    i have vodafone zte 3g k3770z modem
    i have followed all instructions
    my calculated results are

    Phone Model: ZTE
    Phone IMEI: 911133700731661
    Calculating Codes…
    NCK : 200396644226
    SPCK : 366423641557
    Codes Calculated OK…
    but when i am pluging my device with another sim it doesn’t show anything to put the codes in it

  84. VISA says:

    Can you help me?I can’t unlock my ZTE MF 180s modem. It never ask for code when serving with another sim card.I also try to unlock with DC unlocker but still, the unlocker software unknow that modem!!!!

  85. Andrew says:

    Nice software

  86. shailesh says:

    i have vodafone HSPA USB STICK
    Model :k3770-z
    FCC ID : Q78-k3770-z
    manufacturer : ZTE CORPORATION
    Firmware : BD_K3770V4.0
    Chipset : ICERA
    if any other sim is inserted in this modem,
    “sim card not recognised” message displayed,
    but network strength is high.
    so, please give me solution because i want to use another sim card in this modem.
    if any dashboard for this model please give me..
    thanks in advance….

  87. tarun says:

    Dear Sir , Please help me for unlocking k3770( Huawei)

    modem : K3770
    Model : Vodafone K3770
    IMEI : 356742046189046
    Serial NR. : S8X5TB1171912682
    Firmware :

  88. Allison says:

    Pls unlock this ZTE Etisalat moderm for me

    IMEL 359538038044190
    EAN 6934933014114

  89. punit says:

    i ned 2 unlock 3770 z please help me please…

  90. HAFIZ says:


  91. munna says:

    selection :
    manufacturer – ZTE modems
    model – vodafonek3770-z
    Found modem : K3770-Z
    Model : Unknown ZTE modem
    IMEI : 911133701051499

  92. Chimzy says:

    Am trying to download yur software no where to see the downloading link…

  93. Robert says:


    I did want to unlock my modem, hsupa usb stick mf637u

    IMEI 351817040724538
    UNLOCK CODE :33577172
    FLASH CODE :44308334

    The problem is that, it requires unlock code of 16 digits. Please help.

  94. PEUSH SAHNI says:

    I Have full solution of vodafone zte k3770-z
    contact me for software 09719203000

  95. itrocks says:

    i tried but ican’t download the zte unlocker from fb link.
    so please send me this software.
    i use Vodafone K3770-z
    please also send me the unlock code

  96. Nazarite says:

    i am also having the same problem others are having, i was unable to download the unlocking software from facebook. But please unlock this ZTE modem for me model:MF110 EAN:6934933003095n imei:356420046517561

  97. mola robert says:

    hello how are u doing i want the software but i dont get how do i get it r_a4real@yahoo.com

  98. M. Auwal Kajuru says:

    Plaese can you help me with direct link to download this remarkable software because i cant download it as you described. thanx. Plaease send the link to my email address aztech200878@yahoo.com.

  99. Essau Matipwiri says:

    I have unlocked a ZTE MF190. I just need to know if there is any way possible to browse for free without credit? plz help I have alot to on the Internet

  100. ZTE MF 100
    HUAWEI E1550
    I ned tu help pleas coads

  101. ALIYU says:

    Pls, which modem can be used to get internet connection using Casia Tablet 8.

  102. castor titus says:

    I want to unlock my zte mf190,this is zte 3.75G usb modem is using airtel chip.my IMEI is 862648015546537.
    I failed to download zte 3G usb modems unlocker software,can you please direct me how to download this software.

  103. Francis says:

    I have a USB Modem for oorange and I want yo unlock it please can u help me by posting procedure on my e-mail francis.martz@gmail.com. God Bless .

  104. CHRIS says:

    i need to unlock my zte mf631 modem.
    can anyone tell me how?

    my imei is :359538039395856

  105. popseen says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Big ups for the good job.
    Pls I want to unlock my ZTE MF 190 Modem
    IMEI No:- 357534044140017

    Pls assist.

  106. Seiha says:

    Please help me unlock my modem:

    HSUPA USB Stick
    Model: MF190s
    EAN: 6934933018792
    IMEI: 356538043291128

    Thank you!

  107. Anu says:


    Please send me the unlocking code for below ZTE dongle

    Model: ZTE MF110

    EAN: 6934933003095

    IMEI: 353185049690367


  108. gary says:

    How do i unlock a nokia cs-10 3g modem. imei is 359340021886269

  109. charan says:

    Vodafone Zte K3770z this the actual model

  110. Ola says:

    Hi bro,pls i need ur with my zte etisalat modem. Imei no: 359538037975102, model no: Mf631.Tanx alot.My no.08068382799

  111. don says:

    hi , i downloaded dc unlocker software and i cracked my mf190 modem, but now the user interphase isnt showing and i cant connect, pls wat can i do

  112. miguelito says:

    hola amigo, tengo un moden zte de tigo colombia fcc ID:Q78-ZTEMF100 IMEI:359518039866171 , estaba funcionando normalmente, cuando de un momento a otro se me bloqueo el internet y dejo de funcionar, ya no quizo prender la luz del moden, no lo deteta mi portactil, si queria abrir las bandas para utilizarlo con otros operadores, pero ahora no se que le paso o que hacer con el. te agradeceria en el alma si depronto me ayudas con este problemita…

  113. ogbonnaya kingsley says:

    pls sir help me to get unluck key for my mtn fastlink

    imei: 862648019374951

    model: zte mf190

  114. kunal says:

    hello sir
    my name krunal
    vodafone mobile broadband k3770-z unlocking

  115. Ik says:

    Just downloaded and used the dc-unlocker. Worked like a dream. Many thanks!!!

  116. Abdullah says:

    Hi Jerrywhyte,
    IMEI sticker is removed from ZTE EV-DO, is there a way i get its IMEI?

  117. M2IG says:

    Salut Les ami(es) !!!
    Je viens de me procurer un modem ZTE de model MF180, mais il n’ait pas universal et j’ai besoin d’aide pour le debloquer….imei:867364004154383 !!!merci d’avance pour l’aide!!!

  118. Ezenwa says:

    pls sir giv me the unlock code for Zte model:MF631 HSUPA USB STICK IMEI:359538039413147 etisalat

  119. Mooease says:

    Pls help me unlock my modem the imei no is 868165000203952

    • Unlock Code : 55601054
      Flash Code : 36532913

      • mooease says:

        i have downloaded the unlocking software buh dont no how to use it, will i have to connect the modem to the system and it will detect it self because the is no place were i wiill write the imei no before i unlock it pls i need more info about using it.

        and the modem u help me with the code is not unlocked its telling it was counting down to 0 from 10 and i have 6 attempts remaining.

        pls help me with this………….

  120. headhunter says:

    help please.

    please unlock my MF190, IMEI:911133900394682 , when i tried the above software given it asked for 15 digit no. help

    • Hey man, its easy, just download the software and plug your zte modem on your usb port, run the unocker, its will
      automatically detects and unlock your modem, if it hauwei i would have remotely calculate and provide you the unlocking

  121. ahmad says:

    Pls help me unlock my modem the imei no is 352018036597058

  122. solomon says:

    need to download zte modem unlocker, but could not see any download botton..

  123. george says:

    Please help me unlocking my ZTE MF 190 3G Modem, requiring 16-digits unlocking code, with IMEI : 860547007733289..i have already tried your given website and installed the software too but it not for me..

  124. Ayoyi Rodgers says:

    this is the best

  125. Vincent de Paul says:

    Help me to unlock my MODEM IMEI 351789038506914, FCC ID 078-ZTE MF 100, CE O980

  126. Tariq Aziz says:

    I want to unlock my Reliance 3G usb modem- ZTE MF190
    modem details:-
    imei – 911133900375293
    rsn – RZTCDC110569380
    MSN – MZTCDC11014397

  127. Tariq Aziz says:

    i cannot down load the software from that site please tell me the unlock code again for zte mf190 having imei 911133900375393

  128. showkat says:

    how to download zte unlocker software

  129. james says:

    pls send d unlock code for E156G mtn 3G. Funlink to me

    • You need to drop your mtn 3G funlink modem imei number here if you want
      us to remotely get you the unlock code or you may have to download the

  130. sovandey says:

    zte mg 880 unlook plz plz plz plz

  131. rocks says:

    hey jerry ,
    i have a zte mf190
    imei 355434048881728

  132. ADEYEMO JOSEPH says:

    pls kindly help me generate code to unlock my ZTE etisalat usb modem type MF631, IMEI number 861424010798601

  133. Emmanuel says:

    pls sir i need ur help: imei – 862648019396780 thank

    • I guess this is an hauwei usb modem IMEI number? here is your modem unlock code
      Unlock Code : 61028164
      Flash Code : 58326681

  134. Sak Grain says:

    hello pls does ur app work for reliance zte mf668a hspa+/umts modem? I get “program already running” message / error when starting ur app..!!??

  135. Engineer EMMY says:

    Hello sir, just to ask the type of code to be used between NCK and SPCK while unlocking my tze modem.The steps have been followed but i have been confused with the code to be used between these two.thx

  136. Amos Benedict says:

    pls many people have try and said that doesn’t work in etisalat zte because it requires 16digit code, this is my imel: 861424010535037
    i will be glad if you help me with the code. phone:08032616364

  137. romaric says:

    I wish to know weather the configurations of the internet is the same even for cameroon. if NO please i will like to know if you can help me configure that for cameroon

  138. nipaba says:

    please help me to unlock my zte modem no imei number
    details below:
    zte corporation
    operator: Expresso-Gh
    this is my email:oseemmas@yahoo.com

  139. Nitesh says:

    i have idea net setter i want to unlock code so pleases help me.

    Imei : 353474029637329

  140. biola says:

    Weldon sir. Pls I think I tried unlocking my modem wit wrong codes for too many times then the modem got locked and does not recognise any modem again. Pls what can I do to rectify it.. Thanks 4 ur help..

  141. santosh gupta says:


  142. Yagnesh Chauhan says:


    I am having vodafone netcruise usb stick of ZTE model:AC2746 CDMA.

    I want to unlock it , please help me in this regard.

  143. MOHAMMED RAZA says:





  144. MOHAMMED RAZA says:

    IME 860014010322998

  145. Said says:

    hi mr can yo help me to find the software that can unlock my modem of Airtel mf 190 has imei 865720011947303 please help me fpr that mr

  146. vicky says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am using ZTE Ac2787 modem. It’s a cdma modem. I have searched everywhere and found no software to unlock this modem. I hope someone here may help me out. MEID no. of my modem is A10000233E491c and S/N: 9a121823491c

    Plz, mail me the solution to vickyxzxz@yahoo.co.in


  147. Ernestewusi says:

    helllo brother can you please help me unlock my vodafone mobile broadbrand usb (3770)

  148. muizu says:

    good evening bro. pls i want u to help me unlock my glo MF110 modem the IMEI = 356420047445184 and the EAN = 6934933003095

  149. muizu says:

    Good evening bro. pls i want u to help me unlock my glo MF110 modem the IMEI = 356420047445184

  150. muizu says:

    pls my modem is ZTE MF110

  151. samuel Kabakole Jr says:

    can you sent it to my Email Please

  152. This is really a great post man

  153. Subrata says:

    ZTE MF 190 IMEI 911133905332570 16 DIGIT UNLOCK CODE

  154. Daniel says:

    u a doing a great work, keep it up
    i need the ZTE unlocking software, where can i download it

  155. Daniel says:

    i ve Glo NetPro USB modem i want 2unlock it, pls what is unlocking code, thanks

    IMEI : 356420046989224

  156. Dawar says:

    i want some help Is there somebody for help

  157. j aimerais decode un zte model N290

  158. imei 358522030381199

  159. rubelkhan says:

    hy jarry wht can i do see my olds post plz help

  160. monica says:

    Unlock codes for my MF627 please!
    IMEI : 355019032888472.
    NCK/NP Code : 268358206024.
    SPCK/SP Code : 432136436934.

  161. rara says:

    hy, can u help me, cos i got confused with my modem. my modem type is ZTE MF 180. i did try use dc unlocker, but the result is not found. i’m so confused. few days ago, i can used my modem, but now, cn’t. i dunno why, i’m not understand, i only can do call or msg from modem. but net not working. plz help me how to solving this trouble.
    thank u so much . hope give me rply

  162. […] It’s no more news that most internet users if not all are now having series of negative internet connection problems ranging from slow speed, poor network, bad reception signal, connectivity downtime to frequent disconnection especially those that use the commonest internet connection equipment and tool like the general one always on demand – 3g data card usb modems. […]

  163. Fash says:

    Nice work brother,thanks your help.Iv got this etisalat zte 631 modem that is proving very hard to unlock,iv tried the dc unlocker and universal mastercode,but it remains on phone even when i select zte modem.Pls help.

  164. amos says:

    please jerry help me find unlock code for ZTE modem model mf 190,. IMEI 865720018910700 my email is armocem@yahoo.com

  165. cynch says:

    Model : E173u-1

  166. hisham says:

    Dear Jerry my modem zte mf 190 imei :869123002178523 plz unlock code

  167. nani says:

    i want to unlock my zte ac2787

  168. omuhywa says:

    pls broda kindly help to unlock my modem is ZTE and wit the model no MF667 and IMEI: 356181043516200. Thanks

  169. omuhywa says:

    pls i want u to assist me in unlocking dis ZTE IMEI:356181043516200 MODEL:MF667

  170. OCI says:

    Mr. I need your help my modem has failed to get unlocked
    It is of Hauwei type, IMEI-866539016329195.
    i have tried these codes but all fails(36063957/ 59649869).
    Please give me solution

  171. Rodrik says:

    can you help me?

    Zte modem MF5

  172. Rodrik says:

    szte mf65

  173. victor says:

    i need to unlock my zte mf667 modem
    IMEL ; 386181043428497

  174. Sunny says:

    pls mere ZTE MF190u unlocked kra do plsss sir

  175. Olusegun says:

    Kindly help.me out with my unlocking code my imei is 861195004209272

  176. hoang oanh says:

    Hi Mr. Pro, Please kindly to support me to unlock USB 3G: HSUPA USB STICK MODEL: MF 190S CE 1588 IMEI: 356538043208999 Many thanks and have you a nice day.

  177. Fame says:

    Good day Jerry.
    Thank you for your concern for those who need help.
    I have the ame issue with Monica (3:20am). Mine is a ZTE modem (mf110) with NCK and SPCK having 12 digits each but the unlock code ought to be 16 digits.
    What should I do with it since I have just 5 trials (Glo NetPro)?

  178. DAVID says:

    I need the 16 digit onlock code for HSPA ZTE USB MODEM
    ime: 862591016147063

    EAN: 6934933044784

  179. ananti elvis says:

    pls i want to unlock my ZTE ce1588 modem

  180. Dickson says:

    i have a ZTE modem ce1588.. can i unlock it? and where can i get the unlocking software?

  181. eric says:

    please help me find zte mf190 firmware BD_MF190V1.0.0B05 flasher. thx be 4

  182. Dear Teddyg,

    I am sorry i cant do that, i simply advice you
    go to a public cyber cafe, download and save
    to your removable device

    thats is if you dont have your own personal


  183. Dear Gopi,

    is it usb 3G Hauwei modem or zte modem? lets me have the
    Imei number or download the modem software unlocker

    from this download link http://www.facebook.com/NigeriaBestBlog?sk=app_222988804397897

    Like the page, if you have not to reveal the download link

  184. Dear Gopi,
    Is this an Huawei Modem or Zte Modem

  185. Hey Gopi,
    find your modem unlocking codes below. You did not specify
    if whether its an Hauwei 3G Usb or Zte 3G Usb Modem. I Just
    hope it a zte modem. Below is the unlocking codes, please try
    the unlock codes and let me know if it works.

    Phone Model: ZTE X760
    Phone IMEI: 356222040460776
    Calculating Codes…
    NCK : 444932020666
    SPCK : 011996060888
    Codes Calculated OK…


  186. Dear Sola,
    I You will have to unlock and generate the unlocking codes
    of your type of zte modems.

    Read this post to download the cracked free dc unlocker
    software and follow the steps there.


  187. Drop your hauwei modem E1732 Imei number here so that i help
    write, unlock and generate the unlocking codes for you. with the
    free unlock codes, your modem will permanently be unlocked. if
    you want to do this by yourself, read this pos and download the
    free working hauwei modem unlocker software from the post link below

    Hope you find this helpful

  188. AKSHIT says:

    Phone Model: ZTE X760
    Phone IMEI: 356222040460776
    Calculating Codes…
    NCK : 444932020666
    SPCK : 011996060888
    Codes Calculated OK…



  189. keith paul says:

    hi am in serious need of unlocking 3G+ ZTE modem M F 192 can i giv you the ime number then you send me the code av tried men am not getin the software av unlockd HAWEI but this one is giving me hedck i dnt knw how i landed on this site if i dont find it again just incase pls email me kpmich@gmail.com
    and i wil b greatful
    happy holdys

  190. Read the above main post, and download the free zte unlocker dongle software, plug your usb and it will
    automatically get unlocked, please read the step by step post above

  191. to unlock and calculate your usb modems i guess, please post
    the usb modem imei number here

  192. use this dc unlocker software above

  193. simon says:

    Pls my broda jerry hlp me with dis hauwei unlock code for my modem. IMEI: 867648010787164 and the model: E303


  194. Dear Simon, find your free hauwei E303 modem unlocked code below
    Unlock Code : 35932652
    Flash Code : 46741941

  195. simon says:

    thanks for the code. my modem is not giving me the interface where i can put the code when i put in a different network data sim. i just don’t know what to do. any help? Jerry!

  196. Check well Simon maybe it had been unlocked by default lets me know
    what exactly the problem is so that i can be of help

  197. monica says:

    jerry can you help me about my concern?

    Unlock codes for my MF627 please!
    IMEI : 355019032888472.
    NCK/NP Code : 268358206024.
    SPCK/SP Code : 432136436934.

  198. olaoke says:

    KUDOS to u guy….effort to ur elbow….pls i want u to assist me in unlocking dis zte etisalat moderm with IMEI:861424010806610 MODEL:mf631

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