Ways to Cloak and Redirect a Naked Affiliate Links

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Naked or Long Affiliate Links Are A Sure Sign That You’re An Affiliate Now the last thing you want to do is hold a massive sign in front of Google exclaiming that your site is an affiliate site. This is something that Google looks at intently for and there is one very simple thing that you can do relatively quickly to make it much harder for Google to sniff this out.

There is actually a free software distributed by a company known as Sitonomy which checks what programming tools are being used by a website. What this software does is it can detect the affiliate network that your link
is attached to, as well as other features. You can imagine that if a free software application is able to do this that Google would be able to do this without any difficulty whatsoever. Below is a screenshot taken from a site of mine that does not have a cloaked link on it:

how to cloack and redirect an affiliate link with ease

As you can see from the screenshot above this software has detected that there is a Clickbank affiliate link on the website. Now here’s a screenshot of a blog of mine that has a cloaked link on it. As you can see, there is no evidence of an affiliate link there.

how to cloack and redirect an affiliate link

Below are the top best simple ways to cloaking and redirecting an affiliate link.

1. You can do a directory redirect we create a directory on your server and create an index page and put a redirect code in it.

2. You can do a sub domain redirect where you login to your control panel and set up the sub domain and then set up the redirection.

3. You can use a redirect script to install it on your webpages.

4. You can edit your .htaccess file. You do that by creating a directory, putting this file into a text editor, put the redirect command into it and the location of the directory you want redirected and the URL of the location
you want that sent to.

5. Software programs. There are quite a few software programs that you can purchase that will cloak your affiliate link. As I use Firepow with all my blogs it has a link cloaking tool in there.

If you have any other simple easy ways to cloaking and redirecting affiliate link, please use the comment section below to share with us.

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