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As Google becomes more and more strict with the way websites and blogs are ranked on its search engine, lots of sites are beginning to feel the full heavy hit which are always either Penguine or Panda Algo. Update

Each time Google updates the way websites and blogs are ranked, through means popularly referred to as google search algorithm update so many factors are used to preferentially consider one or more website over another

Some of these search engine optimization languages that are used includes

Domain age, contents uniqueness and originality, website usefulness to web visitors, quality, nature and type of backlinks directing to the website and lots more

In that case, many smart internet marketers and bloggers that truly know what they are doing have deemed it vital to put all of these ranking criteria in to due consideration so as to be on the frontline of other websites

And one of the quickest, easiest and automation way to build and create these backlinks are via “commenting” that is, commenting on other type of websites as the nature of sites will determine the type of backlinks to command

Whenever I make a new blog/website post and wants to send backlinks to it so as to rank on SERP in no time, I usually use Drop My Link


What DropMyLink does is, its searches for .edu blogs, .gov blogs and other SEO friendly sites to add your links to.

Here are lists of backlinks that Drop My Links can command for your website easily withouting you having to do any further guess work and without having to start doing series of searching on google engine

  • .gov blogs
  • Anchor Text in Comment Blogs
  • Angela’s Backlinks
  • CommentLuv Premium Blogs
  • Dofollow Comment Blogs
  • Expression Engine Forums
  • Hubpages – Hot Hubs
  • KeywordLuv Blogs
  • Squiddo Lenses – Add to Lists

its automatically lets you hard your blog, website or affiliate links on these SEO optimized websites

Please use this site with caution and dont spam, all that is expected of you is to enter the keyword text select the type of backlink you want to create and click search.

Drop My Link url again

Lets me know what you think of this website.

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  1. Cyracks says:

    Thanks for revealing this online tool. I will check it as soon as possible and drop my testimony.

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  3. VIPIN says:

    Yaa .. it sounds better .. i have a small tech blog & now i will try this tool .. tanks

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