How to Transfer and Load Money Into a Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard With Virtual Bank Account and Paypal Funds

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Its no longer news that paynoeer dont directly deal with its customer and users except via an agent or a representative.

Lots of people have frequently ask us if whether its possible to tranfer money from a paypal account into a payoneer debit mastercard using a Plastic or a virtual Credit Card (VCC) be it from the US or those international users outside of the US.


How to Transfer Funds From Paypal and Virtual Bank Account into Payoneer Cards

One of the easiest dautless way to do this is to use payoneer prepaid debit mastercard agents and associates. Check out any of the two tricks below

1. Using Pay Yourself Method
Open a 2checkout account – which supports paynoeer master cards, then you will need to log into your paypal and pay yourself, and cash the funds with your Payoneer debit mastercard.

2. Using a Virtual Bank Account
Another method to trasnfering funds from a paypal account to a payoneer debit mastercard is by using a virtual bank account. If you receive 3 payments from payoneer cards’ associates (2checkout, plimus,avangate, infolinks, etc), you can apply for a virtual bank account from payooner, and then, transfer directly from paypal. no money locked-down risk in this case or account suspended

One of the limitation of the second method of paypal- payoneer funds transfer usingg the virtual bank method is for you to show its agents for proofs of online activity (transaction done, Website url etc.). Passing the vitual bank account site proof review will depend on the kind of site you run and mmanage

If you sell and promote services via 2Checkout, Plimus, Avangate, they will be as added advantage for you

Here are few simple paypal payoneer credit card tricks, Please lets us know what you think about this method, have you had success loading and funding a payoneer debit mastercard with either a virtual bank account or paypal, please use the comment to share with us

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