Paypal Account Opening Nigeria: How To Open, Verify and Fund A Paypal Account In Nigeria, Ghana And Other Paypal Banned Countries

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If you’ve been struggling to own a verified PayPal account and anytime you try to open one yourself, your account is limited the next minute… then……….

“Here’s The SAFEST, EASIEST And QUICKEST Way To Own A Legit Verified USA PayPal Account And Never Have To Worry About PayPal Ban & Limitation Troubles Anymore!”


Paypal Nigeria account Opening, verifying and funding easiest strategy. This is the best way on how to get a verified, accessible and functional paypal account in Nigeria, Ghana and other paypal banned countries with our dedicated server IP system

Paypal account opening methods has changed, especially for those of us in Nigeria and other paypal account black listed countries.

Let me quickly say that most paypal account opened and verified with a non secured virtual credit cards (vcc) are the major reasons why people from Nigerians, Ghana and other countries world wide are having a limited and banned paypal account.

Another main reasons while Pay pal accounts are being limited, disable and banned is due the IP address that Nigeria and Ghana paypal account users are using to access their paypal accounts.

Opening and getting a verified paypal account in Nigeria and Ghana is easy if you play by the rules, regulations and TOS of pay pal.

We have the safest and most secured blackhat ways and methods to get you a verified paypal account. All the latest secrets of paypal account opening are up to date and still applies till tomorrow with a special dedicated IP address and other paypal account opening tricks and tips, you beat paypal account monitoring robots real time.

To get a verified paypal account, Fund and Withraw from your paypal account, grab our comprehensive tutorial step by step guide that will teach and show you how use a secured whiltehat and blackhat paypal accounting tricks and hacks to open a paypal account by yourself and make lots of money doing same for others. By creating a Dedicated IP address, Opening a paypal account and funding a paypal account for others who need paypal account opening in Nigeria, Ghana and in your own locations.

To Get the paypal account opening, Funding and withdrawing guide. plus how to get a secured and dedicated paypal account IP address gateway.

Pay N2000 (NGN) into any Gtbank near you (For a very Limited Rate)

Bank Name: GtBank Plc
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After Payment, Text / Send ‘Secured Paypal Account Opening Guide, your Name, Bank Teller No. and Your Email Address” to 2347032472869 or

Upon confirmation of payment that usually takes less than 30 minutes, your packages will be sent to the email address you provided.

This secured paypal account opening ebook is a pictorial Step-by-Step guide on how to Open, Verify, and Access a Functional Paypal real time. Without paypal having to limit ot ban your paypal account.


In this Sucure PayPal Account Opening guide, you will discover and learn some secrets like

1. Practical Steps on how to get a secured Dedicated IP Address meant for you and you alone. Paypal love dedicated special IP, its proves you are real and from a paypal member country

2. Very comprehensive Tutorial on how to Avoid Paypal Limitation – Avoid using IP hider and changer, plus new hot secured ways on how to avoid paypal account monitoring and policing tricks etc.

3. You will Learn Easy Ways to make payment online and withdraw from your Paypal Account as a member Of Banned Countries (NIGERIA)

4. I will show you a secret software that generates any name, address, zip code, phone number and other info. You don’t need to start searching on Google to get all these info again.

5. Easy ways on how to fund your paypal account in Nigeria with Liberty Reserve, wire transfer and directly with debit mastercard and visa cards securely

Here’s some of what you’ll discover if you say “yes” today

How To MINIMIZE THE RISK of Paypal Account Problems And Get On The GOOD SIDE Of Paypal!

You’re never going to run, or sustain, a full time online business using paypal as your payment processor, unless you buddy up with them and play by their rules.

  • One MASSIVE mistake I see many marketers making time and time again that will almost certainly lead to their paypal account being frozen, or worse still, terminated. HINT : Compel don’t force.
  • One “mindset myth” about paypal that needs to be banished forever – lose this mindset else you’ll NEVER succeed in this business.
  • The top 5 “UNUSUAL” activities that INCREASES the chances of your paypal account being investigated.
  • Why making regular withdrawals from your paypal account is HIGHLY advisable and not only for your bank balance.
  • One MAJOR mistake people make when logging in to their paypal account. Do this regularly and you could end up in a whole heap of trouble with paypal.
  • Why it’s NOT always a good idea to open a merchant account.
  • The “Paypal Buddy” system for dealing with accounts that have been frozen, so you increase the chances of paypal quickly re-instating your account.
  • Plus much MORE!

Not Only Will You Receive ALL Of This But…

I’m going to give you a couple more learning modalities for “Paypal Buddy”, plus some other cool stuff that will help you stay away from paypal’s radar!

To get all of this, grab a copy of my time-tested and failure proof ways on how to open, verify and fund a Payapl account in Nigeria and Ghana guide now. Very limited slots remainning.

I’ve locked the price at N2000 ($15) but only for a short while. So order now and steal yourself a copy!

If you are a non Nigerian resident, you can order with Liberty Reserve. Pay $15 into U7400380 after payment email me at

More Time Sensitive Fast Action Bonus – Very Limited Copies

I will show you how to fill up your PayPal account with CASH(no waiting on affiliate payouts) at a super fast rate.

paypal banned countriesThe same week you implement this system you will make money, GUARANTEED!

60 Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee.

I want you to be 100% happy when you purchase “Secure Paypal Guide System For Banned Countries” right now.

Take a full 60 days to check out the main guide, listen to the .mp3, check out the mindmap as well as the “Refund Handbook” plus the other unannounced bonuses …

And if for any reason you’re unhappy, simply contact me and I’ll quietly and promptly refund every penny of your investment.

You honestly can’t lose when you buy right now! Instead you will keeping thanking me for revealing this my paypal closely guarded secrets over the years.


52 Responses to “Paypal Account Opening Nigeria: How To Open, Verify and Fund A Paypal Account In Nigeria, Ghana And Other Paypal Banned Countries”

  1. Before taking any steps in opening paypal accounts from Nigeria, There are things you need to know about paypal, there are tools you need to conquer paypal from limiting your account.

  2. Timothy says:

    Iam so exited to read this because,this restiction to paypal saga of Nigerian had almost made felt ashamed of my motherland.
    I wil like to know more about this.please update asap.

    • Dear Timothy,

      Thanks for your compliment, the paypal secured opening
      guide is so loaded with great new stuff that you will securely
      use to get a secured paypal account without paypal limitation

      I just sent your package to you, please i sincerely apologise
      for the delay. Internet connection at my end has been down.

      Thanks once again for your warm patronage,
      i do hope you find this awesome ebook package worthwhile useful?

  3. Get verified in paypal instantly from us , no waiting , also providing matters only 5 min, google topper and high ranking reliable service for virtual credit cards And usa virtual and real bank and e-currency cash out and exchange services , okpay Partner company register LLC in USA and local service provider for Nigeria and worldwide.check out at
    Registed company
    Accepts LR , alertpay , okpay
    instant service and live support . Smiley
    Paypal in nigeria is no longer night mare

  4. Timothy says:

    Dear Whyte,
    I must say you’re a God sent to Nigerians in this regards,I have downloaded the stuffs and thanks for the bonus,in fact your information is a thriller.
    I read in one of your blogs that one could use GT naira master card worldwide for online transaction,but in my case I tried using it for purchase via Plimus and Plimus asked me to contact my bank,I called one of the GTconnect line only to be told that the card doesn’t work for most of the US site,Could you please help if there is something I need to do?Better still,if anyone has a knowledge of the concept,let him please share it !

    Thanking you in advance for your sincere response.

    • Dear Timothy
      thanks for your testimony about our secure powerful detailed pictorial comprehensive
      guide on how to securely open, verify and manage a functional paypal account with
      a dedicated IP from nigeria and other paypal banned countries.

      As regards using the gtbank naira debit mastercard in making online payment – thats
      using the gtbank debit mastercard to make purchase on the internet, though i have
      used it on, and other online payment
      processor sites. Its may not work on other sites especially very secured “https://” sites.

      Just like the GTconnect customer service had told you. I would simply advice you do any
      of the following

      1. Write the Merchant Site Payment Proccessing Unit
      2. Try Using a Plastic Debit Mastercard like the one Issue by Payoneer Debit Mastercard
      3. Try using a virtual Visa Card or Debit Card
      4. Ask the site merchant processor if whether they are having other payment alternatives
      other than paypal especially for customer/subscriber in countries like Nigeria

      I think any of the above online payment solution especially for those in paypal not listed countries will be of great help.

      Let me know if this helps.


  5. eddie says:

    I am a Nigerian but currently in the UK for my masters degree. I have had this problem with opening paypal accouts back then in 9ja since we are black listed. The only help I can render now is helping u open one and funding it. For now I can help to verify since you would need an international account for that. But I will look for ways if the need arises.
    You can hit me so we talk and I give u my facebook I.D too.

    • Thanks Eddie,

      Nigerians have always have problem owing and managing a paypal
      accounts. Dont you think your service could be helpful? please send
      me an email and let me know how you can render this service cheaply.

      Package it up and brand it. send me an email via
      my yahoo messenger ID is josazee4life
      Skype ID: jerrywhyte1

      Lets me know if this opportunity is worthwhile thereby helping Nigerians


  6. Luke says:

    I read your post and i really liked it. I want to know if you can help me cash out the money in my account if i transferred it to your account. Tell me what your charges are?

  7. Great blog post.
    Is great that we have finally found out a way how any Nigerian will operate a paypal account right from Nigeria without getting it frozen, internet is fun.

  8. adebayo says:

    that is nice

  9. Nice one Mr. Jerry!

    Well laid out information that’s suppose to put a stop to any serious Nigerian still falling for the PayPal nightmares.

    Keep it up!

  10. John James says:

    This is good. I found a solution to being banned by Ebay and Paypal. Also how to withdraw funds from Paypal anonymously:

    I used them and I have no regrets.

  11. ike Joseph says:

    please jerrwhyte,I would like you to teach me how to creat a bank cheque and throw to some client in abroad cash the money to you.and bank transfer in usa like Equity etc.thank you.

    • Dear Ike,
      I think you have to contact your local bank officer, they are in the
      best position to help you with international transactions such
      creating Equity bank cheque, running and operating Domiciliary

      Lets me know if this was helpful.


  12. Topher says:

    Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!

  13. Ifende says:

    Guy, why charge people for what they can easily do.
    I opened and verified my paypal account without all these hacks and trick and dedicated ip.
    i live in nigeria and operate my paypal account from here using my nigerian ip address.
    so stop deceiving people and collecting their money.
    if u want to help publish information free of charge.
    i hate to see people like you take advantage of people.

    • Dear Ifende,

      Everything is not free, even in the Capital City of Sierra Leone no free launch
      there. Must everything be free? how about other contents of this site, are they
      not free? Nigeria Mentality. I give free info and paid product.

      Nobody is deceiving anybody here its a paid product, if after ordering for the paypal
      system you find out that otherwise in the guide that is when you raise alarm

      Good for you if your open your paypal account in nigeria send money into it and
      withdraw from it, if your account is not limited good for you.

      You opened and verified a paypal account from Nigeria? did you see Nigeria in
      their lists? Its Optional Ifende, if you dont like the guide dont buy instead of
      proving issues that dont have base, Why dont you ask Hostgator to give you
      free hosting or MTN to give you free internet connection? Mr Free! Free!!

  14. ike Joseph says:

    forget about him and do your work and teach people.I no you will come out with so many thing.I can assure you.God bless you.I will soon pat you and grape my copy and have my own paypal account see you soon

    • Thanks Ike,
      some of this guys just think its easy putting all of this things together!
      the paypal is a bomb, its thing that is time tested and proven.

      What we need from you is encouragement, and not as a stumbling block.

  15. VICTORIIA says:

    Jerrywhite, pls in purchasing goods on internet anding online, what is the guaranty that the goods paid for onlinne will be delivered?
    thanks in advance

  16. VICTORIA says:

    Jerrywhite, please i like to start buying annd selling but i wish to purchase my goods on ebay, i believe the products there are authentic and the price interesting. please what are the practical ways to purchase choice goods from ebay and have them shipped to nigeria. i already opened an ebay account but i used a u.s address and phone no. can i still have them deliver goods to nigeria?
    thanks in advance.

    • No that is owned by paypal. and they have how to secretly track
      their users realtime online. Since you said you used a US address use that
      address to receive the goods, then they will help you forward it to you main
      local address in Nigeria.

      Lets me know if this helps

  17. ike joseph says:

    hi dear,I would like you to shop 1laptop for my client in USA so that he can bring to me in Ghana.tell me how much RL will cost for that thank u

  18. Well i can’t say if Gambia is included in paypal blacklist country if they do, i open Paypal account here in Gambia and i link it with my GT Bank Visa debit card and i can do online transaction with my paypal account. I can send money and receive money directly into my account with my paypal and to opening paypal account is free but you must have your Visa Debit card or master debit card or any other debit and credit card from any bank. That is is the best way to get verified paypal account
    This is how it work if u want to buy anything online with paypal, paypal is link with your card and paypal will remove the sum amount in your account and pay the seller account but there will be a charging fees which is very little
    if you want to try by yourself email me and i will give you the information free of charge

  19. opara says:

    which country are u going to opon my paypal acct with upon payment.

  20. Emmanuel Ofili says:

    Sound interesting, but let’s see if it can work

  21. Edwin says:

    Sory to say, I dont mean to harm anybody by my comment. But I believe that always finding means to manipulate atitud of ours, lik creating a dedicated are som of doz tins dat hav kept Nigerian in paypal black list til 2day.Paypal nd oda us sites dnt consida it healty nd decent. My sugestion is if u must operate a paypal acct as a 9jerian, do it in doz countrys dt ar alowed odawis seek 4 anoda online payment procesors alowd here

    • Dear Edwin,
      Even if you want to use other countries to own a paypal account, you should use that country ip address
      lets say you are using UK, so your ID should be from the UK, and if its not a dedicated one, its will
      look suspicious and get flagged by paypal, using a dedicated IP address to open a paypal account puts
      you out if paypal radar, hope you get that

  22. Onah Ejiofor says:

    Please, I like to know if the paypal opening and verification guide is still available and the processes to obtain it.

    Futhermore, I want to know if there are are other financial costs to be incurred by me in the course of implementing the instructions in the guide.

  23. Would it involve any telling of lies or misrepresentation of facts, if i go through your guide
    in opening the paypal account being a Nigerian or in Nigeria? This is because my faith
    forbids such. Yet i desire to open the account, but would rather NOT do so, if this goes
    contrary to the truth. Please frankly answer. Thanks.

    • Dear Ugochukwu
      Why on earth would you want to open a paypal account from a country
      that is not listed on paypal acceptance lists? what do you think?

      I think this answers your question? Lets me know if you need any
      further clarification

  24. cmirmd says:

    PAYPAL, payment method.Paypal VERIFIED with card issued by a bank from non-accepted by paypal country like : Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Georgia, Cameroon… and other non approved by paypal countries.
    I attach at paypal account card issued by a bank from non accepted by paypal countries , after that proces paypal account will be VERIFIED, With that account you will be able buy from online stores, send and receive money without pay percentages to various intermediaries, directly to / from your card account.
    If are interested contact me.
    My skype: cmirmd ,
    ICQ: 640442124

  25. […] from paypal banned nations like Naija, Ghana etc. you can read up this post for secured ways to remotely create a paypal account without being limited right there from your […]

  26. Anyone needs paypal account can contact us…

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