Unlock Zte 3G USB Modems With Free DC Unlocker Software Download with Unlimited Credits

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Here is how you can jailbreak and unlock your recent zte 3G USB modems so that its can become universal using free cracked dccrap unlocker software to generate the 16 digits unlock codes.

There are different ways of unlocking zte usb modems some zte modems model requires just the imei code to get unlocked why others require a third party software – dcunlocker client installed on your pc before the unlocking codes can be calculated and generated.

Working and Cracked Dccrap Unlocker Free Download

dc unlocker software

Dcunlocker Full Cracked, Nulled and patched Download Link With Unlimited Free Credits

Download here to download the already hacked dc unlocker two(2) dongle software and follow the steps below to write and get your zte modem model unlocking codes. Please note that recent zte modems don’t directly ask for unlock especially zte modems like mf100, zte mf627, zte mf622, mf637 etc so using our universal mastercode calculator will not get them unlocked.

like I said you need a third party software application that runs real time. click the download link above to download the free unlocking software and follow this simple easy steps.

First, if there is a memory card stick on your datacard, please remove it. remove sim card and put sim card preferably from another another carrier that you want to unlock.(it will display invalid sim)

Plug your 3G Usb modem stick device in to your computer Usb port or adpater, sometime connection manager will display,close it. Please ensure you would have downloaded the full free zte unlocking software above.

select the manufacture as ZTE datacards. Select the model as Auto detect (recommended). If you know the model and which com port you use. You can also do that in the same way

Click the detect card button. after your modem model will display below box. When your modem has been detected, then click the Unlock Button at your right hand side top corner

Check here for a complete lists of supported Zte And Hauwei  3G usb modems that can be unlocked 

Video Tutorial On How to Use The Full Free Cracked  DC Unlocker Software to Unlock Zte 3G USB Modems

http://www.mediafire.com/?x06980d93y5806c to Download the the Full Free  3G Dccrap Unlocker Software

If the above steps could not get your modem unlocked especially if among any of the new 3G usb modems that does not support the old algorithm for generating modems unlock code please read up this new update


229 Responses to “Unlock Zte 3G USB Modems With Free DC Unlocker Software Download with Unlimited Credits”

  1. lugjohn says:

    please i need the unlock code for dis and it must be 16 digits unlock code
    imei 357534044368360 mf 190 hspa modem
    this is my email address lugjohn@yahoo.ca
    pleas i need ur help
    thanks in advance….

  2. ike says:

    please dear, am from Ghana.I want to change my phone number to USA number.
    and also how can i get any software to cash money from ATM in Ghana.I no people are doing some here.thank you hope to hear from you soon

    • Dear Ike there are lots of virtual premium services online
      if you want to get a UK, US and other countries phone number,
      home address and lots more. you can try http://graphcard.com
      or try Google searching for more online

      I wonder if there is nay software for cashing money from ATM
      card man, i have not seen, there may be but i don’t think this
      is possible.

      You should be talking about getting an international plastic
      credit or debit cards that can be used for ATM cash withdrawal
      over there in ghana. as for a particular software for cashing money
      from ATM man that is somewhat impossible.

      Lets me know if this helps

  3. Derex says:

    YMMD with that asnwer! THANKS

  4. wayler says:

    pls kindly help me generate code to unlock my ZTE modem type MF190, IMEI number 357534044056585.thank u.

    • Dear Wayler,
      I am sorry this is not possible as you will need to run the software available from
      the download link above and plug your modem to your PC usb port and allow it
      to be detected.

      So it can be unlocked remotely unlike Hauwei Modem brands


  5. sovann says:

    Hello i have problem my modem can’t unlock can you help me
    Found modem : E173
    Model : Huawei E173 (Metfone)
    IMEI : 356576048556145
    Serial NR. : XVA7NA1122445018
    Firmware :

    • Here is your Hauwei E173 Metfone Modem unlocking codes

      Unlock Code : 47217093
      Flash Code : 66983513
      Use the setup and configuration process to configure it with
      your Hauwei E173 Metfone Modem series

      Hope it works.

  6. Omotayo says:

    Pls sir i cald u d oda tym i tried unlocking my etisalat modem model MF180 and imei 867364001078478 and i entered d code bt it didn’t unlock pls kindly help me out will appreciate it alot

  7. Omotayo says:

    Pls kindly send d link of d video 2 me so dt i can download it nd is it not possible 4 u 2 help me wit it pls i’ll will appreciate ur help thanks

  8. sovann says:

    i don’t have soft for do it
    please send to me?
    or send web for do it

  9. jacklord says:

    sir im new here ..just call me jacklord..
    i would like to ask on how to view ip cam over the internet .. im using linksys router i already have a dyndns.org account but i can’t view it pls . help me to port foreward..

    • Dear Jacklord,
      I am sorry i did not get your question well. Are you saying you are looking
      for ways to view an IP datas and information? if yes try using
      1. http://www.ip2location.com
      2. ipsecretaddress.com

      If this does not answer you question, you can better use google search
      to get a more exact solution to your questions, hope this helps

  10. ben says:

    huawei u8180 locket network.
    Any help.
    Thank you.

  11. ben says:

    this is the imei for huawei u8180.
    imei 357232040671693

    • Dear Ben,
      Here is unlocking codes for your hauwei u8180 usb 3G modem

      Unlock Code : 33672678
      Flash Code : 52176306
      Hope it works for you?

  12. ben says:

    how to use these numbers.
    Is there any risk if their number does not working.

  13. deandb says:

    Hello i have problem my phone can’t unlock can you help me
    phone: Vodafone 858/Smart (Huawei U8160)
    IMEI : 356652041395045
    Thank you.

  14. bob says:

    can you explain me how to put these numbers.
    thanks anyway.

    • Just insert another Sim card into the usb modem and insert it
      into your pc (Laptop or Desktop) Usb Port. being that its a different
      sim card on different network operator modem, you will be asked
      to enter 8 digits unlocking codes.

      Just input the 8 digits unlocking codes that is all
      Hope it works for you

  15. virendra jain says:

    plz send me credit of dc unlocker on my email id

  16. Shashikiran says:

    Dear sir,
    Here is IMEI of E1731
    Please help me to unlock my modem.

    Thank you very much,in advance.

  17. bob says:

    Do you have a cracked patched version DC-unlocker client software V1.00.0687
    This is latest version what I need for unlocking Huawei u8180.
    (The 8 digits unlocking codes not working.)
    Thank you.

  18. don excel says:

    Please Help me, i want to unlock my ZTE AC8710 visa phone modem, what should i do please, thanks



  20. gaskin says:

    i need to unlock my zte mf110 glo modem with the ime of 356420046626198 please i would be glad if i get it soon thanks

  21. KUNAL DEEP says:

    hi am using airtel E153 (HUAWEI) and i would like to unlock it so that i can use the sim for other networks .wht the fee ? & what should i do . respond me as soon as possible. KUNAL ( 9899-247-178 ).

  22. osei owusu nicholas says:

    please can you help me with a software to unlock a modem so that you can browse with it free without buying credit.

    • please note that unlocking of 3G usb modems dont make them browse free

      • evans says:

        dear sir i have been trying to unlock my glo net pro moderm but its just impossible after generating the unlock code and inserting it on the modem it does noe even click ok..please i need help !!! i have been foloowing you for ages

      • Osei Owusu Nicholas says:

        I have heard of a software to decode modems to make them browse free without buying credit. Please have heard of it?

        • Dear Nicholas,

          Generally, decoding or unlock usb modem does not make it browse for free.
          the importance and benefit of unlocking usb modems is that it gives you the
          opportunity of using different network operator sim card without having to
          to buy usb modem for each network operator.

          I have not not heard of any software like that whatsoever, please if you come
          across, pls kindly share with us here

  23. osei owusu nicholas says:

    Please can you help provide me with a software that can be used to unlock a modem so that you can browse with it without buying credit

  24. Dutch says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you unlock my Hauwei E153?

    • Dear your Dutch, find your modem unlocking codes below
      Unlock Code : 62239653

      • jigar patel says:

        dear sir,
        Can you unlock my vodafone K3770-Z net setter unlock software …
        ZTE corporation modam…
        any india sim use on this ZTE modem..
        plz help …..

      • Piyush says:

        Modem Model : Vodafone K3770-z
        Firmware : BD_K3770V4.0RAPTOR_R4.3.1
        IMEI No. : 911133700300632
        IMSI : 405030003192467
        Sim ID : 89910301710031924677

        Please tell me how to unlock this modem

        Thanks in Addvance…..

  25. VIKAS SINGH says:

    My Name is Vikas Singh,And I am used Zte Smart Bro MF627 Modem. One day I Install a Software which is Upgrade my modem,This Software update my Data Card to (Bd_3GHAP673A4V1.0.0B04),And It’s Tells for removed USIM , But I Don’t remove my BSNL SIM .. And then Modem or Sim both are Locked.

    When I am Plugin Modem in PC, This is asked for 16 digits unlock code.And Tells to Network Unlock Usb Modem, Contact SMART Customer Care by phone and quote this IMEI(358066028783412) number for MODEM. And Notice that if the wrong unlock code is entered 5 times,then Card will no longer be Unlockable.So I am Not Entered any Code.

    I am Used cracked dcunlocker software Online But this is not Unlocked my Modem.
    I am used Universal MasterCode Calculator But this is not work.

    There are different ways of unlocking zte usb modems some zte modems model requires just the IMEI code to get unlocked and others requires a third party software.If You Know Exact Software for this problem then You Send Link of Software to My Email.

    How’s I will Unlocked My BSNL SIM And Mf627 Modem.
    Please I need the generate the 16 digits unlock code for MF627 Modem.
    Please Contact SMART Customer Care by phone,And Get Unlock Code for IMEI 358066028783412.
    Please Send me Link of Software Which support All Sim for ZTE MF627 Modem.

    Full Details Of MySelf And My Modem —->>
    Name : VIKAS SINGH
    ADDRESS: MQ-81, N.C.L., Khadia(Shaktinagar), Sonebhadra, U.P., India
    Contact No. : +919532357498
    Email Id : vikas.seit@gmail.com

    Modem Details —–>>>
    Model No.: MF627
    IMEI: 358066028783412
    Ref No.: ESD-CPE-0902002
    SIM No.: 8991550086114265866

    By Universal MasterCode Calculator based on IMEI No.(358066028783412)
    Unlock: 53013602
    Flash: 34745117
    NCK : 282332321654
    SPCK : 496619141214

    Please Sir, Mail Me. Whatever you Know about this.

    ————— Thank You Once Again Sir ————-

  26. Piyush says:

    Hii sir i want to unlock this modem but dc-unlocker not found any modem so please help me to unlock/crack this modem…..

    Modem Model : Vodafone K3770-z
    Firmware : BD_K3770V4.0RAPTOR_R4.3.1
    IMEI No. : 911133700300632
    IMSI : 405030003192467
    Sim ID : 89910301710031924677

    Please tell me how to unlock this modem


  27. Murad says:

    Please find me unlock software for below model & Brand,s GPRS Modem

    Name of Brand : ZTE Corporation
    Model : MF180S
    Operator Name ; etisalat
    Made By : China
    IMEI : 353582045234671
    EAN : 6934933017900
    TYPE : HSPDA USB Stick

    • Dear Murad,
      This is a Zte modem, it cant be unlocked remotely, you need to use
      the cracked version of the zte dc crap unlocker from the main link in
      the post above

  28. arell smith says:

    used the unlocker but still ask for unlock code

    huawei model e176

    IMEI 355851026834868

    pls send my unlock code.thank you.

  29. Pradeesh says:

    Can you plz send me unlock code for my ZTE MF180 modem,
    used unlocker but it says
    Found modem : MF180
    Model : Unknown ZTE modem
    IMEI : 356359041908914
    Firmware : BD_MF180SMARTV1.0.0B01
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)


    Unlocking, please wait …

    unlock failed !

    (error code 24)


  30. Pradeesh says:

    now its giving

    Unlocking, please wait …

    Security data error !

    unlock failed !

    (error code 84)

  31. syam says:

    i want to hack my reliance netconnect CDMA 1X , it is zte usb modem is it possible, if possible how can i do that please help me sir

  32. yeshan says:

    I unlocked my ZTE MF100. thank you very very much!

    • Dear Yeshan,
      I am so happy that you use our article here on mediatechblog.net to
      unlock the most sort after locked usb modem – zte modem. Spread the
      gospel and like our page on FB to stay connected


  33. Isah says:

    Pls, I need d unlock code of MTN Fastlink MF190 HSPA USB Stick.
    IMEI: 357534044234547.
    And must be 16 digit.

    • Dear Isah,
      This seems to be a zte usb modem, you need to download the
      cracked version of DC-unlocker from the link above in the
      main post as this type of usb modem can not be unlocked remotely
      like Hauwei modem

  34. pradeep says:

    plz tell me how to unlock vodafone k3770-z usb stick plz help me

  35. Amol says:

    am having problem downloading the software,it link to the facebook group page then i clicked like button but doesen’t theire next button, pls what do i do.

  36. karim says:

    hello pliz help me unlock my usb modem Huwai 610A

  37. sanjay says:

    Modem Model : Vodafone K3770-z Please tell me how to unlock this modem

  38. dady says:

    unlocker code
    model: zte mf 631 hsupa usb stick modem

  39. A.RAHIM says:

    please mr jerrywhyte, i have modem which suddenly refuse to work.if put it in to us slot it detect but it will not install.please any help will be happy.thanks.

  40. Dean says:

    Please hel me unlock my ZTE MF100 USB MODEM

  41. satish says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you unlock my zte mf668hspa

  42. satish says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you unlock my zte mf668hspa
    imei no 355987031535494

  43. kenny g says:

    I nid u 2 help me unlock my mtn fastlink huawei modem model: 156G imei: 357133038266704 S/n: GF5TAA19C2304010

  44. zomik says:

    thanks Jerrywhyte, i just unlocked my ZTE MF631 with ur DC-locker. SUCCESSFULL… keep up d good job.

  45. Faizan says:

    HI, I am trying to unlcok the Voafone ZTE K3770 3G USB Modem but the unlock software does not detect the card. Error : Card not found and it also does not ask for any 16 digit code. please help.

  46. Punsiri Nimal says:

    Friend this software (Dc-Unlocker) doesn’t support ZTE MF190…. why ???
    please help.
    Thank you.

  47. blackeyez says:

    thumbs up to you, i just unlocked my mf631

  48. usman says:

    May the Almighty bless you.

      • ali says:

        You wonderful with your brain,
        I have Zte router mf23 and its locked to network. how can i unlock the router. when i put another simcard to use its ask’s unlock code for unlock.

        do you have any solution out there i have tried online as well many times but faild.
        please help me out

        • is the cracked DC unlocker above not working for your zte modem series

          • Damian says:

            no pude traducir bien el ingles…. pero básicamente, dice que este Dc-Unlocker no sirve para el ZTE MF23….?

          • Hey Damian, please can you write in english so i can understand and
            reply you according, you can use Google translator here, thereafter,
            you copy and paste the English version of your words here, then i will
            be able to read with rapt attention and answer you in details as its
            expected of me

  49. Sanjot Sagarkar says:

    Hello Sir,

    My model is manufactured by Huawei Technologies.
    Model: EC156
    I’m not able to find IMEI Number. How to find IMEI number in this case?

    This is about Tata Photon Plus (broadband does not uses SIM card)
    There is a sim card slot and a memory card slot as well. Initially when I brought this 6 months back it asked for some 14 digit activation code to unlock the modem. That was given by the company itself.
    Now when I insert the sim card it does not ask neither activation code nor pin code. It works on TATA Photon+ network itself. How can I use Sim card in this?


    I’m using prepaid connection. How can I make use of unlimiited data with unlimited validity by using broadband itself?

  50. ali afeez says:

    pls kindly assit me unlock my vodafone modem model k376 5 imei 354747047754914

  51. abt says:

    help me to unlock my zte mf 190 modem, imei;357534044055397. thanks

    • Please know that zte usb modems can not be unlocked remotely as hauwei
      usb modems, you need to run the zte modem unlocker software (Cracked DC
      unlocker) from your PC with your usb modem plugged to your usb port

  52. kezyt says:

    pls can any one help? I wnt to unlock my airtel zte modem.
    the Imei no is 861648008413688,, MF190 ZTE

  53. sanjay says:

    ec150 modem unlock
    plz help me
    spc code thish modem plz help me

  54. jafs says:

    guy i have unlocked mf627 zte but it refuses to connect help

  55. safso says:

    the software didn’t work for me.it didn’t auto-detect my modem(etisalat 3.7g modem zte MF631)and when i tried picking d modem manually,mine wasn’t listed: there was MF630 and then MF632.
    pls,what can i do?

  56. kim says:

    thanks alot. i find this blog very resourceful

  57. chimwemwe sefu says:

    I have this cracked version for unlocking ZTE dongles…but i have another ZTE dongle and this software is not managing to crack it and the details are as follows:



    Help me out brother…

  58. Micky Mutua says:

    I’m looking to unlock ZTE MF192 USB Modem
    can you help do that?
    Thanks in advance

  59. Micheal says:

    HI, I am trying to unlock the new ZTE mf190 3G USB Modem but the unlock software master code universal does not working its giving 12 digits instead of 16 digit. New ZTE modem Card it also request 16 digit code. please help

    Note: IMEI : 357534044145396

    Email me on michealmura1@blumail.org


  60. Cherry says:

    Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi , pls help me unlock ,my Modem for me

    HSUPA USB stick

    Model: MF190

    IMEI: 861648008499372


  61. ADEYEMO JOSEPH says:

    pls kindly help me generate code to unlock my ZTE MF631 Etisalat Usb modem , IMEI number 861424010798601 thank U. u can text me {08053162638} or email me:pastorjosephgofamint@yahoo.com

  62. bliss says:

    thanks! i need to start clickbank business is there any software for it?

  63. Paul Ekpo says:

    Pls sir, I have a crack vision of dc unlocker 2. Am trying to unlock my etisalat MF631 modem, but the dc unlocker is asking for username and password. I don’t know how to go about it. Pls I need your assistant sir. God bless you.

  64. kalam says:

    pls help me decord my ericsson w35 router so that i can use other sim cards and u can also contact me with this address for any info about my router momma_2g2@yahoo.ca or momma2g2@gmail.com

  65. kalam says:

    i have a zte mf110 modem but all the software in it has been deleted can u pls help me recover it back cus i cant use it now and when i connect it to a pc it always asks of drivers is there any thing i can do about it?

  66. Fair M. Matongo says:

    How can i unlock a ZTE MF 668 moden which is network locked.

  67. nouh says:

    Dear sir,
    Here is IMEI of E303
    Please help me to unlock my modem.

    Thank you very much,in advance.

  68. oduware says:

    please help me to unlock my Glo Netpro
    IME: 356420046958088

  69. Isaac says:

    Please, I want to unlock Ericsson W35 Mobile Broadband Router device.
    How do I go about it. My email address : isaacbaidoo@live.com

  70. Please can you help me unlock my ZTE Modem

    IMEI NO. 356420046506812
    MODEL : MF110

  71. mido says:

    hellp to unlock huawei u8180

  72. Yasmin says:

    Pls help me unlock my zte mf190. Imei: 861648008494084

    • Your modem unlocked is available below
      Unlock Code : 48868539
      Flash Code : 59087211

  73. raymond says:

    the file belong to a suspended a/c

  74. sajjad hasmi says:

    HI, I am trying to unlock the ZTE MF633 3G USB Modem but the unlock software does not detect the card.
    and need password

    model – ZTE MF633 IMEI 352018034388435

  75. OrytrixxB says:

    Of course the file is deleted please give out a more recent link…

  76. Andie says:

    Hello J.O., good job… I am want to unlock my mf631 and tried your download link several times… I believe its in cloud storage. Can you inbox me DC or do you have further suggestion. Thank you.

  77. rishit says:

    my huawei model no. is EC156

    please help me!

  78. Dioufy says:

    Hello Sir
    I tried the link but it doesn’t work, do you have another one.

    ” The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire. ”

    That sentence is the one that I receive whenever I click on it. I wanted to unlock ZTE AC8710.
    Thank you for your help

    • Hey Diouty, check the download link again, though it has been down
      i just updated the download link now,

      Lets me know if you have any further clarification or help

  79. Sheik says:

    I want unlock code urgently..


    ZTE Corporation

    EAN: 6934933003095
    IMEI: 351790039567707

  80. Sheik says:


    HUAWAI E220



    • Hey Sheik, kindly find your hauwei unlocked code below
      Unlock Code : 47409286
      Flash Code : 39148171

  81. josephodaro says:

    Bros jerry plz help me out, tried downloading the code generator stuff but its not going tru. plz this is my IMEI 861424010551448, plz i will need the unlock code. thanks and God bless

  82. josephodaro says:

    it dint download

  83. Saurabh says:

    Thanks Sir.
    just unlocked my zte MF190 . you are doing a good work .God will help you.

  84. Gaurav says:

    Dear Jerrywhyte,

    I have unlocked my datacard, but after unlocking it i’m not able to use its card reader facility……..

    plz help to make it work again

    Thankzz in Advance 😉

  85. Kayode Samuel says:

    Kindly get me unlock code for the Etisalat zte modem with this particulars:
    Modem Type : MF631
    IMEI : 359538037940356



  86. JUSTIN says:

    HELP ME TO (UNLOCK K3570-Z)IMEI IS 359592035433807

    • find your modem model unlock code below
      Unlock Code : 36041485
      Flash Code : 63154070

  87. victor says:

    kindly help me to unlock my usb moderm with IMEI: 860030016576320

  88. Amar says:

    Hi Mate!

    i think download link is expired, so please give updates download link.


  89. kenny Alayande says:

    Kindly help me find my ZTE unlocking and flashing codes.
    The model is MF627 and the IMEI is 351589046063076,

  90. peter says:

    pls can u send me the modem unlocker file to my email so i can install it… pero2sweet@yahoo.com

  91. peter says:

    thanks to u man ure d best i just downloaded d file nw nad it unlocked my mf631 zte modem(etisalat)

  92. john says:

    hi can an yone pls assist in unlocking my zte mf180 modom with IMEI :867364001075078 EAN:6934933014886 thanks.

  93. john says:

    pls get me unlock code for
    the Etisalat zte modem with this
    Modem Type :mf180 IMFI 867364001075078

  94. sam says:

    Model : Huawei E303 (Metfone)
    IMEI : 861862008937006
    Serial NR. : U9CBYA9262211452
    Firmware :

  95. flexiblewaist says:

    pls administrator,i hav rely followed evry part of de process bt de modem is stil nt workin wid other sims.de dc unlocker link u pasted hav been deleted fr m de site. so pls help me unlock ma glo zte modem.tankx in advance 🙂

  96. pretty me says:

    pls, help generate an unlock code for my ZTE MF631. IMEI: 861424014126940.

    all previous attempt to get an unlock code through the means u suggested above has been futile because they all give a 12-digit code as opposed to the 16-digit code which is needed.

    thanks dear.

  97. Rajkamal says:

    Hello ,
    i have problem my modem can’t unlock can you help me
    Found modem : ZTE CE1588

    Model : MF190U

    IMEI : 911246700465070

    plz i will need the unlock code. thanks and God bless.

  98. Dotman says:

    Pls Sir, I was trying to download the unlocker software the message given was not clear to me.please here is the message below, The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

  99. ivan says:

    Dear Mr. Jerry,
    i would ask your help to unlock my modem

    Model : ZTE MF90
    IMEI : 862927021259420
    Firmware : BD_BOLT_MF90V1.0.0B05
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)

    thanks for you help & attention…

  100. simone says:

    Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi help me to unlock my usb moderm with IMEI: 352794057401574
    HSPA LS100
    thanks my friend

  101. dod says:

    I need unlock code fom zte mf612 – 16 digits code.
    my imei: 353370030812242
    please help, the links of dc unlocker are down….
    thank you

  102. happy says:

    i have a CAPITEL CONNECT versioN DONGAL its imei no is 352161041906789 and firmware version LQA0062.1.2_MG29 PLEASE I WANT TO UNLOCK THIS DONGAL HELP ME

  103. JOSEPH KWESI says:


    IMEI ;352201060012083

  104. pls help, i went to unluck my modem,mf190s[EAN;6934933013483[IMEI;864482007332443.PLS HELP ME ON IT

  105. Temitope says:

    Please, My ZTE MF631 modem will only show light, but it wont bring any installation setup….. pls help me out

  106. Temitope says:

    jerry, please, I cant use my modem any longer, it will only show a light and nothing more… it wont bring the setup file in it

  107. Osas says:

    Please help me with a valid link to download the software.

  108. RUGOLOLO says:

    Kindly asisst me please sir?
    MOBILE 3G Router: Not even responding on pc or any wi-fi responses.
    1.its model: WR706,SSID MIFI-WR706,WI-FI KEY:1234567890
    WEB GUI:
    2.IMEI: 351753033276246 S/N:PLM201411011043

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