Is Sparkster The First 10 Million TPS NO Code Drag and Drop Blockchain Platform a Scam?

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Sparkster is building the world’s fastest Decentralized Cloud for Smart software with a throughput capacity of 10 million transactions per seconds. Sparkster is a specialized blockchain designed specifically to replace cloud computing and execute tens of millions of transactions per seconds (TPS). By enabling you to build smart software without really learning how to code(codeless blockchain).

Think of it like a already built all-in-one blockchain network that solves all of the challenges that seems to be a threat to today’s blockchain. Like we already know, 1st generation of blockchain is represented by bitcoin, which has started the digital currency technology revolution in the financial world.

The second generation of blockchain technology is pioneered by Ethereum. Ethereum developed “Smart contract” (a computer protocol that is intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract without third parties  – Wikipedia).


After bitcoin legendary innovation came that of ethereum which are all gradually gaining momentum in adoption. Just like hundreds of both built from scratch, cloned or forked blockchain out there; one of the biggest factor that seems to be slowing down this new world technology from rapid scale adoption which is needed for us to see awesome growth. This issue of the current entire blockchain scalability is also known as throughput.

Here is where Sparkster technology comes into play by providing the rare solution that everyone has longing for to see in the past couple years in crypto.

You will recall that sometimes around between Oct 2017 and Jan 2018 when the cryptocurrency overall market capitalization surged to an all time high of about 800 billion dollars because of the increase in number of people trying to get on baord with blockchain related transactions and services, we had problem with transactions speeds as these were taking from  several days to weeks to process because both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks were always overloaded with just few hundreds of transactions.

The Three Main Challenges of Blockchain and How Sparkster is On Track To Solves Them Without You Having to Learn Any Blockchain Codes.

1. Security issues.
Security is formed at the core of the platform, implementing AES 256 bit encryption between every interaction and OAUTH 2.0 authorization.

2. Decentralization issues.
Software generated by Sparkster Platform is architecturally independent, meaning that software generated by Sparkster can be compatible with the architecture of the Sparkster decentralized cloud.

3. Scalabity or throughput issues.
Sparkster throughput consensus algorithm is based on SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) according to page 31 of the Sparkster Blockchain whitepaper. The Software generated with Sparkster Platform is specifically architected for high volume, distributed applications. Horizontally scalable, implementing streaming pipelines. The platform is architected to support the huge demands of IOT and AI environments.


The Solution Sparkster Is Breaking To The Crypto Space

1. Already Built Simple Cryptocurrency Smart Contract

No one has the time to start learning how to code blockchain smart contracts and what have you. Hence their platform is uniquely positioned to solves this problem by enabling Smart Contracts to be built in plain English with the motive to allow you focus on the results of what it’s meant to be.

2. Making It Almost Impossive For Prospective Competitors to Copy and Mount Threat

This is being done by patenting their technology and the innovative ideas. They have engaged Kilburn & Strode LLP to craft their patent applicatons which is due to be filled in the first part of Q2 2018.

3. By Being Privacy & GDPR Compliant

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation concerns are being addressed by reducing the storage nodes that can part take of a specific cells.

4. Bug Free Applications.

Sparkster has put in place a meansure that ensures that the software built on the platform are always free from bugs and vulnerability and this afford businesses utilizing thier platform to focus more on matter most them by ensuring that their products and services get to their targeted audience without having to worry about making fixing bugs and codes issues.

5. Multi-Chain Interoperability

Though presently Sparkster platform has a native integration with Ethereum and IOTA, it seeks to add other multi-chain capability to its network.

They are currently running a bounty campaign to reward their their loyal community members and also make them stand a chance to a guaranteed slots in their forth coming ico. You can learn more about it here and also their blockchain whitepaper and team is available here

You can join and interact white thir admin and other community members on their telegram group here

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