Very Profitable Daily Income Business Anyone Can Start With No/Little Capital

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Quick Definitive Guide on How to Start and Run a Profitable Laundry and Dry-cleaning Service Business Anywhere From Scratch

Often times I got asked by many folks on the internet and offline of some questions like

free drycleaning business book

Any viable business one can venture into…

…That has low risk of failure
…Low inventory (startup cost)
…With good income potentials that has the

…capacity to grow within a short time frame

Well before I reveal the name of the business I feel anyone from anywhere your money status notwithstanding can start; lets me quickly say this

Would you brood over this business ideas that is making many folks across nigeria thousand-nians and millionaires secretly?

This business is the dry cleaning and laundry service business.

Why Laundry and Dry-cleaning Service Business is Seen Profitable Business Venture

1. It require zero or low start up capital
2. You can start with what you have
3. You can start off from anywhere even if it’s your balcony or veranda
4. It’s a daily income (cash) business
5. The business rarely folds up
6. It requires very little or zero start up skills or knowledge etc.

Who Is the Laundry and Dry-cleaning Business Meant For?


The underemployed, underpaid, unemployed, female, male, young, old, the retired,  those looking for multiple streams of income etc.

Types of Laundry Business Scale Operation

1. Small scale usually manual
2. Medium Scale usually semi-automated
3. Large Scale usually completely automated with a dryer, washer, spinner, tagging devices (guns, bullets, paper etc.)

Where to Buy Laundry Equipment

1. Offline
2. Online e.g. AliEXpress etc.

What you need to start laundry and dry cleaning business

Running a super successful and profitable laundry business is easy and if you know the onions of the business.

below are some of the things anyone will need

1. Good location
2. solid financial and business feasibilty plan
3. basic laundry equipment like washer, dryer, industrial press or iron etc.
4. Good customer relationship and friendliness

You can get a complete A-Z guide about dry-cleaning and laundry business here

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