Ways to Solve and Fix Disabled Google Ads Code Serving Your Website and Blog

Ways to Solve and Fix Disabled Google Ads Code Serving Your Website and Blog

For a detailed Google Adsense Case Study, Please read this preceding post on

Website Serving Google Ads Code Disabled – Overview and Case study on How to Troubleshoot it, but if you need straight solution on you can restore back blocked and banned ads serving your website, read on!

Ways for Resolving Google Ads Serving Your Website Has Been Disabled Problem

There are literally two (2) ways for resolving Disabled ads serving website problems

  1. Filling a reconsideration appeal request form
  2. Changing your domain name and doing 301 htaccess redirect

For a complete guide on how to effectively use Google adsense reconsideration appeal form to get back disabled ads serving your site please read this post.


Changing Your Domain Name and Doing 301 Htaccess Redirect

If you are just like me that did not get success using Google reconsideration appeal request form after ads serving my site was disabled, then the second option is your best bet.

Whenever google adsense stop serving ads to you, it’s not your website that is affected, it’s your domain name.

So if after ensuring your web pages are in compliance with Google adsense program by deleting every conflicting web pages and contents whatsoever and Google still refuses to restore ads serving your website, the best option is for you to change your domain name I repeat.

Using www.MediaTechBlog.org as an example, Google adsense suddenly stopped serving their ads there as said earlier in my preceding post here http://www.mediatechblog.net/internet-tips-and-tricks/website-serving-google-ads-code-disabled-overview-and-case-study-on-how-to-troubleshoot-it/

Carefully Select a Similar or Exact Domain with Your Old Domain Name

After my domain name at www.MediaTechBlog.org had been shut down by google adsense, I have to ensure the domain name I got look similar to the former one. I tried buying MediaTechBlog.com which had already been registered by someone else, but the guy was not willing to sell.

Luckily for me MediaTechBlog.net was available and I quickly went over to NameCheap.com and I have it registered.

After buying Mediatechblog.net, It was now time for me to do htaccess 301 redirect from Mediatechblog.org

How to Do Htaccess Redirect

I am not a coder or programmer just a smart blogger, you may contact your hosting company for help on how to do effective and SEO friendly htaccess 301 redirect from a domain name to a new domain name

If you website or blog is hosted on hostgator, you can read this 301 redirect tutorial or directly contact hostgator customer care representative live chat here  who would be more than happy to move your website from one domain to another for you.

You may also contact people on Freelance.com, Guru.com, Fiverr.com etc, but the former is more secure and better than the later

What to Do after Doing 301 Htaccess Redirect

  1. Submit your new domain to Google Webmaster tool
  2. Add Google analytic s or any other third-party website tracking code to your site via your its dashboard
  3.  Promote your sites across the social network
  4. Begin to do link building at least with the simplest blog commenting, you can use this automated tool Drop My Link to search for blog posts and niche relating to yours

Disadvantages of Changing your Domain after Ads Serving It Had Been Shutdown

  1. I lost a solid PR of 3 domain www.mediatechblog.net
  2. I lost my website search engine result page (SERP)
  3. I lost all my website social sites stats and counts that is my blog posts facebook likes, twitter and stumble upon stats and counts etc many of which were over 100k

How to Know if Ads Serving Your Website Has Been Re-enabled By Google Adsense

You will get a notification email from Google after they would review your site, and if it all changes have been made, Ads serving to your website would be enabled

Below is snippet of the email Google will send you once they have re-enabled ads serving to your website


Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply with our policies. After thoroughly reviewing xxxxxxxx, we have now re-enabled ad serving to this site.

Because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled, you many notice a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing on your site again. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

It took my site 24 hours for re-enabled ads to starts showing up

Please lets help share the knowledge and experience as so many people are stuck and stranded trying to fix and resolve this google ads issues. Just hitting  twitter, G+ and facebook re-share button  will get this to your friends across the social network and beyond.

Lets me know you think, have you think, where you able to resolve your own google ads issues? lets us know on the comment thread

Naija Movies – Free Top 3 Sites to Watch and Download African Drama and Films Online

Naija Movies – Free Top 3 Sites to Watch and Download African Drama and Films Online

With the advent of fast 3G and 4G broadband internet connection and services watching and downloading full ads-free nigerian movies online for free is now more than possible.

But as for those still subscribing for the Gigabyte internet surfing bandwidth plan on naija telecom operators, being stuck with limited access on how many movies that can be watched and downloaded is a factor that should not be over-looked as the number of movies watched and downloaded depends on how your internet bandwith get exhausted.

But be that as it may, most naija citizens in the diaspora who have always loved to watch non cable-satellite movies from across the globe can now do so from their finger tips just with internet connection enabled PC


How to watch and download nigeria movies online free from any where in the world?

its easy, just simply bookmark these top 3 sites and take note of the corresponding naija channels url.

1. Irokotv.com
2. Youtube.com
3. Veetle.com

From any of these Nigerian movies watching channels online, you decide to specifically choose from which type of films to watch and you will be able to have free 24/7 access among all the indigenous movies accross Nigeria ranging from

Yoruba Movies
Igbo Movies
Hausa Movies

Urhobo, Edo, Efik, Isoko, Ibibio, Tiv, Idoma and lots more nigeria ethnic movies online.

You can share this with friends on facebook, twitter and Linkedin, You can also use the comment to add more high-quality movies and drama sites peculiar to Africa (Naija)

Smart Applications of Modern-day Usb Accessories, Drives and Gadgets Technology

Smart Applications of Modern-day Usb Accessories, Drives and Gadgets Technology

USB means Universal Serial Bus that is an intermediate between the computer and the other electronic devices using the cables and the connector. Initially it was developed in the mid 1990’s for the communication protocols used for the connection purpose in the bus. The USB was invented by Ajay Bhatt.

The Purpose of Creating Usb, Usb Drives and Usb devices and Accessories

The main purpose of the development of the USB was to modernize and enhance the data transfer and the electric connection between the computers and its peripherals. There are lots of usb accessories that are being used now days.


Difference between New USB Connection Over Normal (Old) Connectors Pattern

Initially there were connectors with some combinations of pins in a fixed pattern. The connectors with the pins system were not very handy as the pins were prone to damage. If pressure is applied on the pin connectors in a wrong direction they broke and created lots of problems with connection.

But with the development of the USB cables you can directly connect them with the USB drive and start working instantly. There are no fixed patterns you have to just plug in the cable into the drive.

It also enhances the life of the USB accessories and provides the right kind of comfort and ease.

USB Connectivity Peripherals – Some Common Examples of Usb Drives Accessories

Today USB connections are very commonly used for the peripherals of the computer. There are variety of usb gadgetsand usb hubs like

Usb Optical mouse

Usb  Keyboard

Usb  Light pen

Usb Speakers

Usb LED lamps etc.


USB provides a very convenient way to establish the connection with the computers and for the supply of the electricity for the electrical appliances.

The USB connectors are available in the wide variety of sizes and power, depending upon the device that is being used. Also depending upon the power that is to be transferred, the data cable is used. Some are used for the high speed data transfer depending on the requirement.

How Usb Accessory Charger Port Adapter Works

For the USB battery charging special type of USB connectors is used for the power transmission. The charging ports of the USB types are available in two categories namely

Downstream charging ports and the other is dedicated charging USB port. The main difference between the two is that the second one dedicated charging port does not support the data transfer between the computer and the accessory. Also the mobile chargers are now available with the downstream charging port that means it can charge the battery and also transfers the data between the mobile and the computer.


Modern-day Applications and Uses of USB Accessories and Usb Drive Devices

After the invention of the usb, its now has varying wide range importance and advantages in the platforms

  1. Usb drives support gadgets. Lots of gadgets were made that supported the usb connectivity with high speed data transfer.
  2. Usb Drive it is very easy to connect to use.
  3. Usb Drive runs and operates on a high speed. The speed of USB connectivity is 12 Megabite per second.
  4. With the increase of the requirement of the people using the computers the demand of the data transfer speed also increases and that is solved with the use of the usb.
  5. It provides high speed connectivity for 126 external devices at a time. So with the use of usb we can have the comfort and ease of using the external devices with great speed and convenience.

Website Serving Google Ads Code Disabled – Overview and Case study on How to Troubleshoot

Website Serving Google Ads Code Disabled – Overview and Case study on How to Troubleshoot

Has your Google adsense account ads serving on your websites been disabled and banned completely and you would want to solve the problems and have your ads up and running again on your websites? Read this case study on how to do simple Google adsense troubleshooting and follow the simple steps at the end of the post to fix yours

But if you are just like me with this sudden unexpected email from google adsense network team – “Ads serving to your website has been disabled” Here is detailed step-by-step guide and case study on how I was able to unblock google adsense code being disabled from displaying on three of my websites with two methods

  1. Using Google adsense reconsideration appeal form
  2. Changing my websites domain names

Lifting the Google Adsense ban on my websites was not actually easy at the initial time. Google adsense stopped serving ads to some of my websites July 27th this year precisely

When I got the usual unfriendly and disheartening email from Google, find the email snippet below


During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently
displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program


Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may
exist on other pages of this website or other sites in your network.


As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to
place Google ads on sites with content related to hacking or cracking. For
example, sites showing ads may not provide instructions or equipment to
illegally access or tamper with software, servers, or websites.

ACTION TAKEN: We have disabled ad serving to your site.

Your AdSense account remains active. However, please note that our team
reserves the right to disable your account at any time. As such, we
encourage you to become familiar with our program policies and monitor
your network accordingly.”

After reading through the email, I know a catastrophic had struck my adsense html code on my websites network, I hurriedly rush over there to confirm it, yes it was true, huge empty white spaces on my website where adsense is supposed to be lying

At this point, my heart began to beat so fast as my adrenalin begins to pump rhythmically. I quickly did some Google searches to look for ways to provide solution to my already blocked and banned google adsense sites, I landed on this two websites:

Unlike my website, theirs (Ghack and Shoutmeloud) that were luckily reconsidered after attempting two (2) Google adsense website disabled reconsideration appeal form

Ghack blog case study was a bit different from MediaTechBlog as Martin Brinkmann’s blog got rejected initially, then after doing a vivid and a thorough scrutiny by deleting every web pages on his network (website) that were conflicting and not in compliance with Google adsense program policies

Martin then re-applied again and his reconsideration appeal request was favorably granted the second time and disabled ads serving on his website was restored back

My Innocent Ass Was Kicked and Screwed 

I applied some of Martin Brinkmann’s blog adsense tips and tricks he used in getting back his adsense html code, but blocked and disabled ads serving my websites were never restored back by Google adsense team even after craftily composing my write up on the reconsideration / appeal form, I had only received one email notification and reply which stated that my appeal can’t be restored

I went back to my websites and I deleted over 50 posts some of which were not literally violating adsense program policies, but with a confused curious heart, I needed to take this holistic corrective measure just to ensure I get back disabled ads serving my site. I ensured there were no conflicting post/web pages whatsoever regarding

  • Hack/hacking/hacked
  • Crack/cracking/cracked
  • How to download youtube videos
  • Posts teaching your website visitors how cheat, steal from or leech other website content or intellectual properties
All of the above posts/articles types are strictly and stringently against Google adsense program policies.

What I Did to Get Back Disabled Ads Serving My Website

I did so many things to get back blocked and disabled ads serving my websites, so of the things I did are as follows

  • Changing my web browser(s)
  • Changing my internet connection service provider (ISP) since they all operate on different IPs
  • I deleted all the cookies, caches and every other stored third-party items on my web browsers
  • With no success, I eventually got my PC formatted, since Google are like ultimate virtual police.

All these I did in sequential and chronological order for the quest to restore back disabled ads serving my website, all of these conscientious attempts and efforts prove abortive and ended in absolute futility.

While the tussle between almighty Google and I lasted, I had already lost so much money (adsense earnings) as I was making much from adsense program.

I became psychologically and emotionally disturbed as this blood sucking detour in my financial and blogging plans became so much affected

Some Of The Options I Considered in My Confused State After Google Ads Serving My Website Was Shutdown

Powerless and defenseless me, I began to brood and ruminate deeply as to what my next step of action is gonna be? I considered the following thoughts

  • Using other Google Adsense alternatives
  • Selling direct ads space
  • Forget about google adsense and money and just keep updating my blog with powerful personal concept and ideas driven original contents
  • Change my domain name
My Results and Opinions After Doing the Above

First, I tried pretty wide range of Google adsense program alternatives like Adbrite, Chikita, Infolinks and Addynamo

To be perfectly honest in all fairness, none of these adsense alternative program  networks is as good as Google in earnings. Besides using these adsense alternatives I also tried few clickbank products since I was not doing email marketing alongside, there was no result

Second, I tried my own personalized ads-space marketing also to no avail since my marketing strategy was weak and extremely un-responsive

Third, in addition to my second though, just to forget about google adsense and the money ambition aspect of blogging and just focus on frequently updating my blog, but as an entrepreneurial blogger, I dont think this whole idea appeals to my goals. Then i just have to scrap this thought

Fourth, After thoughtfully ruminating over the whole ideas, and after Google adsense team has refused to reply me, I was left with no other option than to change my domain name.

After putting my house in order by carefully and painstakingly cross-examining my websites , I went back to re-apply the second time and several more times, unfortunately for unlike Ghack and Shoutmeloud, I never got Google adsense html codes serving my websites back neither did I also receive a confirmation notification email if actually they got my re-consideration appeal request.

I did many things to restore disabled Google ads serving my site but to avail. Here is a complete step by step method on how I was able to restore my website and how you too can.

Dial-up Tutorial: How to Set up and Configure Dial up Internet Access Connection Settings

There are various ways of establishing and connecting a computer system to the internet via internet service providers. This could be broadband internet access service or dial up internet access service.

The former which is now widely used by so many people across the globe is the cheapest source of internet connection access

Meaning of Modem Dial up Internet Access Connection

According to Wikipedia, Being referred to as dial-up internet access a form of internet access that uses the facilities of the public switched telephone network to establishinternet-APN a dialed connection to an internet service provider via telephone lines

The user’s computer or router uses an attached modem to encode and decode internet protocol packets and control information into and from analogue audio frequency signals.

Configuring Your Modem and Computer(Router) for a Dial-up Internet Access Connection

The purpose of this simple dial up connection setting up process is to show you easy tips and tricks on how you can easily configure your unlocked usb modem by any network operator (telecommunication) internet service using a standard dial up number alongside respective network internet service provider.

Things you need to Set up a Dial-up Internet connection on your USB Modems

Using MTN internet service and modem as case study – I will only use MTN network as an example during the course of my explanation here, all of these tutorial settings is applicable to all network operators or internet service providers.

1. Access Point Name (APN)
2. Access Number
3. Username Name
4. Password

Method 1: Setting Up Dial up Internet connection via Usb Modem Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Be your usb modem hauwei or zte model, everything among usb modems when it comes to setting up its internet connection protocol are the same – all work on dial up internet service platform

To configure your own USB modem, install your network operator software/driver; this normally come pre-loaded into all usb modem and automatically run this installation by itself upon insertion into a usb port on your computer(router)

After being installed, you will need to launch the GUI and input these following settings

Select Dynamic or Static, you can use any name to create this dialup internet connection profile settings e.g MTN Internet Access

APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

Under the “Authentication Protocol SettingsCHAP is always preferred over PAP Leave every other protocol settings blank

This Dial-up internet connection set up page from your modem can be accessed via the GUI by clicking

Tools> select Option> and select Profile Management

Underneath, you would see this peculiar Dialup internet access setting page stated above

Method 2: Using your Default PC Internet Properties Connection Tab

Apart from directly setting up your usb modem, you can also do this by clicking

Start (Windows icon)> Select Control Panel > Click Network and Internet > Click Internet Options > select Connections tab

From here, you would see all Dial-up and Virtual Network settings

To create a new dial up internet connection setting, simply click on “Add

And a new dial up settings window will pop up as seen from the image below, select “Dial-up” and not Wireless or Broadband (PPPoE)


a range of modem will show up, select the one you have already plugged in. As for my own case, I selected the HAUWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem profile

After selecting that a new page will pop up. This is the main Dial-up setting page where we are to input our individual network operator dail up settings and codes

What you will be seeing from this page is same thing as what you had seen from your usb modem GUI. Its include

1. Dial-up Phone Number:
2. User name:
3. Password:

You may tick “show characters” and “Remember this Password” its all up to you.

After creating and establishing an active connection, simply click connect. See image below on how I inputted the right settings and what yours should also be.

Dial-up _Internet_access

Please kindly note that each network operta;or dial-up settings varies, you may have to contact your internet service provider for this or simply go to their websites and get their APN, username and password.

The Dial up is standard and more often than not, *99# is used.

This is just a simple Dial-up internet access and connection setting tutorial (help). Please kindly help to share this with your friend who also uses the internet, he/she may be having difficulties connecting his PC to the internet. Lets share this knowledge

Lets me know if you need further help on this, i will kindly research and share my findings with you.

Till then, keep browsing and surfing the internet.

Method 2: Unlocking Huawei E303, E357, E369 Usb Modems Using LoginPlus client v5.0 Unlocker

Download and run the loginplus client tool for calculating and generating usb modem unlock code. Loginplus client is still in beta stage and only allows ten (10) attempts per user (IP address) so this usb modem unlocking software is unlike dc crap

Read This, If LoginPlus clientOption FailsWays to Unlock All Huawei E303 Usb Modems Using Dc-Unlocker Username & Password Credits

Free LoginPlus Login & Password Details

Find free working loginplus logins for unlocking hard and difficult huawei usb modems with in-built coded tight security

Login or User ID: LEVEL5
Password: 12122012


Free LoginPlus Details for Motorolla, Blackberry phones, ZTE mobile and modems etc.

Login or User ID: user@test
Password: password

Kindly note that in loginplus multi-task unlocking code software,

nck simple means unlock code

LoginPlus Client universal unlocker download link once again

Lets me know if this free huawei e303, e357, e369 unlocking codes tutorial and how-to was of great help to you, you can also help share with your friends as many people are having bitter experiences getting these version, series and models of huawei usb modems unlocked with real working unlocking codes


Get Huawei New Algo and E303 Unlock Code Here HuaweiE303Unlock.com

Request and Download the New Algo and E303 Unlocker Software Here  http://huaweie303unlock.com/huawei-modem-code-writer-v1-0b-free-download-with-password/

Post updated 22nd August, 2013.

Free Difficult Huawei E303, E357, E369 Usb Modems Unlocking Code Calculator

Here are 2 free simple ways to get your stubborn huawei 300 series USB modems unlocked with varying unlocking codes.

Literally, most version and model of huawei usb modems are simply unlocked with the traditional USB modem unlocker software that works on the techniques of generating huawei usb modems unlock code and flash code.

But the reverse is the case for novel huawei USB like huawei E303, E357, E69 etc. as their respective unlocking process is difficult and hard to successfully complete.

Here are two simple unlocking tool and calculator for generating their unlock codes

Method 1: Using Specific Version of DCcrap or Dc unlocker a version that uniquely can be gotten from Dc unlocker software client


After a successful download and saving of this software on folder/location that can easily be accessible then, Plug in your huawei usb modem(s) whose unlocking code you could not easily generate from the normal huawei unlocker tool.

Thereafter, install the dc client software and run the application from your PC. Allow the user interface to automatically detect the modem upon plugging into your USB port, then select your huawei version e.g huawei e303.

Then in the Unlocking Tab, select the Generate Unlock Code by IMEI and click on Do Job


the unlocking software will automatically do the wizardry job by providing you the unlock code of your modem

Click Here to Read Method 2 tutorial using LoginPlus client v5.0 unlocker software

Post updated 17th July, 2013.

How to Unlock AT&T Wireless Usb Modem and Use T-Mobile Simcard and Others on it – Free Unlock Code Generator Tool

How to Unlock AT&T Wireless Usb Modem and Use T-Mobile Simcard and Others on it – Free Unlock Code Generator Tool

At&t a leading cell phone service provider has been one of the top wireless micro mobile internet connection service provider round the globe.

The most popular contemporary internet connections are now being provided in two phases which are through

1. Smartphones internet service (on the go)
2. Removable usb modems internet connection service

Using plugable usb modems as far as i am concerned still remain the easiest and flexible way to get your PC connected to the internet unlike using WLAN, Cable fiber etc.


But one of the main limitation is that most network service provider and operator mass-produce these usb modems to accept only their simcard – gosh! just too bad a restriction sort of

Literally, you may need Four (4) different usb modems or so if your preferred network operators are four. For instance, if you have AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone and MTN Sim cards and lets assume there is a bad network reception (poor or weak internet connection signal) on AT&T, vodafone or MTN and you are having AT&T usb modem that only allows their simcard; What would you do in this bad case scenario?

Your option may be to go and buy a tmobile usb modem as well and what if the same thing happens to tmobile, your option may also be to go and get usb modem for the other networks. The question is why would be going through all these bitter experiences when you can simple unlock one of your modem free, configure it with other network operator internet settings thereafter you browse and surf the internet with?

Unlocking Your AT&T Wireless Usb Broadband Modem
Unlocking your usb modem gives you the benefit of making your usb modem universal; making your usb modem universal literally makes your modem multi-purpose in function thereby allowing you to switch back and forth any of your preferred network operator simcard at any point in time as you which

to unlock your AT&T Usb Modem, download this universal usb modem unlocker software tool free here and read up this ehow tutorial at http://www.ehow.com/how_12224708_use-tmobile-sim-att-usb.html

Unlock code generating third-party service like Cell Corner, Cell Unlock Code or GSM Liberty do charge between 25$ and above to get  your usb modem imei number unlocking code

But you can download the AT&T, T-mobile, vodafone, MTN usb modems IMEI unlock code generator software free here or call AT&T customer care to provide your unlock code

Things you will Need to unlock Your AT&T Wireless Modems

1. IMEI number of your usb modem
2. Unlock code generator software