LG 55lm7610 3D HD Smart TV Features And Review

LG 55lm7610 3D HD Smart TV Features And Review

55lm7610 Review – A Tv You Can’t Keep Your Eyes off From

Television is no doubt the best mode of entertainment for any person of any age, living anywhere on the planet. You can at anytime switch on the television and get glued to your favorite TV shows or catch a movie. Time is indeed going by easily and you don’t get bored.

55lm7610 review of the new television from LG is making news these days and all because of the great features that it has brought to the its users.

Intuitive Design and Built Up

It has taken the viewing experience on the television to a completely new level. The TV is definitely one of the finest products that the company has ever showcased in the world. A combination of mind whopping technologies and an elegant, eye pleasing design. The Television is worth every single penny that is spent on it.


Free Flickr 3D Glasses

According to most 55lm7610 reviews, the TV presents a complete new 3D experience to the viewers in the 2D virtual world. With flicker free 3D glasses that require no batteries and is light weight. 3D watching was never so comfortable. LG 55lm 3D Smart Tv is  just another technical marvel from LG.

Sound Zooming

It is like you are between whatever is taking place in your television. Along with 3D depth control and 3D sound zooming, TV really never got so close up to reality. No frame ensures that your viewing is not obstructed in any possible way. LG 3D TV review generally fair well down in the past too. It indeed one of the top smart 3D HD TV out there that has almost all-in-one features that a modern day Tv should should

Magic Remote

Apart from uplifting the 3D level that is available in the other counterparts of the TV in the market, this television from LG provides with whole lots of other features too. It would really not exaggerate to call the remote of the TV “Magic Remote” due to its various unique features.

Youtube and Wireless Display

Search over YouTube that you want to watch now you need not compromise over the limited options available on Television. Connect your laptop via Wireless Display to PC, no internet or wire is required whatsoever.

USB and PC Connectivity 

Sharing is also supported across various devices like USB memory, PC, Phone etc. LG TV reviews have always been good but this one is indeed above the competition.

The display of the Television is also crystal clear and comes with Spot control technology that ensures realistic contrast and deep colors. The display also boasts of providing the best of the class colors and sharpness and all that by saving power thereby proving out to be quite environmentally friendly too.


The resolution supported by the TV is 1920×1080 and that is more than sufficient to let you view the videos in high quality that you wish for.

All with all LG TV reviews prove that this TV from LG is one technical wonder that you would never regret to go for. Equipped with all the latest technology available and state of the art design, it fulfils everything that you can desire of from a TV. The Television is indeed worth every single penny that you spend on buying it. Therefore,  don’t hesitate once you have made up your mind to go for it.

Send Unlimited Free SMS to Any Network With Your MTN Sim Without Paying a Dime

Send Unlimited Free SMS to Any Network With Your MTN Sim Without Paying a Dime

Here is How to Send Unlimited Free SMS (Text Messages) From Your Simcard on Your mobile Phone or Modem to Any Network


Just a couple of days back, I stumbled on this free trick for sending unlimited free sms that is, text messages from your mobile your and line to any network across the country without paying not even 1 kobo.

Quick NCC Update!
Just a quick reminder, 8th February, 2013 this year NCC mandated all network operator to effectively charge N4 as flat rate per sms within and outside each network operator service.

Majority of people have ever since not be aware of this welcome development in telecom. industry.

Back to the update of today’s post on how anybody can send free unlimited sms from his/her phone even with zero (0) airtime in your phone account’s balance.

This unlimited free sms sending tricks only works on the MTN network and it allows you to send series of text messages not only to MTN subscribers but to non-MTN subscribers like GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, VISAFONE, STARCOMMs and lots more.

The MTN Unlimited Free Sms Sending Tweak
here is how it works, if after typping/composing your message, you Select send and add + to the mobile phone user’s number and finally select send.

For example:

After typing your message, and you wanna send it over to me via sms service of your network provider, it becomes


Ensure you add a plus (+) sign to the mobile number as seen from the example above.

note that if you send it to me as in +2347032472869 the message will not get across or your account balance will be debited with  Nigeria network operators’ standard sms rate which is now N4 per SMS

If you add a plus as in +07032472869, the message will be send free of charge.

Sending Bulk Sms With This Tweak On Your Usb Modem or Datacard
You can add your MTN sim card to your modem and export the contacts you wanna bulk sms, and make sure the + sign is already added to each of the contact phone numbers before clicking on send.

There are automated dashboard software that you can also add to your usb modem user dashboard that will make a whole lot of sense thereby helping you to achieve fast result

Enjoy the tweak and trick while it last.

Easy Ways to Unlock Permanently Locked Datacard/Usb Modem Using Customized Mobile Dashboard and Firmware

Easy Ways to Unlock Permanently Locked Datacard/Usb Modem Using Customized Mobile Dashboard and Firmware

I got stuck last week when I was trying to unlock one of my huawei E156G datacard modem after carelessly dropping my huawei e303 usb stick alongside my glo carrier simcard in a commercial vehicle I boarded.

MUST READ: How to Find Your Datacard/Modems IMEI Number

I was restless as I needed to go online at that moment but there was no device that I could use to get my PC connected to the internet, during my confused state, I realized I have got an MTN modem that I had hardly use. While other network sim was inserted, I plugged and played the modem on my PC via its USB port only for me to discovered that the 10 attempts for unlocking most zte and huawei modems have been used up.

While still thinking of what to do, I hit Google and visited some webpages on all sorts of datacards unlocking issues and problems relating to mine, I was able to do the following to have my modem unlocked, flashed, re-unlocked, upgraded and re-installed. These are the three steps I followed and yours should be similar:

1. Re-calculate the modem unlock code
2. Flash the modem
3. Download and Upgrade the modem model firmware
4. Download and install a customized dashboard

#1. Re-calculate the Modem Unlock code

You can calculate your modem unlock code manually or automatically. You can download this software if you want to generate your modem unlock code manually, download this Manual Modem Unlocker or this Automatic Modem Unlocker that will initialize and read your modem up from its COM Port. Please know that you will need this unlock when you’re resetting and flashing your modem.

#2. Reset the Modem
Download, extract and run this software for restting and unlocking huawei modems

Tick the “Auto-Calculate Code” and “Auto-Unlock Modem” these tabs you will easily see at the middle of the dashboard as seen on the image below.


Underneath “SERVICE” on the left side, tick “RESET MODEM” thereafter, you should click “READ MDM DATA” you will then need to wait for few secconds and finally click “Unlock”

After a few seconds, your modem should have been fixed and the used 10 attempts counter restriction reset. Please you should take note of the unlock code (NCK)

MUST READHow to Detect and Fix 3G USB Modem Dial Up Internet connection Errors & Problems

#3. Download and Upgrade and the modem model Firmware by Flashing

Even after following the above steps, your modem will be showing 10 of 10 used, invalid sim or network selected or something similar to this statement.

You’re going to need to down the specific firmware update for your modem or datacard model. This you can easily get and download free from DC Files

When you get to the webpage, select your modem make (huawei) from the drop down menu and click the icon. The next and third page will be where you will be able to select the model of your datacard and the most recent firmware update respectively

After a successful download of the file which is about 7.41MB, this software size varies, depending on your modem make and model, unzip and install

This your modem firmware update wizard will search for your device for some seconds, and its shows another page displaying the configuration and IMEI number of the modem

The next steps flash your modem and you will see a message “The wizard is ready to update your Data Card” on your comuter screen from the page environment displaying four warnings

firmware update in progress

Click start to authorize this process and you will be prompted to enter the modem unlock code you got from step 1

After like 3-5 minutes, your modem should have been flashed and a new copy of the firmware installed


Once the process completes, you will see a successful update message as you can see from the image below


#4. Download and install a new Customized Dashboard

For a customized mobile partner download, visit DC Files again and follow the exact steps you followed to get your modem Firmware update.

After a successful download, unzip the file and run the program, accept the licensing agreement and click the next tabs that follow to continue

This process also take between 3-5 minutes to complete

Effecting the Full changes on Your PC – Shutdown & Reboot your PC

After a successful re-installing and updating of a fresh version of the dashboard on your PC, you can now go ahead  to shut down and  re-boot your PC. Please  I mean switching off not hibernating or logging  off. This is so to effect the newly installed software changes on your PC.

You might also be asked to enter an unlocking code again, at this time your modem counter had been reset to zero (0) of ten (10). You re-use the manual or automatic approach in step one above.


Installing the Newly Download Customized Dashbaord

Please note that you will need to manually install the dashboard partner on your PC even though it had been downloaded into your datacard drive. Also know that you can decide to change between any of the dashboard of your choice either the non-customized or the customized one. Just follow these simple steps below

Click “Start Menu

Click “Computer

And double click your modem device drive e.g Drive (F:) and install, after successful installation, you may need to follow these steps  here to configure it for your preferably chosen network.

You can see from the image below i am now using a different dashboard, different from the one above that I have just fixed.

MUST READ: How to Set up and Configure Dial up Internet Access Connection Settings



Benefits/Importance/Advantages of Flashing and Installing a Different Firmware and Dashboard Updates

* Speed

As you could see from the image above in my newly fixed huawei E156G data, in front of the 3G 62120 there is the word “turbo”, this is not just having literary meaning, it simply means speed at which the modem alongside with its firmware and dashboard are working. Before I did this, MTN and AIRTEL was so poor in my location, but after this, they are now rocking with amazing speed

* Stable Connectivity

I was equally experiencing fluctuating server downtime, but after this fixing, update and upgrade, it has been minimized

* Better/Different User Interface

I think, this new Graphic User Interface I am rocking is better than the one I have be on, its simple and intuitive

Recommended Practices While Resetting, Flashing and Installing Firmware and Dashboard Updates

* Ensure it’s another network operator simcard that is inserted in your modem tray

* Ensure your PC battery power is sufficient or plugged to a stable power source

* To attain an error-free results, don’t shutdown, hibernate or log off your PC while these installations processes are being carried else your Pc could get damaged

Post updated 17th July, 2013

Get Free Secure Proxy to Change Your Blocked and Flagged IP to US, UK, Russia and Other Countries

Get Free Secure Proxy to Change Your Blocked and Flagged IP to US, UK, Russia and Other  Countries

“I’m am having trouble and difficulties accessing some US, UK, Russia and rest of other countries’ Ip based-website
s? Huh! you are not only alone in this as most times accessing some websites always prove abortive.

You could have been browsing any of these websites perhaps from the past only for you to discover now that your ip and location has been blocked, blacklisted or flagged as result you can no longer access and browse such website

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address e.g normally goes with a Port no. and together with these features one can easily surf the internet, and whenever information is shared and exhanged between two more computers which are assign unique IP respectively, some geographical data are captured.

Captured bio-geographical-data through an IP and Port number, is what these companies are using to track and monitor you, and with this, they have the right to check and regulate whose nation’s internet protocol go through their remote server.

Some of the IP features that are involved in the cyberspace inter-connection process includes

IP Address, Country, Latitude & Longitude, ZIP code, ISP Name, Domain, Time zone,, Net Speed e.g DSL, Area Code & IDD Code, Weather Station, Mobile MCC, MNC, and Network Carrier Name.

Source: Ip 2 Location

Top 2 Free Proxy List Sites – Where to Get Unique Ips and Port(s)

There are so many websites online where you can get free list with Ip and port numer, but my Top two sources for getting valid and high speed free proxy ips and ports are

1. HideMyAss.com
2. FreeProxylists.net

How to Get Free Hourly Updated Proxy IPs

Go over to top free source of Proxy lists,

On the webpage, you will get to see important boxes in the first cross section of the site where you can specifically choose from a wide range of;

a. Proxy country
b. Port(s)
c. Protocols for relaying the network and server connection e.g HTTP, HTTPS, Socks 4 and 5
d. Anonymity level and speed

If you have been around on the internet and you know how to use proxies before, you can tick and alter any of the option and click on “Update Results” otherwise, just leave the default settings on the webpage

How to Use these Proxies’ IPs and Port(s)
Let’s assume, you are trying to access a Russia-based website, and your country’s network carrier’s IP address have been flagged, backlisted or blocked,

Quickkly skim through the list and and check the specific IP address
for Russia, note or copy the IP and the Port

For example as also seen from the image below,


Port: 80

Using Proxy list Ip Checker:

You can check and confirm if your chosen proxy IP still live and working by visiting checker.freeproxy.ru


When you get to the free proxy ip and port number checker and validator portal, simply copy the IP and port and click “Check proxy!” tab

Setting your Web Browser with this IP and Port!

After getting your IP and port from the site, you will need to configure your web brower chome, firefox, safari, IE etc. so as to begin to surf the internet with your new Proxy IP.

Let’s use Moxilla Firefox for instance,

Launch your moxilla browser, from the browser setting drop-down menu tab, click “Options“, follow by “Advanced“, then click “Network” then click “Settings” tick the “Manual Proxy Configuration”  box and paste your IP and port

Then to make this proxy connection work for other web application and platforms, tick “Use this proxy server for all protocols

Click ok to save!


Exit and relaunch your web browser, your IP will begin to show Russia IP and you will begin to appear as if you are surfing the internet as if you are in Russia

How to Check Proxy IP Connection Location Details:
Simply go over to Ip2Location.com nd type the IP address you got from the proxy list, e.g

It will show you all the details of your Ip.

Top 12 Non-expensive Educational Gadgets for Students in High Schools and Colleges

Top 12 Non-expensive Educational Gadgets for Students in High Schools and Colleges

The way in which students learn, calculate and innovate has advanced along with modern technology, making the old-fashioned school essentials outdated playbooks for an outmoded game.

Although the classic three ringed binder, packet of pencils and pencil sharpeners can still be for a variety of students, the modern age of technology has made way for educational gadgets that can help students and their schools improve the learning experience.


The following is a list of the twelve workable and coolest gadgets that you will find vital as a student that desire to easily manage the stress lifestyle of school activities thereby having the skills to excel with your studies and career

#1 – Laptop:

Rounding out the list is the essential laptop, which allows students to access the World Wide Web and browse through assortments of pertinent data, such as research papers, essays and other academic writings. While the price of a laptop has a bad reputation, the current saturation of laptops in the mainstream market has introduced a variety of quality laptops for very reasonable prices.

Quality laptops from Acer and HP can be purchased for less than $200 – $500 dollars especially if you’re smartly clipping coupon and purchasing from an online store that allow students’ discount code.

#2 – Livescribe Echo SmartPen:


This is one of those gadgets that most students might not be aware of. The Licescribe Echo SmartPen is an incredibly innovative scholastic tool that gives students the opportunity to both write and record, making it a useful device in capturing the essence of college lectures and presentations.

Livescribe can save these writings and recordings as data that is easily transferred onto a computer for electronic revising or saving.

#3 – Digital Voice Recorder:


Like the Livescribe listed above, the dictaphone is another important recording tool that can allow students to take notes and listen to lectures. Modern dictaphones save recordings on data that can also be transferred to a preferred computer.

#4 – The Scientific Calculator:


The scientific calculator has been a staple of school necessities for over a decade, and this doesn’t seem to be changing much despite the advent of new computer programs and smart phone apps that try to imitate the uses of the scientific calculator. This is a must have cool educational gadgets for students both in high schools and colleges.

#5 – USB Sticks and Datacards Reader:


Wherever and however students save their data, it’s important to be able to transfer that data freely, and securely, using a USB stick or a flash drive. This modern equivalents of floppy drives come in a variety of sizes, all for fairly no prices.

#6 – Amazon Kindle:


The Kindle has been a relatively new innovation on the market, and it’s just as helpful to students as it is to readers – primarily because the majority of students are made to be readers themselves. Many schools and universities are now uploading required reading and textbooks electronically, so that kindle users can download their own personal copy at a lesser fee than hardcover. The Kindle is also essential for any literature courses.

#7 – The Alarm Clock:

Talk about an old-fashioned necessity: despite the newfangled technology covering this list, the alarm clock is still an important part of the school day. Although a variety of alarms are offered on phones, tablets and even computers, few of them come with the functionality of a traditional alarm clock like the Sony ICFC3185 Clock Radio.
#8 – Ipod Classic:


Now it’s time to start listing the fun side of school gadgets. Ipods don’t have the best reputation as learning devices, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ipods have been demonstrated as incredibly focusing tools to help students blot out surrounding distractions and focus on their work.

#9 – Digital Camera:


A digital camera might have no academic use whatsoever, save for the choice photography class, but it’s an essential part of the social scene at school. Whether you are taking pictures of your friends, university or a field trip with your class, there is a digital camera out there that can meet your price point.

#10 – Blu-ray player with iPlayer:


Once again, this device is hopelessly useless for actual academic work. But a student’s life can’t be made up of school alone. Relaxation time and entertainment is an important balance for students to find, and the latest blu-ray players are more than up for the task. Like the popular saying goes “all works and no play makes a dull boy”

#11 – George Foreman Grill:

Students don’t have time to prepare long and elaborate meals. The george foreman grill can toast, grill, and get your cook prepared fast and hassle free. This is the perfect ‘gadget’ for a quick meal or to serve a friendly get-together with fellow students.

#12 – Printer:

Last but not least is the tried and true printer. Very few schools today accept reports, essays and other written works through email or in document form. The printer is still an essential tool for creating a hard copy version of your electronic project. You will also find a printer useful if you are the kind of students who is alergic to long time electronic reading.

Other reasons why you need a printer as a student is the ease it gives you to print books from any of the internet files formats such as pdf, ppt, doc etc. and read it up as hard copy while marking and underlying relevant points.

As a student, you can utilize the cheap printer discount and coupon codes online so as to save yourself money that can be used for other pressing needs.

Enjoy New MTN Direct PC BIS Free Browsing Without Software (BIS PC Browsing Update)

Earlier today, I discovered that the previously used mtn BIS data plan free browsing is back and its rocks with great speed.

Please note that unlike the previous MTN Free BIS PC browsing setting that got blocked by MTN firewalls late last year that lasted for several months for those that really used it well, you will not be needing any third party free browsing software like

1. Freegate
2. Dynaweb Proxy
3. VPN e.g droidvpn or
4. PDProxy


Just simply subscribe for any of the mtn blackberry plan and configure your modem 3g data card access point settings as follows

Settings Profile Name: Anything

APN: blackberry.net

Access Number: *99#

Username: web

Password: web

Enjoy this latest mtn free browsing while the settings last.

If you are having trouble and difficulties using your blackberry internet subscription bundle plan on PC you will certainly find this BIS on PC browsing post useful

Top 5 Features to Look Out for Before Choosing 3G/4G Broadband Cyberspace Access Provider

Top 5 Features to Look Out for Before Choosing 3G/4G Broadband Cyberspace Access Provider

Before thinking of patronizing that 3g or 4g broadband internet service provider for access to the web with your mobile cell(s), smartphone(s) or PC, below are the leading and trending factors that need to be considered for you to enjoy a better internet service delivery and in turn have good value for your chips without any unjustifiable daunting internet connectivity problems and issues


#1. Customer Care Service:

At least Airtel renders the fastest hook up time with response while trying to get across via their customer care line. Though the system has flaws and it’s poorly managed.

Local ISP Case Study

Among all the naija broadband internet service providers, Glo – 121 still rank better with good and courteous customer care conversation response follow by MTN. One thing that makes glo customer care service rocks is they don’t end a call after any conversation with a customer, instead they simply say would that be all, if your response is yes, they kindly say you may now end the call.

#2. Internet Connection Downtime:

MTN is perpetually known for frequent lost time or interruption of internet connection dauntingly making you to start establishing connection every time. Connection stoppage is very rare with GLO, Airtel and Etisalat except if they are experiencing unavoidable offshore barrier

#3. Flexibility and Intuitive Innovation

I learnt that Glo now offers “internet subscription connection bundle sharing” a me2U feature alike for sending airtime. This allows you to automatically share your internet connection bandwidth popularly known by a number of youths as “megabytes” or “Gigabytes” especially by most mobile 2go.com users.

With this feature you can subscribe and share your internet connection airtime and space with friends and love ones on the same network. Ain’t this a simple smart move if you ask me?

Another innovative move is the recent first of it kind service introduction by Airtel that allows its users to use a blackberry subscription that is both valid on mobile phones and PC. If you are subscribing for the normal Airtel PC internet plan you pay more with a little bandwidth

The only drawback is that if your megabytes or gigabytes get exhausted before your airtime validity period (date), you can’t manually and automatically renew it until you call their customer care on 111 to have it done for you

Another flexible thing currently run by most network operators is being able to pay for internet subscription via ATM and POS terminals online even from the comfort of your home just at your finger tips if you have receptively opted for online banking service

#4. Availability and Proximity to 3G/4G Coverage Access

3G/4G simply means a wireless communication technology structured to deliver high-speed internet access also known as HSPDA capable of transmitting both light and heavy digitalized voice, video and multimedia files

Though most network operators and ISP have now switched their internet connection from 2G to 3G , 3.5G, and 4G as the case might be as well as occasion serves, but such service is still unevenly available to all locations nation-wide

MTN has a wider 3g internet across the nation follow by GLO, then Etisalat follow by Airtel. If you are in location almost at the outskirts of the city you may not enjoy strong 3g access but EDGE which is relatively weaker in speed compare to 3g

#5. Reliability, Speed and Other Users’ Experiences

Like I said above reliability and speed is one of the core attributes of internet connections that you should not ignore if you don’t want to get annoying internet connection error messages as result of poor network service

One of the popular places to find out what other internet users’ experiences about a specific internet connection provider are, is to ask frinds on facebook or visit top internet connectivity forums such as Nairaland.com, forums.cnet.com/wireless-internet-forum, comcast, battlelog, pcpitstop and host of others

I think I would rather stop here as the post is getting lengthier. I think this 5 tips will put you on the guard thereby helping to prevent and remedy the worst internet connectivity problems and issues that emanate as a result of your ISP and network operators fixable  inefficiencies and weaknesses that most of them have reluctantly refuse to fix

Lets me know what exactly your experience has been with any network operator over the past couple of years? Lets me know your internet connectivity woes and pros and cons

If you found this post useful, please consider sharing with friends on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon using the button below