Huawei 3G USB Modem Unlocker – USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software

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Best Huawei modem unlocker software full free download. The huawei modem unlocker software is meant for breaking and unlocking any huawei usb 3G internet modems by any network operators across the world.

The Modem Unlocker Software is also referred to as universal huawei usb modem code unlocker, since it is used for making your usb modem from huawei universal – that is being able to accept and work with other operator simcards.

Like those of us in Nigeria, we know that mtn fastlink/mtn 3G modems, Glo 3G plus modems, Etisalat and Airtel modems dont accept other sim cards when bought newly from any modem sales outlet, so you will need to get an huawei modem unlocker to generate the secretly coded huawei codes so that it will work universally on all telecom network operators.

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Please know that this huawei usb modem unlocker software for generating locked huawei usb modems unlocking codes to make your modems universal e.g Mtn 3G Fastlink modems, Glo 3G plus modems, Etisalat and Airtel usb modems does not work on cdma usb modems like Visafone, multilink and Starcomms usb internet modems.

Importance Of 3G/HSPDA Internet connection Packets HSPDA simply means High Service Packet Download Access – and it works majorly on 3G network. And For you to enjoy this HSPDA packet data, you will need 3G enabled usb wireless modems to get high and fast 3G internet connection browsing speed.

HSPDA is still very much far better than EDGE, GPRS and GSM network as you can use HSDPA to watch videos, bulk downloads etc. Some Nigeria telecommunication network operators internet providers that offer 3G / HSPDA internet connection are GLO and MTN with (Mtn Fastlink Modems and Glo 3G plus Modems).

Reasons Why Huawei USB Modems Unlocking Software Generator Does Not Work On CDMA USB Modems like Starcomms, Multilinks, Visafone modems etc

The reasons is because they are not 3G packet data enabled. Currently in Nigeria, CDMA network providers like Starcomms, Multilink and Visafone cant use the huawei modem unlocker to unlock their modems.

The Huawei USB Modem Unlocker And Software Generator.

I will simply say the huawei usb modem software unlocking codes generator is strictly meant for usb 3g modems and hsdpa usb modems, irrespective of the huawei usb modem model number such MTN Fastlink E160G, E1550, or GLO, Etisalat E150, E160G. All huawei 3G usb modems are currently supported by the Huawei Modems Unlocker software.

Even if you use any of these types of modems – hspda modem, internet modem, 3G modem, /GPRS GSM modem, EDGE  modem, USB modem, huawei modem, Mtn 3G Fastlink modems, Glo 3G plus modems, Airtel modems, Etisalat modems, wireless modems as being described or called by most network provider, the modem unlocking code generator will do all the work for you.
Screen shots Image on How the Huawei Modem Unlocker Works

huawei modems unlocking codes

How To Use The Huawei Modem Unlocker Software To Unlock Modems

If you have got an MTN modem, Glo modem Etisalat modem or Airtel Modem, here is how to generate your free huawei unlocking codes to make your modem universal after downloading the software free from the download link below.

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Here are the things you need to unlock and get your modems unlocking codes easily

1. Huawei modem unlocker

2. 3G USB Modem

3. Modem IMEI code number – usually on the body of your usb modems.

4. A Computer – Laptop or Desktop

Download and install the modem unlocker software on your desktop and copy The IMEI number of your modem into the IMEI tab of the modem unlocker as seen above and click on icon Calculate Code. It will automatically break the huawei modem and generate you Unlock / unlocking Codes in less than 5 seconds – its so fast and easy.

just copy the unlocking codes generated by the modem unlocker and insert it into your modem. When you insert other sim card into your modems, you will be asked to input an unlocking code, so just enter the eight (8) digits unlocking codes. And flash code of that code of that modem.

How To Configure Your Modems After Unlocking It With Unlocking codes to Work On Other simcards By Other Network Operators.

To Browse with other Network sim card, just configure the Huawei 3G USB modem user interface – almost all huawei usb modems have similar User Graphics Interface By clicking on

Tools > Options > then click on Profile Management

GLO 3G modems unlocker



Profile Name: Anything that is convenient for you E.g GLO  3G PLUS

Access Number: *99#

APN: glosecure or glogwap

PASSWORD: gprs or wap

USERNAME: gprs or wap


Profile Name: Anything that is convenient for you E.g MTN – 3G

Access Number: *99#




APN: etisalatAccess Number:*99#

User Name: Leave blank

Password: You can also leave it blank

NOTE: As for the Advanced Settings tab, leave everything there blank

huawei 3g usb modem unlocker


Tricks For Browsing Fast With Unlimited speeds Without Continual/Frequent Disconnecting.

As you may have experienced especially with MTN fastlink Modems and GLO 3G Plus Modems, they do frequently disconnect waving and fluctuating from one network signal to another e.g from HSPDA to EDGE or From EDGE to GPRS or GSM in worst cases. You stop this irritaing slow internet connection by re-configuring your modem user inferface.

Click On Tools > Option > and click Network under Network Type select WCDMA Only (glo users) 3G Only (mtn users) then click on Apply and Save, you won’t experience any kind of frequent network disconnection or fluctuation again with this simple browsing tricks.

NOTE: Note that most recent MTN 3G USB MODEMS don’t work with GLO sims even after unlocking the modems, but glo works on all – etisalat, mtn and airtel. So i recommend you get a glo Modem, unlock it and use your mtn sim and other network simcards on it.

Click Here to Download the Full Huawei Modem Unlocker Software and the Universal Master Code Unlocker Software – Full Free Download and get your huawei usb modem unlocking codes today and unlock your modem and make it universal so that it can browse on all network.

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 Post updated 17th July, 2013.

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  1. […] Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker – USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes … Best Hauwei modem unlocker software full free download The hauwei modem unlocker software is meant for breaking and unlocking any huawei usb 3G internet modems by any network operators across the World. […]

  2. […] is the free universal usb modem unlocker software for breaking and generating usb modems unlocking codes so that they can function as […]

  3. SAURABH says:


    • Dear Saurabh
      The software download link is available above. Click the download to download the software

      As regards this Hauwei EG 162G 3G Usb Imei Modem – 354930030569719

      Below are the modem unlocking codes and flash code

      Unlock Code : 64605291
      Flash Code : 61742687

      Just input the unlock Code, as explained above, your modem will be unlocked

      Hope you find this useful

      • mohamad says:

        sir my modem doesn’t have imei number it has MEID number:A00000201729D90
        it is mts cdma modem.. send unlocking process….

        • Dear Mohamad,
          I am sorry CDMA Usb Modems are not currently supported by Hauwei
          3G Usb Broadband modems so it can’t unlock to calculate and generate
          the unlock codes.

          Try google searching for Cdma Usb modems unlocker.


      • ecomje says:

        please i need to unlock my glo 3G modem the imei is: 867455005157094

    • liam says:

      i can’t find the unlocking code for my broad band IMEI 359894030392677 its a HUEWEI mobile broadband.. hope you could help me on this. thanks.

  4. dibyendu says:


    • Dear dibyendu,

      Find your details below

      Unlock Code : 36451562
      Flash Code : 63984616

      Just input the unlock Code, as explained above, your modem will be unlocked
      Hope you find this useful

      • hari says:

        dear Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi,

        please explain am purchase the the airtel internet HUAWEI E1550 HSDPA usb broad band modem how to unlock so please give step by step instruction what i want to do , like
        1. inset the modem – click the tools -click the option- copy the code -past this place click ok ,like this , please this is my mails id

        please do the need full ,

        • Dear Hari,
          Since you said you need the full details on how to get your
          modem unlocked and make it universal so that other network
          sim card will work on it,

          I recommend you read the entire post here, it will solve the
          problem for you

          Lets me know if this help you?

          • hari says:

            hai jarry
            i have air tell internet modem and i have done as per u r guide line it’s unlocked but it’s works only MTN other net work is not working it shows this given below message
            Error628:the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could completed

            i cant connect other net work please can u suggest it,

            but asper u r guide line i have done every think,

          • hari says:

            dear brother ,

            u mention just copy the unlocking codes generated by the modem unlocker and insert it into your modem. When you insert other sim card into your modems, you will be asked to input an unlocking code, so just enter the eight (8) digits unlocking codes.And Flash Code of that code of that modem.

            i just enter only 8 digits unlock code , i did not put flash code
            i need to put unlock code and flash code like this
            for EG:this is my code
            Unlock Code : 61824495
            Flash Code : 65552001

            when it ask code i want put like this 6182449565552001
            or 61824495 only this ,
            but i put only unlock code ,did not put flash code ,

            what i want to do ,

          • Ebenezer .B. Lema says:

            Hi! Harry i know that u have the problem to unlock your Air Tel modem since because the new versions of modems does not give a chance to insert the unlock code, but i as an IT expert am able to crack it with the diagnostic softwares for contact just call +255 718 484176, or E-mail at

          • Thanks Ebenezer, please kindly share with us any new ways to go about this here!

      • Asante Isaac says:

        Sir, can you please send me the link page to download the mobile flash code software. I will be very grateful. Thanks a lots

        • Dear Asanta,
          Please what did you mean by mobile flash code software?

          • sola says:

            Hello Mr Jerry am sola n am hvin problems wit connectin my starcomms connectio it is givin me d Error 628,do u hve any solutions for dat I will really appreciate..

          • sorry Sola, how usb modem tutorial site dont support CDMA network

  5. arinze says:

    am having problem downloading the software,it link to the facebook group page, pls what do i imei no is 356052045381259

    • Simply like the page after login into your facebook account, its will show
      a next button, after showing the next click next to download the software free

      Unlock Code : 53201185
      Flash Code : 65095054

      Just input the unlock Code, as explained above, your modem will be unlocked
      Hope you find this useful

      Hope it helps

  6. Bolaji says:

    Am having problems download d huawei modem unlocker software u posted.I wil apre8 if u can help me wit d necessary codes
    IMEI : 353474022911432

    • Dear Bolaji,

      What difficulties are you having download the hauwei modem unlocker software?
      Is it after liking the FB iframe page? please let us know the exact difficulties you
      are encountering so that i help you get the free universal modem unlocker software.

      Below is the unlocking codes of your modem.

      Unlock Code : 63272351
      Flash Code : 37813183

      Just input the already calculated unlock codes above into your
      modem from the user interface on your desktop by inserting
      another sim card on the sim slot.

      You will be asked to enter the eight (8) digits unlocking codes,
      just input the unlock codes above, your modem will automatically
      be unlocked

      Hope this helps

      • thank for the good job u r doing and i pray that God empowers you.pls i would like you to help me how to unlock my glo HUAWEI E173 with imei no;867455000523462 and S/N; xvA7NA1140117550…i will be very greatful if it can be send to my email addrees above.thanks

        • Dear Adiamo,

          Below are your modem already calculated and generated unlock codes

          Unlock Code : 46713454
          Flash Code : 62367106

          As usual just input the unlock codes into your modem

          Hope it helps

  7. Endy says:

    I want to unlock ZTE modem, the new MTN modem, but it is not working for it. Can you teach me how to unlock ZTE?

    • Dear Endy,
      What difficulties are you encountering while trying to unlock the mtn zte modem
      did you try downloading the software – zte unlocker from this blog?

      Lets me know what the problem is.

  8. babwale says:

    hello sir? Gooday sir? Ma name is kayode. I really great u 4 a wonderful job weldone. Please sir i wil like to knw if yu got tha code 4 mtn, if yu do sir, please kindly help me wit it sir. More wisdom to ur brain sir. I’l be glad if yu could help me wit it. Tnx sir.

    • Dear Babwale,
      Which code are you talking about?
      is it the free hauwei modem unlocker software
      for generating huawei modems unlocking codes?

      If yes, please find the download link above.

      hope this helps

      • babwale says:

        i mean normal mtn phone browser 4 free browsin sir

        • Dear Babwale,
          You mean internet free browsing settings and configuration codes
          on Pc using MTN? well i dont have, i dont do free browsing coz i
          dont the time researching, even keeping this blog moving is sacrifice.

          I think you can use google search to search else where. Lets me know
          if whether you need any other assistance.

          Hope this helps

  9. samuel says:

    the airtel codes did not work for me .please help me

    • Dear Samuel,
      which airtel codes lets me know what the exact problem is. You mean
      Airtel 3G Usb modems? which make Hauwei or zte, let me know the exact

      Hope this helps

  10. ceiline says:

    teach me why to unlock my modem to browse free on the internet….thanks,boss will be very gratful….

    • Hey Ceiline,
      You dont even need to be taught, just download the free universal software unlocker
      For unlocking the 3G usb modems, follow the simple tutorial above you would find
      it easy to unlock any modems.

      Hope this helps

  11. dafe says:

    Please sir,I ualready unlocked ♏Ɣ glo3g plus modem but don’t know how to recharge with the mtn sim,I want to use,pls kindly help me in this

    • Dear Dafe,
      I used to be having a software that you can use to automate
      the process of recharging your modem account with bundle
      plan subscription of any network without having to insert the
      simcard on a mobile phone so that its account balance can
      be accessed in my external HDD.

      I have been searching for thats why i didnt respond to you
      on time. Unfortunately i cant find it now.

      Please be patient i will search for it again and upload to
      a filehosting account and send you the download link


  12. Kasim says:

    Dear Jerry.
    I have Huawei 3G USB Modem (Model: E153). I want to unlock its code so that i can use any operators sim cards. Plz help me . Waiting for your quick reply..

    • Dear Kasim,
      Follow the simple step-by-step guide above. I have clearly explained
      the entire process on how to unlock your 3G modems and generate
      the unlocking codes in details above.

      Hope this helps

  13. emmanuel says:

    please send me your phone number urgently, my etisalat modem is not 3g, when i put another simcard and plug to computer as you directed the USIM inserted is not recognized. it dose not show any page for new code. please what shall i do i need your phone number urgently.

  14. pulus says:

    i try to unluck the etsalat modem mf180, imei; 867364001068750 usin this unluck code and flash; 63808324, 61643639.
    pls i need ur help

    • Dear Pulus,
      What difficulties did you encounter? lets me know if
      whether i can help.


      • ayush kaushal says:

        hi sir can you break lock code of my huawi mobile broadband model e1750c my imei-355013048353183

        thank u

        • Dear Ayush
          Use the unlock code below
          Unlock Code : 52852980
          Flash Code : 34535951

  15. Ayoola says:

    Well done sir,please help me unlock my modem HUAWEI E1550 imei no.356052045287274

    • Dear Ayoola,
      find your Hauwei usb 3G E1550 Modem IMEI no.356052045287274 unlocking codes below

      Unlock Code : 63997290
      Flash Code : 40898880

      Hope the unlocking codes works


  16. Ayoola says:

    l’m very grateful sir,God bless you real good.

  17. AZAI says:

    i bought huawei e5832 wirless modem from oman but it didnt work in uae using etisalat, i can see the netwrork but there is no connection
    can u help me plz

    • Dear Azai,
      Below are the unlocking codes of your Hauwei e5832 3G Usb modem
      Unlock Code : 38399163
      Flash Code : 42050582

      Follow the instructions in the main post above to apply the unlock codes
      to unlock the modem.

      Let me know if you need any additional help


  18. victor anehi says:

    what a wonderful job keep it up.

    • Hey Victor,
      Thanks For your compliment we will try as much as
      possible to keep this site rocking at all times by posting
      solid information here.

      I just hope you find this site helpful Victor.


  19. victor anehi says:

    welldone sir

  20. victor anehi says:

    pls teach me simple web design and free domain and hosting

  21. Ayoola says:

    Good Day,thanks for unlocking my mtn modem.l was not able to use my etisalat sim when inserted into the modem,l do get this: A connection to the remote computer could not be established,so the port used for this connection was,please help me.

    • Dear Ayoola,
      Try using another network operator sim on it
      and try using a different USB port.

      Ensure you might have use the network configuration
      settings above.


  22. sola says:

    is good

  23. jerry tuoyo says:

    hi mr jerrywhyte,pls can u mail me ur email address,i want to send u a mail on som thins.thanx in anticipation.

  24. kelvin says:

    Dear sir,
    God in his infinite mercy will pure u wit his numerous blessings for
    helping people to solve their problems. Pls I have been trying to download the software but not successful. pls help me out, my mtn moderm E153 IMEI 356342046127029
    Thanks and God bless u the more

    • Dear Kelvin,
      thanks for the compliment, i do hope you find my site useful
      here are the unlocking codes of your modem.

      Unlock Code : 52406558
      Flash Code : 41832961

      You dont need the Flash code, its only the Unlock code that you need
      Read the step-by-step guide on to to insert and input this unlocking
      codes into your modem by inserting another network operator sim card.

      To me Hauwei 3G Usb Broadband Internet Modems are still the best
      bebause they can be unlocked remotely with ease unlike Zte 3g Usb modems.

      Hope this helps!


  25. sanjeev says:

    can i unlock cdma device with extra uim port ..

  26. ogah says:

    bro. i stumble into this of recent. Pls I have been trying to download the software but not successful. pls help me out, my mtn moderm E156 IMEI 357133037362348
    Thanks and God bless u the more

    • Dear Ogah,
      find your Hauwei 3G Usb modem unlocking codes below

      Unlock Code : 52697105
      Flash Code : 62584192

      follow the instructions on the main post above to configure
      the modem with your preferred network operator

  27. Hickson Meenda says:

    Firstly how do i down load the modem unblocking software coz am told to pay every time.Secondly after i unblock my modem will i need to buy data bundles.

    • Its completely free, use this Download Link to download the modem unlocker
      software free

      Yes unlocking and unblocking your 3G Usb modem will only allow
      to use different network operator sim card and not to browse free

      you need to subscribe for your network carrier

  28. […] Download Free Hauwei Modem Unlocker and Imei unlock codes Software from here […]

  29. Azra-Arfa Auwal says:

    Good Evening Sir,
    Please hepl me unlock my model with
    NAME EG162G
    IMEI 353474022578819

    Thank You

    Azra Arfa

    • Dear Azra,

      Find your hauwei EG162G modem unlocking codes below

      Unlock Code : 49189465
      Flash Code : 37665546


      • Azra-Arfa Auwal says:

        May God Continue to Bless
        I’ve try the code and it work,
        Thank for your usual assistance

        Azra Arfa

  30. blaywel says:

    please Sir God bless you.
    I would like you to teach me how insert that
    code.and is airtel
    this device name…E1550

    • Dear Blaywel
      Here are your huawei modem imei unlock codes
      Unlock Code : 64545062
      Flash Code : 65112918

      Here is How To Insert / Input and Use the Unlock Codes
      Above To Unlock and Make your 3G Usb Modem Universal.

      Just insert another sim card since your modem model is Airtek,
      try using GLO, MTN or Etisalat simcard.

      Insert the sim into the simcard slot on the modem and plug the
      modem into any Usb port on your computer, since its different
      sim card on different network modem, it will ask you for an
      unlocking codes, just input the unlock codes above.

      Your modem will automatically be unlocked in seconds, then
      use the main article post above to configure your modem to
      accept other network operator simcard like mtn, glo, etisalat simcards
      so that you can start browsing with them.

      please not that you don’t need to enter this unlock codes after the first
      time, once its unlocked it unlocked for life. So whenever you insert
      another sim card, your modem will not ask you to enter your 8 digits
      unlock codes again.

      Lets me know if this helps!


      • Prashanth says:


        I have Tataphoton plus datacard.Details below

        HUAWEI Mobile BroadBand

        Model: HUAWEI EC 1260 HSIA usb stick

        FCC ID: QISEC1260

        I dont find any IEMI number for this device ,looks like CDMA.How to identify a device is CDMA or not?

        Is there any way to unlock this stick to use diieferent service provider.


        • I am sorry Prashanth,
          this software does not work for cdma network as you will
          need an IMEI number to wite, calculate and generate your
          3g Usb Modem.

          Well just Google search for Cdma Usb Modem Unlocker Software
          as this software will not work for your modem type.


  31. mooease says:

    dis is my imei: 35347402293285

    • Hauwei Modem imei number is not correct.
      Hope its an hauwei 3G Modem, check and correct it


      • mooease says:

        pls am sory 4 writing an incorect imei code dis is the corect code 353474022932685

        • Dear Mooease,

          Find Your Zain Hauwei 3G Usb Modem IMEI unlocking codes below

          Unlock Code : 36116290
          Flash Code : 40126702

          Use the information on the main post above to get your modem unlocked!

          Hope it helps!

      • Tony Morr says:

        Hey Bro

        Been trying without success to download the software. I might as well ask you to get this code.

        Nokia Modem CS-10

        IMEI is 359340023348615


  32. faiyaz says:

    hello sir,
    i have hauwei eg1732 data card.
    its imei no:355445040877866
    sir i hv hauwei unlocker.
    but when i have insert another sim its not ask to unlock code.
    i try to direct unlock but its also not working.sir i try very much but i cant.
    plz sir help what can i do and how can i unlcok this data card.

    • Dear Faiyaz,
      find your hauwei modem unlocker codes below

      Unlock Code : 56517211
      Flash Code : 59245276

      When you asked to enter the 8 digits unlocking codes
      just input this Unlock Code 56517211

      Hope it helps

      • FAIYAZ says:


        • if your modem did not ask you for an unlocking codes and its accepted
          other network operator sim cards, its shows that the modem is already
          unlocked by default.

  33. sandeep yadav says:

    sir, please give me link to direct free download this application

  34. abdurahman says:

    yow bruh. Yo annoyingly frndly. Yo doin’ a gud job. Ah envy yuh. Broda from kenya but curntly in sudan.

  35. Ghian says:

    sorry. am Tanzanian, and am using a Vodaphone USB moderm. but in my place there is no 3G HSDPA, only available EDGE & GPRS. can you help me to hack it and be universal hence i can use it with other network provider such as Airtel?

  36. Azumah says:

    JeeryW, my problem how to generate the imei code or read the modem info. is there any software that can easily generate the code before u unlock. Most demand that u enter manualy the imei code.
    Can the config. codes for config. your modem work for our networks in Ghana or can check on that. We use similar networks like 9ja (mtn, vodafone, glo, airtel)

    • Dear Azumah,
      yes configuration setup codes settings are almost the same
      from country to country, all need is to get your network
      operator settings code just like as they used above.

      If you are having difficulties, you can contact their customer
      care service.

  37. Treaty says:

    Can this unlocker unlock the new Glonetpro moderm this is my imei 867455004990683

    • Yes the hauwei modem unlocker software can unlock the new GloNetPro Modem
      I am thinking of buying the new naija glonetpro modem soon because it has better
      speed of 7.2MBs and better feautures than the old glo modem model.

      Here is your modem (glonetpro modem) unlocking codes. Find it below
      Unlock Code : 53433594
      Flash Code : 62440040

      Hope it works!.

  38. Treaty says:

    sowy the moderm abrand is Hauwei E173

  39. adeniyi says:



    • Dear Adeniyi,
      here is your hauwei E1556G modem imei number unlocking codes.

      Unlock Code : 34269772
      Flash Code : 65836783

      Hope it helps

  40. mike ifeanyi says:

    please help me to get the unlock code of zte mf627 ime number 351589046035629

  41. Anatare says:

    Pls jerry help me wiz d unlock code for my modem. HUAWEI: E156G IMEI: 357133037024799. Pls help me o

    • here is your modem unlocking codes

      Unlock Code : 59328781
      Flash Code : 59459443
      Hope it works

    • Kenneth says:

      Selected Modem: E156G
      Phone IMEI: 357133037024799
      Calculating Codes…
      UNLOCK CODE : 39470637
      FLASH CODE : 41559546
      Codes Calculated OK…

      Hope this works don’t bother Jerry anymore

      • Thanks Kenneth
        for helping, i have already provided the software that anybody can use to unlock
        the usb 3G modem Free. but i am still surprise over the huge request of help
        on how to unlock modems.

        I am pretty sure this are people that browses most times on their phone as they
        may not be having their own PC to run the free unlocker modem software on.

  42. Anatare says:

    Pls i’m waiting for ur reply pls help me

    • here is your modem unlocking codes.
      Unlock Code : 59328781
      Flash Code : 59459443

  43. Anatare says:

    Pls jerry i need ur help. I try d code it prompt me remain 7 atempt. Pls help me

    • Check the Imei u provided, maybe its not correct.
      i have unlocked and pasted the unlock above,
      check to see if it is correct with the one you provided.

  44. Anatare says:

    Dis is d imei 357133037024799

  45. Julius A says:

    pls help me with the of zain modem. Huawei EG162G.IMEI 353474024736290 PLS SENT ME UNLOCK CODE

    • here is the unlocking codes of your modem
      Unlock Code : 65648229
      Flash Code : 37825295

    • jenfa BABATUNDE olumide says:

      Please help me with unlocked code for my visafone modern
      Model :ac2787
      Imel : a0000037d354e3

  46. Onkar says:

    sir my huawei airtel usb modem e-1550 i can’t use any sim card please sir i want unlock code
    IMEI 354638042352533
    S/N B5A4CA1092604796
    please give me unlock code

    • Hey Onkar, find your your hauwei modem unlocker codes below
      Unlock Code : 47615068
      Flash Code : 55666095

      Hope it works

  47. KENNETH says:

    damm man thanks so much this thing works like crazy

  48. KENNETH says:

    there is something want ask . how can i crack my usb modem and access the internet for free

    • cracking your usb modem does not make you browse free Kenneth,
      its only give an hedge to use other network operator sims on your
      modem instead of buying different network operator modem.

      Well its also gives you a better chance of using other sim cards
      which could be browsing free. I dont offer or do free browsing

  49. Onkar says:

    thanks jerrywhyte iam onkar sir my airtel usb modem is unlock successfully but sir i can’t use any sim card sir. display error message dialog box message are below
    ERROR 619:A connection to the remote
    computer could not be established,
    so port used for this connection was closed.
    sir flash code how to use
    sir please help me thanks

  50. Akin wale says:


  51. Onkar says:

    iam onkar sir my airtel usb modem is unlock successfully but sir i can’t use any sim card sir. display error message dialog box message are below
    ERROR 619:A connection to the remote
    computer could not be established,
    so port used for this connection was closed.
    sir flash code how to use
    sir please help me thanks

    • I am sorry i cant help you on this. are sure the IMEI you unlocked is
      the same thing as it is written on the airtel E1550 modem? Check
      again and re-generate the unlock code

      If problem persist, try google searching for help on how to troubleshoot
      and fix the errors or better still another USB data modem preferably GLO
      as its accept all network, unlock it and use it.

      Hope this helps

  52. Kenneth says:

    what does the Flash Code do ..

    • Its not important all you need is the unlock code.
      the flash code is meant for advance troubleshooting
      of your hauwei modem and you dont need.

      What you need to get your modem unlocked is the Unlock Code

  53. Ummi says:

    Pls my broda jerry hlp me with dis hauwei unlock code modem. IMEI: 357133036431680

    • Here is your modem unlocking codes details
      Unlock Code : 57008151
      Flash Code : 63476512
      Hope it works for you

  54. Amr says:

    please could u help me with that one
    its vodafone USB Modem , Huawei
    but i still can’t get its unlock code
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :K3770
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :356742042001088

    • Try the kunlock codes below if its will work for you
      Phone IMEI: 356742042001088
      Calculating Codes…
      UNLOCK CODE : 61402612
      FLASH CODE : 52187677
      Codes Calculated OK…

  55. Mohamed M says:

    I have enter the unlock code nothing is unlocked
    can teach me how
    What the Flash code use for
    Unlock is the code I send

    • you dont need the flash code
      its only the unlock code you need. If after entering the unlock code nothing happens,
      Its could be that the modem has been unlocked by default. No need for re-unlocking again.

      Let me know if this helps

  56. Dennis Nimo Ntim says:

    God bless u for the wonderful job u are doing. I cant download the software so please help me with the unlocking since u know best. IMEI:860604002976130. S/N:XVA4CA1153140750. Please inbox me through my E mail when u are done. God richly bless u.

    • is this hauwei or zte modem?
      If its Hauwei find the unlock codes below
      Phone IMEI: 860604002976130
      Calculating Codes…
      UNLOCK CODE : 59202041
      FLASH CODE : 41815114
      Codes Calculated OK…

  57. gabbi sam says:

    Sir , can you please help unlock a vodafone, mtn and expresso modem so i can browse for free because i can afford to the credit thank you. gabbi from ghana

    • Dear Sam,
      Just provide the modem IMEI number here, and lets me see if whether i can
      help you calculate and generate the unlocking codes.


  58. jimmy says:

    followed instructions to you facebook page..didnt see the download link my modems are two. 1 3g huwawei imei 354137022031126
    2.hsdpa zte imei 359518030469538

    please help.thanks

  59. Fan says:

    i would like to know how to unlock usb modem? my usb modem series is e1750
    and IMEI: 354818041615953

    what the software name can be use to unlock the modem?

    Thank first

  60. Fan says:

    dear sir

    I already got these

    IMEI: 354818041615953
    » Unlock: 65336122
    » Flash: 46395648

    So what should i do next after i got these number?

    hope to hear from you back.

  61. Olabode says:

    I really thank you for this kind of opportunity you given people, i pray God bless you.. please i want to unlock my modem ( zain) with imei (353474024764433) to use all network.. also i will like to know the link to download the unlocker software… thanks once again.. looking forward to read your reply..

    • =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      Unlock Code : 60944502
      Flash Code : 48389498
      please you guys should always specify the model of your
      modem if its zte or hauwei.

  62. vipul says:

    dear sir,

    i have a huawei modem model no: ETS1220
    can u tell me the procedure of unlock this modem.


    • Provide the modem imei number and lets me unlock it
      for you. or better still download the hauwei modem unlocker
      from the link above


  63. freddist says:

    free online unlock modem E1550, E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170, E172, E176, E180, E182E, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E660A, E800, E870, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G, Vodafone K2540 · Vodafone K3515 · Vodafone K3520 · Vodafone K3565 · Vodafone K3715 . –

  64. Sony says:

    I am from India. I have an Idea Netsetter (Huawei E1550 with firmware 11.609. 20.03.356). This is a customised firmware. Can “Hauwei USB Modem Unlocker” be used to unlock the modem?

    Thanx in advance

    • I am sorry Sony
      The version of hauwei modem unlocker i am using
      is the one that requires the modem imei number
      to get it unlocked.

      I am sorry i dont think i can help you

  65. masaaba says:

    i love that impression too

  66. masaaba says:

    Here is your hauwei modem imei 354137022031126 number unlocking codes
    Unlock Code : 42264314
    Flash Code : 56156242

  67. Sachin Tyagi says:

    hello sir

    plz tell me whole prosses of unlock my 3g device…. i mean if i got unlock code and Flash code then what should i do? plz

    my emi no. 359538036776322


    • Dear Sachin,
      here is the unlocking codes

      Unlock Code : 46112680
      Flash Code : 62717882

      Insert another network sim card into your modem
      you will be asked to enter a 8 digits unlocking codes
      just enter the Unlock code above.

      Lets me know if this helps

  68. shahanish says:

    sir,i need a huawei 3G modem unlocking codes. My imei no. is 354369040142417 and model is E173Bu-1,plz help me.

    • Dear Shahanish

      here is your modem unlocking code

      Unlock Code : 40060618
      Flash Code : 54178725

  69. hari says:

    i am not able to down load the Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker – USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software please give the link , am using my lapto

  70. sarav says:

    sir! I had huawei EC150 modem. but i don’t have IMEI. how to unlock my modem? pls help me.

    • i dont think i can help you unlock hauwei modems without
      imei number!

      • sarav says:

        Is there any software available for unlocking Huawei EC150 Modem? Kindly help me.

        • Being that its an hauwei series model this modem unlocker should be
          able to unlock, calculate and generate your hauwei EC150 modem.

          Just try your modem i mei number, its should work

  71. virat says:

    sir,i need a huawei 3G modem unlocking codes. My imei no. is 355445040875237 and model is E1732

    • Dear Virat,
      Here is your modem unlocking codes

      Unlock Code : 38069977
      Flash Code : 65052493

      Hope it works fine for you

  72. Kingsley says:

    Please help me unlock my Huawei E1550 with imei number.
    Thanks a lot

  73. jeseef says:

    Dear jerrywhyte,

    i have unlocked HUAWEI E1550 using the software

    ” E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe” and updated the firmware using the

    softare ”E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe” internet is working, but i am geting only

    EDGE, not geting the HSDPA or 3G, but 3G is working on the same sim with cellphone not working with the HUAWEI E1550 modem, expecting the reply as early as possible i am using the dashboard program mobile partner version 11.302.09.539

    • Dear Jeseet,
      Unlocking of modems dont have any side effect on the coverage of the modem
      its only makes you to be able to use other sim cards on the modem so that you
      can conveniently swap between varying sim cards.

      Check if whether the its has been pre-configured to only work on 3G/HSPDA

      By clicking on TOOLS follow by OPTION and Select Network under the Network
      Selection you will see where to preferentially configure the modem to be on
      3G/HSPDA only and not preferred.

      I mean you select 3G Only and not 3G Preferred.

      Try this tips and help your modem should show

  74. Hossam Alazzamy says:

    I have Hauwei modem
    mu data is :-
    Serial number: 7JA4CA10C1633257
    IMEI: 354809042369351
    please i wnu unlock code

    with my great thanks

  75. freddist says:

    Flash files for 3g modem –

  76. Hossam Slazzamy says:

    Hi Sir
    i Have hauei modem and its data are
    Serial number: 7JA4CA10C1633257
    IMEI: 354809042369351

    with my great thanks

  77. hossam Alazzamy says:

    Hi Sir i have huawei modem and its data is
    Serial number: 7JA4CA10C1633257
    IMEI: 354809042369351

    with my great thanks

    • =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      Unlock Code : 53322288
      Flash Code : 39953503
      Hope the modem unlock code works for you Hossam

  78. Arvind says:

    i would like you to help me how to unlock my glo HUAWEI EC122 with meid no;A000002D9F77D0F and S/N;HIA9MB1132818778

  79. zaafir says:

    Will the internet connection be free after unlocking?

  80. nana says:

    am in Ghana, how can i browse free using my mtn modem

  81. any dongal code unloked to be. Software Download.

  82. Om says:

    hi sir i am Om iself use huawei airtel usb data card e1550 i will work for tata docomo internet
    but sir first 2days download speed 3000 kbps sir but now download speed very slow speed in 135kpbs sir how to increase download speed please i want solution thanks.

  83. sam says:

    sir, actually i’ll unlock my huawei EG162G and i am using bsnl network but the problem is speed of the modem is very much slower than previous one so should i do………………….

    • Unlocking 3G usb modems does not reduce its speeds man.
      I thing the low speed being experienced is form your ISP

      Contact them and ask them if whether they have APN settings.

      Take Care

  84. Om says:

    om sir flash code how to use please tell me

  85. jaypee says:

    sir pls help me to unlock my modem e153…. sir pls….

    IMEI: 354074040333566

  86. Black joe says:

    help me. need unlock code
    IMEI- 3523740443429839.

  87. ritesh says:

    i have a modem huawei ec150 with imei no:rhwcdd210277407
    pls send me the unlock code and also if i enter any sim it does not ask for a unlock code

    • this look like hauwei cdma usb modem, if yes i am sorry
      the hauwei 3G usb modem unlocker will not work for
      you to the unlocking codes.

  88. VINOD KATYARE says:

    sir,i need a huawei 3G modem unlocking codes. My Model: HUAWEI EC 150

    Model: HUAWEI EC 150 HSIA usb stick

    FCC ID: QISEC122

  89. NIYI says:

    sir, i try to unlock my mtn 3g modem but i try it with wrong unlock code and it does not bring where to type unllock code again whenever i insert another sim….it will bring only the SIM/ USIM specify can be use on this device…this is IMEI 356342045930878
    pls what can i do?

    • hello Niyi, is this a ZTE modem or Hauwei modem, if its hauwei usb 3g modem here is
      the your modem imei number unlocking codes.

      Unlock Code : 52740869
      Flash Code : 40600180

  90. […] Modem to Android Tablet?Pci FaxmodemUSRobotics 56K Faxmodem – fax / modem – (USR015630D)Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker – USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software […]

  91. hari says:

    hai ,
    good day for u ,
    i have vodofone usb stick IME number :355855024639880, model K3565 .
    i got the unlock code and flash code .
    when i inset other other network sim it ll not ask unlock code , i think it’s different way , can u please explain what i want to do,

  92. Maddy says:

    Hello Jerrywhyte,

    My vodafone K3770 is unlocked now. All gsm SIMs are working. But it doesn’t detect the Reliance gsm SIM. what could be the problem. please provide me the solution.

  93. arul says:

    dear fr.
    can you help me how to unlock the huawei ec 150.
    i didn’t catch the unlocker

  94. nelson joseph says:

    hey bro can u help me up in unlocking the vodafone zte – 3770 keep up the good work

  95. please i dearly need the modem unlocker software

  96. soibam ango says:

    pliz tell me the unlock code…

  97. sugesh says:

    as per ur instruction i downloaded the software and got the unlock code by entering the EMI.
    but i dnt knw where to enter the unlock code.. its not asking for the code when i insert a different sim.. cud u pls hlp me.. E180

    • is its not asking for unlocking codes when other network operator sim
      is inserted, its shows that the modem is unlocked by default, dont get

  98. niket says:

    i am having airtel netplug
    model no. e173bu
    i want to unlock and it has been unlock
    after that i made a new profile with GLO 3G PLUS
    but it has not been working
    so pls give me suggestion

  99. isko says:

    pls help me unlock e153eu-1 imei 354809043020425

    • here is your modem imei unlocking codes
      Unlock Code : 47310183
      Flash Code : 46125207

  100. dharmesh says:


  101. Nana says:

    Mr. Jerry Whtye, want to know if this can work in Ghana as well? If so, I use an Airtel Huawei modem of IMEI: 356635026602386. I went through the process and generated the following codes, UNLOCK CODE : 59518900 FLASH CODE : 65047713.
    I then inserted my MTN chip into my Airtel modem ‘The SIM/USIM card has not been detected or is invalid’. Please kindly educate me on the necessary steps to take.
    Also, if I am able to unlock my Airtel modem, will it be possible for me to use a Vodafon chip to browse as well. Kindly educate me on how to unravel this complications. Thanks and God bless u!!!

    • Dear Nana,
      Please lets know if whether your modem is Hauwei or ZTE brand. Is the modem 3G
      usb modem, because I know Airtel Nigeria are not on 3G platform, how about Airtel Ghana
      do they have 3G internet network coverage and 3G usb modems?

  102. Jerome says:

    Please can someone help me with internet settings ( Dial No and APN ) for Visafome EVDO. I want to connect it to my 3G Wireless router.

  103. Jerome says:

    I need to connect my Novatel EVDO modem to 3G router. Can some1 please help me with Visafone Dial settings?
    Thanks guyz.

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  105. Platinum says:

    Huawei E367
    Imei: 353612042970165
    Seria: v8H5TA1152302075

    • Dear Platinum below is your hauwei modem unlocking codes
      Unlock Code : 40451816
      Flash Code : 53745163

      Hope the unlock code works great for you?

  106. Piyush says:

    You can Unlock Vodafone K3770-z or any vodafone usbstick by this trick…

    You can read full article on this blog publish it..

    Hacking Articles: How to unlock vodafone modem (all Huawei + ZTE) ?

    If you have any quetion ask me on my blog as comment…..

    blog is

  107. abin says:

    how to use the software……?????????pls help

  108. abin sabu says:

    pls help me…..i have tatadocomo 3g modem
    imei number is 359538032264315
    ZTE MF631

  109. abin sabu says:

    pls help me fast

  110. Fabex says:

    Pls i need your help, i do have mtn model E153. and i need to unlock it. D prob is dat no imei written on it for me to unlock it so i ask for your help. Plsssssssssssssssssssss

  111. Jack says:


  112. PAUL FINEX says:

    Hello sir i have a HUAWEI Modem E153u-1 Im in Tanzania i have the unlocking codes for it but when i change another sim card it does not bring a unlock code box for me to insert them what should i do please
    My modem info;
    firmware version:11.609.18.02.787
    software version:

  113. Abiodun says:

    Sir, Pls help me. I need to unlock my glo huwei modem so that it can accept other network sims for browsing. Right now, I can only browse with my glo sim alone. Pls assist me with the unlock code. My effort to access the download through your facebook link was unsuccessful after several attempts despite liking the page. Here are the device details. Thank you so much.
    Device name: E160G
    IMEI: 352836031292759

  114. SRIDHAR says:

    device name: E1731
    application port:COM5
    Serial number : 8CA4CA1172802943

    • Dear SRIDHAR,
      I do hope this is an Hauwei
      Usb modem. Find the unlocking codes below
      Unlock Code : 44321861
      Flash Code : 37711480

      Hope its helps

  115. EDWARD says:

    Hi! How would one unlock a huawei mobile broadband usb modem which has only ESN and S/n (no EMEI..) e.g huawei EC900. (details;Huawei Mobile Broadband. Model:EC900, CDMA2000 EV-DO REV.A USB MODEM, ESN:0953D449, S/N:M2A9MB10C2600245)??

    • Dear Edward,

      If its an hauwei usb modem, dont the modem has an
      IMEI number, if yes post it here so that i generate
      the unlocking codes for you

  116. sai teja says:

    im using hauwei’s vodafone mobile broad band, model- k3770, HSPA usb stick
    its imei number is 356742046248875, and its s/n is- S8X5TB1171904019,
    please help me to unlock it to use airtel or bsnl sim in it.

  117. Abiodun says:

    Hi bro, I’m yet to get a response from you concerning the unlocking code for my huwaei modem device. My details again are as follow:
    Device name: E160G
    IMEI: 352836031292759.
    Looking forward to a positive feedback. Thanks.

    • Dear Abiodun,

      find and get your modem imei number
      unlocking codes below

      Unlock Code : 49568821
      Flash Code : 41708823

      I do hope you find it useful?

  118. daniel says:

    my zte mf 190 and my huawei e1750c dont ask for the unlock code it just says error insit the correct sim

    • Dear Daniel

      Maybe its of different prompt command that
      its telling you, which country and network
      operator is the model?

      However, note that its all usb 3G modems that
      requires unlocking to make other sim cards
      work, some are not coded or locked by default
      so check well.

  119. deepak says:

    Hii sir i want this software so plz send me the link of huwai 3g modem unloker software plz my email id is


  120. Abiodun says:

    Thanks a lot. The unlock code was successful. Pls i’ll like to know what the flash code is meant for?

  121. Nakora Mercy says:

    Good evening?, i would like you to help me and send me unlocking code for this internet modem 357289043845518(E153 u-2),its Airtel 3g internet modem.
    thank you very much.

  122. kevin says:

    have a nokia chrome and need to unlock it to any network and wanted to know has any one got the code for it

  123. MATHIAS says:

    please help me to unlock my MTN Huawei E1550 IMEI 354638047215917

  124. MATHIAS says:


  125. Hojamkuly says:

    Please if someone have this program please send me
    In our country I am not able to visit (facebook)

  126. owen says:

    hai jerry am asking if you can help me an locking my huwai usb internet moderm i will be very glade if you helpped cause i can’t access other networks

  127. owen says:

    Hai jerry am asking if you can help me unlocking my huwai internet moderm to start accessing other networks my IME:354538048575754 i will be very happy if you helped God bless.

    • Dear Owen,
      Find your modem unlocking codes below, just input the codes
      generated below and your modem will be unlocked to accept other
      sim cards network
      Unlock Code : 35573219
      Flash Code : 59692516

  128. mr.pheel_good says:

    nothing happened after clicking “like” button for this address

    why??? is it no longger working or what???

  129. aruneetu says:

    Hi Sir i have Idea 3G Net setter huawei modem and
    Serial number: M5U4CA11A0602451
    IMEI: 355445043242294

    with my great thankS

    • =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      Unlock Code : 54067622
      Flash Code : 58120137

      Use the 8 digits unlock code, if having problem entering/inputting
      the hauwei modem imei 8 digits unlocking code, read the main article
      post above

      Hope you found this useful

  130. sir how can browse on the MTN modem without much credit deduction.

  131. sir i need the unlocking code for my Hawei MTN modem.
    IMEL ;358988030040095.

  132. sir thank you the unlocking code worked and i have frequent disconnet and flactuations with my modem.

  133. megha says:

    thank you.

  134. owen says:

    help me with this its a usb moderm name E1550 imei:354638048576754 thank you very much for the work you are doing

    • Dear Owen,

      Thanks for the compliment, please find your modem unlocking
      codes below

      Unlock Code : 41050399
      Flash Code : 35261297

  135. benson says:

    What is unlock code & flash code for modem Huawei E1731 (IMEI: 354369042268129)?

  136. sunny says:

    Pls here is my modem details for unlock or please send me link to download the software into my email

    model: MF110
    Thank you.

  137. Javed says:

    i have Huawei EC1260-2. i want to unlock my device and i dnt know how to chek the imei number….so plz help me out i want to use other network sim card

    • Please Javed,
      Can you provide us with the hauwei usb modem
      imei number engraved on the modem? so that i
      remotely get you the unlocking codes?

  138. Jared says:

    Hi Jerrywhyte,is it possible to unlock Huawei model E1750 modem?

  139. wisdom says:

    sir please am having problems download the software, when u click the like button, the next option does not appear, so please help me unlock my airtel moderm? details: HUAWEI E1550 IMEI: 356052041649493 S/N: B5A4CA1112700233

  140. wisdom says:

    IMEI 356052041649493

  141. saeed says:

    hello bro
    my imei is 352461030175178

  142. Joesam says:

    Please i want to know if after i decode my mtn modem, i cnt still run the mtn fastlink program when i insert its sim.. Secondly, i would want to know if you have ideas how i can browse for free or at low cost..

    • Dear Joesam,
      YEs after decoding your usb modem, you can still flex your mtn
      sim card on it. As regards the free browsing i dont do that as
      such, so cant help you with any working one at the moment

  143. Rev: Sylvester Peter says:

    my Huawei USB modem of Vodafone IMEI: 365408037790925 Device name: E160x Serials no: dx5taa1011300906 I want to Unlock its code so that I can use any operators sim cards. plz help me. Waiting for your quick reply. here is my email:


  144. sree harsha says:

    airtel modem model no:E1731

  145. rohit says:

    sir, i try to unlock my hauwei 3g modem, it does not show where to type unllock code , whenever i insert another sim….it shows only the SIM/ USIM specify can be use on this device…this is IMEI 354369041319972
    pls what can i do?
    may be the modem has already been unlocked…….actualy i took this from my freiend……so can u plz suggest me what should i do…..i tried everything….when i connect the modem to the computer,it display “only the specify sim/usim can be use on this device…if its alredy unlock ,could u plz tell me …how can i over come this ..

    • =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      Unlock Code : 64734994
      Flash Code : 65362553
      Please which country and network operator are you on?

  146. rohit says:

    dc unlocker is also not working….its asking for credit…

  147. Amos Nartey says:

    please help me.

    after decoding my modem,

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E160X
    – Revision :11.609.10.00.00
    – Phone IMEI :358988031505187

    still is not able to detect any other SIM, apart from my MTN.

    what should i do next?

    pls hel me

    • Dear Amos,
      I do hope this is an hauwei usb modem? in that case here
      is the modem unlocking code
      Unlock Code : 34992028
      Flash Code : 39670769

      Is it an mtn usb modem? be rest assured that glo sim is not
      going to work on it apart from etisalat and Airtel

  148. kumar says:

    i have MTS cdma huawei EC122 modem IMEI=a000002da7de284 pls tell me how i will unlock i tried many time but i couldn’t..
    pls help me

    • Dear Kumar,
      I am sorry i cant help you on this as you will need a CDMA Modem unlocker
      to achieve this. And i dont have any software whatsoever to do this, kindly
      use to search for site that could be of help to you.\


  149. ahmed said says:

    i have downloaded your unlock program and i have got the unlock numbers , Unlock Code : 41007825 , Flash Code : 61431185 but it seems that there is something wrong, it keeps telling me modem not found, i need steps please, i have Etisalat USB Modem ZTE
    I have done all the steps , but it still doesn’t seem to find the modem , And does it work with windows vista ?

    Firmware Version: BD_MF190SV1.0.0B05
    Hardware Version:MF190S-2.0.0
    MSISDN: –
    IMSL Number:602030076299410
    Software Version Number:PCW_ETIEGYV1.0.0B05
    Driver Version Number:1.2074.0.4

  150. ahmed said says:

    i have downloaded your unlock program and i have got the unlock numbers , Unlock Code : 41007825 , Flash Code : 61431185 but it seems that there is something wrong, it keeps telling me modem not found, i need steps please, i have Etisalat USB Modem ZTE
    I have done all the steps , but it still doesn’t seem to find the modem , And does it work with windows vista ?

    Firmware Version: BD_MF190SV1.0.0B05
    Hardware Version:MF190S-2.0.0
    MSISDN: –
    IMSL Number:602030076299410
    Software Version Number:PCW_ETIEGYV1.0.0B05
    Driver Version Number:1.2074.0.4

  151. catalyst says:

    pls sir,I have the same problem with Fabax and that is I have Hauwei E153,also written CE0682 on it,but the imei is not wriiten on it. how do I get this code. Thanks

  152. Cyprian says:

    please help with the unblock code of my Huawei mtn 3g data card with the following details:
    S/N: KMA4CA1162501782

  153. nyombi godfrey says:

    hello i enbled my diagosics now my zte mf190 warid modem cant install its software can i restore it or download the software(warid mobile connection)

  154. Ben says:

    Hi, I am from Kenya. I have difficultly browsing with 3G network with my unlocked modem but at EDGE speeds it works fine. The modem connects at 3G speed but the internet page won’t load but everthings works fine when I go to settings and change it EDGE.(Tools > Option > and click Network under Network Type select EDGE Only). My ISP (orange kenya) recommends that I just buy another new modem from them which I do not want. Could you give me any tricks that would enable to enjoy 3G speed?Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Ben,
      Unlock USB modems do not have any disadvantage(s) i am sure its your ISP or
      network operator that is having network issues.

      Lets me know if you need any further assistance from me Ben?

  155. Khaled says:

    Hello bro,
    My 3G Modem: Huawei E1692
    My IMEI: 353108032878005

    Best Regards

    • Dear Khaled,
      Use the unlock code below
      Unlock Code : 44311404
      Flash Code : 46224039

  156. joxeriv says:

    pls i’m having problem downloading d software 4 unlucking modem,wht should i do

  157. joxeriv says:

    how can i get dis software?

  158. joxeriv says:

    i have try 2 unluck my modem bt i’m stil having problem.i hav try it twice and is nt stil going tru, .i’m using d new etisalat modem wit barca logo,here is my imei-359538038010597…………this was d result i got afta ruining d test.Selected Modem: AutoSelect
    Phone IMEI: 359538038010597
    Calculating Codes…
    UNLOCK CODE : 36801601
    FLASH CODE : 46342974
    Codes Calculated OK…
    Done.but is not working

  159. sam says:

    how can i access free unliminted mtn internet on my modem

  160. Thomas says:

    Hi,I have a zte mf633 modem and after an attempt to unlock my modem,the autorun won’t work any more.I really need your help.

  161. ram says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I have logged into facebook and clicked the like button but I can’t see next button to download the software.
    AAlso can you guide me how to load new sim number or new sim card into the modem.
    My modem is from Tanzania and it was of ZANTEL network.
    Thanks man.

  162. Walter says:

    Can you help me please with unlocking:

    Serial: BAA5TA1190601417
    IMEI: 357289045706692
    Hardware version: CD1E153M
    Firmware version: 11.609.18.00.74

    I have no idea how to obtain de the unlock and flash code.

    Thank you so much.

  163. reenamehta says:

    hi sir
    please help me to unlock huawei vodafone k3770 dongle

  164. Ouidad says:

    hello bro,
    my imei is: 3SS43S043131126

  165. yakubu says:

    please sir i want u to help me unlock my huawei e153 usb moderm for universal browsing plz my imei no is 356342045673742

  166. Nazeer says:

    Dear Freind,
    I have HSPA 3g usb modem Huawei from DU UAE ,as mentioned by you I checked for IMIE no on the body it was not there i can see only the model no.E180, FCC ID QISE 180 and CE 0197 etc Si is it possible to get unlock code.Thanking you

  167. Tufeel War says:

    Dear im not able to find the IMEI number on my Reliance Netconnect Broadband Datacare Model No Huawei EC150 Please help how to unlock it. I also reied DC Unlocker but of no use it prompted me “Device not detected ” Any help plz Thanks in advance

  168. promise says:

    sir where exactly do i insert the new unlock code?is it in the profile name which the connect button is by it side

    • Just plug your usb modem to your usb port, ensure another network
      operator sim card is inserted into the modem, being that the sim card
      is from another network operator, you be prompted to enter and unlock

  169. jonh says:

    hello sir i want to browse free my IME 353462042196647 S/N3212202852473

  170. Onkar says:

    dear sir
    i want vodafone unlock code
    imei number 911133701131135
    s/n 320B13167Ed9
    please give me unlock code.

  171. Tony M says:

    Hey Bro

    Greetings. Not able to download the software at all!
    Kindly send me the code for my Nokia CS-10 Modem.
    The IMEI is 359340023348615

    Thanks in anticipation

  172. Franck says:

    hi, please i need your help. I m in Ivory coast and I use mtn wimax usb stick to connect through internet.I use vpn to navigate without load but I noticed that my modem disconnect automatically after 30 minutes (10 second average) and after it come back.I m sure i can solve it in wimax connection manager menu, expert connection/deconnection but it ask me a password to access. Have you a way to break this password so that i can enter settings. Thanks

    • Just set up your usb modem on a partucular network band, if its 3G only, GPRS only or EDGE only from your modem user interface dashboard and click ok

  173. arnie says:

    Pls assist me with da universal codes for my moderm its an E180 to enable me browse for free

    • Nope unlocking your usb modems does not make you browse with it for free, its gives you the liberty to use other network operators on it, which gives you an hedge

  174. sridharan says:

    sir i bought a Huawei E122 hspa usb stick.and i bought a AIRTEL 3g the profile management , apn static , access number *99#, and in the net work selection if i select gsm only it works (it is very slow ).but it is not working when i select the other three options. (gsm prefered ,wcdma prefered ,wcdma onlu ) why ? i could not understand.please help me !

  175. Sunday paul says:

    Pls how can i unlock huawei modem with cdma

  176. nenye says:

    pls help me get the unlock code for hauwei 173 with imei 86197600722463. thanks a lot

  177. kushvanth hunt says:

    hello sir i am using idea E 153Du-1 modem please tell me how to unlock the modem any new softwares are available there? please send me thanking you sir. am using so many softwares but iam failed to unlock the modem! please tell me the software.

  178. Tony M says:

    Hey. Great Job of trying to assist persons! But I have not been able to download the software.

    Kindly send me teh code for Nokia CS-10 modem IMEI 359340023348615 Thanks in anticipation

  179. pavan says:

    can i unlock Hauwei EC150.?

    Its network type CDMA.

    Can i unlock Hauwei EC150 and use any other GSM network…..?

    Guide me….

  180. German Daniel says:

    Please help me to unlock this Glo Netpro modem

    Please assist me with my Nokia Express music Nokia 5530

    Please send me the unlocking code so i cn activate and unlock the Glo Net pro and my Nokia 5530 Expres muzic..Thanks for your help

  181. raj says:

    hai Jerry…can you plz tell me the unlock code of Huawei E177…. imei – 352223043218421

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found modem : E177
    Model : Huawei E177
    IMEI : 352223043218421
    Serial NR. : 9QA4CA1171811041
    Firmware : 177DT04.113
    Compile date / time : Jun 24 2011 14:18:17
    Dashboard version : UTPS21.
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 1 (unlock attempts left : 9)

  182. Edgar says:

    Hi Jerrywhyte,

    Can you help me about the unlock code for my Hauwei e5832 3G Usb modem?

    IMEI: 354104035896267

    Thanks in advance..

    • Dear Edgar, Find the unlock code of your modem below
      Unlock Code : 37970498
      Flash Code : 49198734

      • Edgar says:

        Hi Jerrywhyte,

        The unlock code you gave me for my Hauwei E5832 3G Usb portable wifi modem seems not working. I already tried several times with your instruction how to unlock but it failed. The message pops up and it says my unclok code is invalid. Can you help me about this problem?


  183. M.M.Sa'id, esq. says:

    Pls help me to configure my mtn modem wit hawei, model: E153u-1, EMEI: 869604000537893, S/N:KMA4CB1162911272 .thanks 4 d honor and resp.

    • here is the unlock code for the IMEI number you pasted above
      Unlock Code : 61263571
      Flash Code : 46003071

  184. alfred says:

    i cant seem to get a link that is working in order to aid my downloading the unblocking software. pls Help and i use a glo modem Imei no is 357133037814611 and the serial number isGF4CAA1052402810 pls help. Thank You

  185. M.M.Sa'id, esq. says:

    Thanks Mr. Jerrywhyte O. For d respond, you are indeed all time Master. I cherish you. by M.M.Sa’id

  186. olaonipekun says:

    I will be very grateful if i can surf on my starcomms modem izap freely…i need someone to help…

  187. rhon says:

    good day sir, im trying to download the software here K.S.A. from your facebook link but the NEXT button does not show at all.
    can you please help me figure out this problem?
    is it because of my location?

  188. mohammed irahim says:

    hi,Jerry Whyte

    please help me to unlock glo modem my zte 0980CE imei 356420046862850…
    thanks a mill……

  189. mohammed ibrahim says:

    DearJerrywhyte Obamwonyi,
    hello sir i must commend u 4 ur efforts pls i would like to unlock my Glo net pro modem zte mf110 with imei no:356420046862850 but the modem is requesting 4 a 16 digit code instead of the usual 8 digit code pls i nid help thanks

  190. Mohd. Kamruzzaman says:

    What shall I have to do when I have connecting to internet through WCDMA Preferred (HAUWEI Mobile broadband Model: E1550 HSDPA USB stick) USB internet modem and I have seen the error message “The SIM/USIM card has not been detected or is invalid?” I appreciate if you please give me the solution.

  191. Sanjog Kumar says:

    Pla help in unlocking my
    ZTE MF190
    IMEI no – 911133900438844

  192. surender says:

    please send me a unlock code for idea netsetter huawei e 1550. imei -356052044707546

  193. arun says:

    i am using airtel Hauwei 3g modem of type E1731 amd its EMI no is 354369040173271. . . please help me to unlock the modem by giving its unlock and flash code since i am getting some error while downloading the software. . . thanks

  194. Timothy says:

    Hi, i am completely outta ideas, i am tryna download the unlock software but whatever link i click on doesnt bring desired result, could someone out there please show me where the download link is that will not take me to facebook or show me still images of the software i am tryna dowload, thx…

  195. RajeshGopinath says:

    Hi sir,
    i have huawei e1150 usb modem and got unlock code flash code but i dont know where it tobe insert or is there any software to unlock i have that universal mastercode.exe. sir can you help me in this condition..

  196. Muhammed says:

    Thank you very much Mr Jerrywyte for all what you have been doing.
    I successfully download and installed the dc-unlocker and even unlock one of my etisalat modem that i bought from Egypt. Before it is not showing any network from Nigeria but now showing, the problem now is how to make it browse now as i cracked it. And then it do show all the network from Nija with the exception of Etisalat Nigeria. My second request is that i owned another etisalat Nigeria modem product of ALCATEL mobile phones model X220S-2XEING1 with IMEI: 354594032214219 but refused to be unlock by the dc-unlocker. Pls help me with wat to do.
    Thank you.

  197. kanishak says:

    sir my reliance data card who to unlock

  198. Ralpheal oladipo says:

    Pls sir,i can seem to unlock my zain modem,pls help me,my imei is 353474025121443

  199. Ralpheal oladipo says:

    Pls sir,help me unlock my zain modem,my imei is 353474025121443

  200. viley addae says:

    how do i hack my vodafone k3565 usb modem for free internet browsing

  201. mooease says:

    pls help me with the unlock code

  202. wajid says:

    dear i have a problem my friend forgot profile name huawei cant open what can i do

  203. rheamond says:

    hello please help me out i enter wrong unlocking code to my zain modern since then my modern cant accept any network please what should i do about it…..please reply back through my mail

  204. Derek says:

    I want to unlock my mtn modem: E156G, IMEI: 357133036988622. Thanks

  205. harika says:

    iam using airtel 3g modem
    model : E1731
    this model support only airtel network
    how to use other network
    iam try to insert other network sim but
    this message is display
    invalid sim detected message is display

  206. rhon says:

    hello sir, can u pls confirm if we can unlock huawei e2010 modem using this software?

  207. John Gusman says:

    Hello JerryWhyte, I am not a tech savvy guy, can u please help me with the code? I have an Etisalat modem with IMEI No: 359538039577735

    Thanks for ur help.

  208. Anouar says:

    I want to unlock my modem ZTE mf 190 IMEI 860547006097272

  209. Anthony says:

    Pls help me with usb 3g moderm unlocker software

  210. ben says:

    my IMEI NO is 353474023273287,help crack it,it is huawei airtel modem

  211. ben says:


  212. Tre says:

    please help me to unlock my 3G Vodafone with it detail below:

    * Manufacturer: HUAWEI
    * Model: E172
    * IMEI: 359298010537071
    * S/N: EV1AB107C0503389


  213. elu says:

    please help me to unlock my Vodafone E172 IMEI 359298010537071

  214. sasa says:

    please help me to unlock my Vodafone E172 IMEI 359298010537071 and how to enable 3G in my laptop because i can not to access internet.


  215. John Daniel D. Rulloda says:

    Hi sir, I’m using ZTE MF100
    IMEI: 352867044529952
    need the unlock code sir, thank you sir!

  216. mena loga says:

    i try all softwar like Huawei Unlocker,qtreign_HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer,Universal MasterCode,dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0857
    all these software give me the unlock code but whean i try to enter unlock code it give me error. one more thing when i change the sim card it give to me (( only specified sim card can be support) what i can do ??
    please help me

  217. lawrence says:

    Etisalat moderm with sirea number mf 631 and IME 861424010471746

  218. Sanjeev says:

    I have an Etisalat modem with IMEI No: 354809043122841. Sir, need the unlock code.

  219. HNB says:

    Hi wats up,how can use free internet with my modem?
    chek me on my e-mail

  220. Eric says:

    Please, kindly help me with my Airtel hauwei usb modem. i want to brows for free but i do not know what to do and also i want to use all network on it but i dont know how, so please help me. the details id:
    IMEI: 359124036556574
    Modem USB: E1550
    please i beg to help me, cos am paying a lot credit
    thank you Sir

  221. Babatunde says:

    Pls sir and every guru in dis site o, pls i need the unlock code for my glo 3G modem, dis is d imei: 359390029767110 and d serial no is DL5TAB1982109103…… Pls helm me to send d unlock code to I will b very grateful if u can assist me, God bless u

  222. nanle says:


  223. Abraham says:

    Pls. sir am a student of federal polytechnic Bali, leave in Jalingo, department of computer science we are ask where ask to go for industrial training.i try find to fine someone that could help me stay i have my industrial training for at list the four (4) month of which it have be given to us.
    Sir may i pls. use this opportunity to ask your assistance to come over to your place to have this skills pls. this is my E mails: /
    my phone No: 08129440835 / 08135959118
    sir i will be grateful if this request is granted to me.
    Biem Abraham Anyor

  224. bala sai says:

    plz help me……….!
    I am newly buy a idea E153 netsetter now i want to unlock the modem……..
    so plz help me….. & details send to mail

  225. Emeka says:

    Thank you sir for all this good work you are doing. I’m sorry to bother you but I’m browsing with my mobile and can’t download the unlocker, please can you help me? Model E153 and IMEI:869604000213941. Thank you so much!

  226. Emeka O says:

    Please sir can I bother you for the code of MTN F@stlink E153, IMEI: 869604000213941

  227. Saurabh Jain says:

    my IMEI no.- 355445042798825
    plz give me the code

  228. vishwajeet sharma says:

    i want to use huawei EC 150 , its MEID is A000002DD94623 and Sr.No. is BVA9MB1142177181
    now please tell me how i can use it

    • i dont seems to get your questions clearly

      • vishwajeet sharma says:

        actually i got this device from my friend who was not using this since long, i do not know the password or username , can you help me to find the detail so that i can use it.

  229. jeet sharma says:

    i want to use huawei EC 150 , its MEID is A000002DD94623 and Sr.No. is BVA9MB1142177181
    now please tell me how i can use it ?

  230. cynthia says:

    pls i cant see my unlock code area on my huawei airtel usb modem.pls any help?

  231. OM says:

    hi jerry
    please help me how to unlock my airtel huawei E173Bu-1 modem
    plz give me unlock software because this modem can’t show unlock code diaglog box

  232. Dhairya says:

    I have photon + with Huawei Model Number EC156
    FCC ID: QISEC156
    S/N: A4G9MA1220401771

  233. samueldautey says:

    pla i want to unlock my huawei E173
    imei 860015017032985

  234. tiliskosob says:

    dear Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi,
    please unlock my modem, this my modem spec:
    Model : E1550
    Hardware version : CD6ATCPU
    Firmware version : 11.608.09.21.01
    Imei : 353142039753309

    thanks a lot

  235. prince azuazu says:

    plz wat is code for my mtn fast link modem wit model no; E1550, IMEI; 356052041888133, S/N; B5A4CA1121740241. I will be very glad to ve it. thanks.

  236. Donsteam says:

    pls, help me to unlock my modem. this is what is written on the body of the modem. the imei is 354594032561874. these are further info on the modem that may assist u. tct mobile, x220s-2xeing1. alcatel is written on d pack and is from etisalat. thanks

  237. katerega says:

    Well good evening. I have a warid usb modem. The thing is that I unlocked my modem but it was only the warid & airtel simcards which are working. When I use other simcards then the
    Network connection prompt dialog box says “connection terminated”
    Redial or cancel. And when I select redial, still it says connection terminated. Well this happens for all other sim cards except that of warid & airtel. Well,yet I already made all the necessary configurations in the “profile management”. My question is if there is any way I can still unlock the modem to make use of other simcards, Thanks in advance for any help. My email is, modem model is E153u-1, imei is 356342047003856, firmware version : 11.609.18.00.342, serial number : KMA5TA1152303292

  238. ravindra mehra says:

    sir i have huawei ec 156 tata photon plus can u plz help me out to unlock this to use other gsm and broad band service provider dont have IMEI no but MEID no A0000036087CA9… kkindly help me out and one more ques if unlocking is available for this can i use the default network provider

  239. KAHONDAH JUNE TAE says:

    HI SIR,
    my modem has failed to install but it asks for an installation CD which don’t have.
    it says install software for reference design Philips semiconductors

  240. tim says:

    i want to unlock glo huawei E303 modem,but it is not working for it.i need ur help.

  241. […] software is use for generating working zte usb modems, sfr 3G usb modems (modem neuf and neufbox), hauwei 3G usb modems, Nokia phones, NEC and LG phones unlocking […]

  242. pLEASE HELP ME INLOCK MY 3G MODEM,IMEI NO. 353874041401374.Thanks.

  243. fotal says:

    Bonjour, voici mon modèl
    huawei E153 hsdpa usb stick model E153u-1
    IMEI: 869604006916141
    en faite le code de déverouillage ne permet pas de surfer sur internet gratuitement via un autre opérateur téléphonique.

  244. Ankit says:

    hello sir, i tried to unlock my huwaei E1731cs–1 modem with imei ,863791010086965
    using unlock code 44605379 but it shows wrong password,

    From other blogs and website i came to know that ,
    as my modem is latest with 86*********** series imei ,
    this unlock code is not working….. pls help

  245. Emmanuel Iwu says:

    Please sir I’m having difficulties in downloading the unlocking code,and i will appreciate it if you help me.
    IMEI: 860015019171963 Model: E175.
    Sir please do anything to help me. Thanks

  246. Emmanuel Iwu says:

    Please sir i encountered a problem trying to unlock my modem with the code you sent to me. When it asked for the unlocking code i inserted it continuously for up to six times all to no avail and now it’s giving me alerts of 5 more attempt remaining. Please help me i don’t know what to do next.
    IMEI NUMBER: 860015019171963
    IMSI NUMBER: 621300236204434
    MODEL: E173

    • Please check if you had entered the correct unlock code as provided
      your below
      Unlock Code : 66349086
      Flash Code : 44063464

  247. sun says:

    can u help me
    how can i turn my huawei e172 into other high speed its appear only edge for all network operatos

  248. john osasu says:

    pls help me to unlock my modem…..model…..E153u-11…imel;356342045563067 ..thanks

    • Hey John, kindly find your modem unlocked code below
      Unlock Code : 65391745
      Flash Code : 42723108

  249. jom kitima says:

    pls sir i cannot get my imei on my huawei mobile broadband
    model;huawei EC122

  250. ELITE30 says:

    861424010551448 PLZ HELP GENERATE D CODE. THANKS

  251. 0ssie says:

    Hi, please help me to unlock my Vodafone R205, cheers mate.

    IMEI NUMBER: 860123011600664
    MODEL: Vodafone R205

    • Hey Ossie, try the unlock code below, though this vodafone modem look new, i dont
      think this firmware wont work for it. try it out and let me know
      Unlock Code : 60588122
      Flash Code : 44076983

  252. sammy says:

    i am from ghana and i own a vodafone k3770 huawei modem.i want to know if your process will apply if i want to unlock it.but this is its IMEI:860030016688042.I want u to give me its unlocking code n flash code pls.

  253. isaac says:

    Help me to download software for decoding and unclocking modems to browse every network sim card

  254. julius akpan says:

    unlock code for hsupa mf631 etisalat imei-861424012402210, EAm-6934933014114 from julius Akpan

  255. chazy shayo says:

    pliz help airtel model MF190
    IMEI 862648015500153
    EAN 6934933007512
    lpease send to my email

  256. nyuma juma says:

    ive just follow ur procedure bt in vain coz the procedure cannot work without simcard. the problem is am in tanzania and this modem is for MTN which is not available here plz help me other alternative. MODEL EC122

  257. Bright nundwe says:

    Please unlock IMEI:356420044710143 for me please

  258. Abraham says:

    Pls the link u provided for the download does not work. I tried and media fire says the key provided for this download is invalid. Please assist.

  259. rubelkhan says:

    Found modem : E180
    Model : Huawei E180/E180G
    IMEI : 356185039032627
    Firmware :
    Dashboard version : UTPS11.
    Serial NR. : DJ4CAA1021804074
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock) plz help

  260. Om says:

    jerry sir.
    i want vodafone : k3770 HSPA USB Stick Unlocker software.

  261. WALE says:

    pls am trying to unlock my modem but all the codes am getting is 6 digit and i think its more than that pls help me
    am using the new etisalat modem the one with baca logo thanks for thge help

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  263. parapitik says:

    Sir, please unlock my modem… a blog subscriber from the philippines. thanks in advance!
    Modem type: Huawei E357
    Imei: 862153011766882

  264. parapitik says:

    sir, please help me.
    Sir, please unlock my modem… a blog subscriber from the philippines. thanks in advance!
    Modem type: Huawei E357
    Imei: 862153011766882

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  266. dyna says:

    pls can you give me the unlock codes for my mtn fastlink E303?
    the IMEI: 867648010053344
    S/N: U9CBYA9270705918

  267. Code says:

    Unlock and flash code, please help. IMEI356342047183104 huawei E153Thank you.

  268. Aksimo says:

    Please help, unlock and flash code for huawei E153 IMEI 356342047183104 Regards from Serbia.

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  270. paul says:

    please send me unlock codes for huawei u1250 phone
    the ime number is 351862032031682

  271. Bright says:

    Pls I use mtn huawei e303 modem and I’ve typed in d password for aall 10 attempts. And now it says d modem is locked.
    Can you pls help me.

  272. Bright says:

    I use mtn huawei e303 modem and i hv entered d unlock code for all 10 attempts and it now says d modem is locked.
    Can u pls help me out.

  273. zenamaroks says:

    how to functional in ethiopian network huawei high speed internet cdma modem

  274. zenamaroks says:

    how to functional in ethiopian network huawei high speed internet cdma modem E173

  275. Glo modem-Huawei E303

  276. Toyin says:

    Please, i cant find the download anymore, this is my modem details
    HUAWEI Mobile broadband E153
    IMEI: 869604001017838

    I would appreciate any help. Thanks

  277. omuhywa says:

    Pls my modem is edge and I want to 3G how can u help me out? I need your help

  278. Emma says:

    Pls can you help me out with my HSDPA Universal modem, have entered all required settings. its only working with glo sim but i prefer using it with airtel. Tanks

  279. Felix says:

    please, help me with the unlock code for hauwei E5331s-2 wifi router for mtn nigeria. Thank you

  280. Ikenna says:

    Hi Jerrywhyte, I have a Huawei EDGE/GPRS usb stick (Huawei EG162g) originally on Zain network. I have unlocked the modem and have an Etisalat simcard in it. I see Etisalat network being displayed but it does not connect and give me an error thus: “Error 628: The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed”. what could be responsible for this and do you have a solution for it. I will appreciate your assistance.

  281. Dammy says:

    Please help me unlock my visafone modem

    pESN: 8DA64212


  282. Aryadi says:

    dear Mr. Jerry
    can you help me to unlock my modem Bandluxe model C120
    Imei : 359074011938125

  283. narrd says:

    my modem model E173Bu-1 imei:354369044086784 plz send unlocker coad

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  285. James Festo says:

    E603 codes

  286. kwaifa says:

    pls oga, my Glo bolt e303 “86119500111171” doesn’t prompt me for the unlock
    code. It says “only the specified SIM/USIM card can be used on the device”,
    and my “unlock attempts left is 0”

    Pls is there ananyway I can reset my “wrong codes entered”

  287. Gbenga says:

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    IMEI 861648008557385

    please give me unlock code

  288. OPORNTICA says:

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