How to Make Fundable Virtual Credit Cards For Online Payments and For Easy Paypal Account Verification

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How To Make Your Virtual Credit Cards for Online Shopping, Receiving Payments, Paypal Verification, Withdrawing Money Online and For Starting Your Own Virtual Credit Card Business

Now, you can learn how to make your virtual visa credit cards for free by yourself for verifying paypal account, online shopping, making payment online and also create them in bulk as a verified VCC seller…

How much will you be able to make each if I show you a secret I use to make virtual visa credit cards for free and sell as a verified and legal VCC seller like me? For me, for you, you can also sell each virtual visa card you be  creating for as low as $13 (N2, 275) each, and if you sell about 40 VCCs daily, you will be  making  close to $600 per day that is if you want to go into being a verified vcc reseller. The money opportunity in this hot niche is endless if you follow my entire guide well. Please read on

My friends say is not fair at all…

But I say hell yeah, that’s the power of information.

If only you knew how you can start manufacturing legal, valid and functioning virtual credit cards yourself then you would have even making even more than that and you could have charged even more for your services.


How about if I show you a legally accepted way of making your own valid and functioning virtual credit cards that are accepted all over the world and on every place on the internet, these VCCs are USA in origin so there are safe and accepted every place.

And the best thing is that you won’t just get to make one credit card, you can manufacture as many as you like in a day so you can even start an online credit card provider service with it (I have one myself which makes me over $600 in pure profits daily and you should get one too). Big online virtual credit card companies like and are making over $5K daily in pure profits just using the same exact method I’m using to manufacture their virtual credit cards for free and sell it to you for any amount they want.

They are a lot of benefits of getting access to our legal, valid and functioning virtual credit card system because with it you can manufacture credit cards that will…

Provide you complete anonymity: You’ve heard of  credit card hacking, online identity theft and all that, well… that exactly some of the daily issues faced by those using plastic credit cards issued by banks and credit card companies but with our virtual credit cards, it all different. You will be safe from all these problems as you don’t give away all these sensitive information before getting the virtual credit card so even if your card is hacked which is very rare.

It can’t be connected to any of your bank accounts, personal/home address, social security number or any other sensitive information that is personal, this is a strong way to guarantee your safety and security online and if you start an online VCC company then you can assure your customers of their anonymity.

Available worldwide and accepted worldwide: it doesn’t matter where you are from, Nigeria, India, USA and all that, these visa credit cards are available to all countries, they is no restriction and it’s it’s accepted everywhere that visa credit card is accepted online.

Verify your paypal account: These virtual credit cards unlike most other visa credit cards are multipurpose unlike most other visa credit cards used for online shopping, you can use it to verify your paypal accounts no matter the country you used to open the paypal account, you can use it to verify your eBay accounts, Adwords account, facebook accoun, Google checkout account and many more.

Easily reloaded and funded: One of the major problems of virtual credit cards is that they are not reloadable (just one time use only) but these virtual visa credit cards are different, it works like a prepaid plastic credit card, you can load, reload and use it as many times as you want and you can also fund it using through your bank account, withdraw money to it through paypal, withdraw your earnings from online survey site and other  online business sites.

Accept and Send Payments Online with Credit Card Charges: Unlike most other plastic or virtual credit cards that you will be charged a percentage of your transaction as credit card fee, this virtual visa credit cards you will manufacture yourself are unique, whether you are sending or receiving payments with it, you won’t be charged a dime.

To Pay For Clickbank, Ebay, Amazon etc Premium Products and Services

To Pay For Facebook Ads, Google Adword etc.

To Shop and buy cheap Gadgets and devices like new or fairy used Laptops, Mobile phones, iPad, Ipod etc 

And here is the most awesome among them all…

…Profiting Like a King as a Verified VCC Seller

Have you ever thought of starting your own credit card company as a verified VCC seller?

Have you ever thought of how much big online virtual credit card companies are making daily? which is not even the biggest but they are the biggest in selling virtual credit cards used in verification of paypal, eBay and Adwords are weighed to be grossing over $5,000 daily (all pure profits) are grossing close to $3,500 daily with about $2,000 coming out as pure profits from selling verification virtual credit cards.

IcyCards™  “Iced Marketing Media” is average $1,300 daily and about $700 is coming out as pure profits from verification cards while the other are net profits from shopping cards and we only started 4 months back and we are not big yet.

Think about it, I can go on and on telling you the big guys in this business, my buddy owns, that guy is living well selling his virtual visa credit cards and it’s really fun when almost all the money you make are pure profit and you know how to manufacture it yourself, there is no limit at all.

Inside this package, I’m going to show you how to become a verified VCC seller so that you can start manufacturing virtual visa credit cards in bulk (remember that you manufacture it free) and make a lot of money but first, let me take you to the heart of business here with a really simple math…

A reloadable virtual visa credit card that can be used for shopping online, verifying paypal and eBay accounts etc. and accepting payments online are sold for $13 (N2,275) each and remember, you also make them free.

Let’s say you start an online virtual credit card website today and your site is getting about 100 targeted daily visitors but only 20 of them buys which is even very low as you can get up to 1,000 targeted visitors and transact over 100 deals daily but we assume you only sold 20 of the reloadable virtual visa credit cards… do the math

That is $260 daily (N45, 500) and that means that in a week, you are making $1820 (N318, 500) and in a month, you will be churning out $7280 (N1, 274, 000) pure profits doing absolutely nothing and remember that making these cards is as easy as logging into your admin VCC page and hitting the “create new card” button, it’s not rocket science… trust me, it’s really that simple.

And remember that the attraction of these cards is that they are multipurpose, not like most other cards that will either be used for only paypal verification or only eBay verification or only for adwords or just only for shopping and making payments, these ones are unique and that’s the love in it, people like them a lot and they sell like hot dogs, in fact… here is just a run-down of the functions

  • ·       Fund your online accounts like paypal
  • ·       Shop online on any website without exposing your privacy
  • ·       Completely disposable (one of the major privacy functions)
  • ·       Send and transfer payments online
  • ·       Receive payments online
  • ·       Withdraw money from your online accounts like paypal
  • ·       Verify your online accounts like paypal, eBay or Adwords etc.
  • ·       Accepted on all websites
  • ·       Open to all countries and regions
  • ·       Easily reloaded

You can also sell loaded virtual visa credit cards for online shopping

Let’s say for every VCC loaded with $50, you charge $61 with $11 as your profit and you fund about 30 cards daily, you make $330 in profits daily.

If you are truly an entrepreneur who recognizes a true business opportunity to exploit when he sees it then I’m not supposed to be telling you all these for you to recognize it especially now that it’s not yet rampart like the bulk SMS business in Nigeria, you know when that business first came into Nigeria, it was the first true entrepreneurs like the owners that first jumped on it and started making millions off it weekly even before other started out about a year later so be among the first true entrepreneurs that will recognize this opportunity and start exploiting it.

So, how much is Jerrywhyte charging for this Ultimate Reloadable and Fundable Virtual Credit Card Manufacturing Guide Kit?


Well, we can go up as far as up to $200 (N35, 000) but that will limit a lot of people, the truth is that we want to help you here, we don’t you to be cut out of this potential business opportunity just because you don’t have enough money to buy this package so we are drastically cut the pricing at a very low range that will be just insane for you to pass on it.

So, for just a limited time…  will give out the virtual credit card making package to its loyal blog followers like you just as low as

$20 (N2, 500), you will be so insane to pass on this dead cheap offer we are giving here. If you don’t act now and take your entire internet access and control into your hands and change your lifestyle.

We accept  PerfectMoney and Webmoney (International Users’ payments) and payments made to our Guarantee Trust Bank account (GTBank) only and we deliver our package within 6 – 24 of your payment.

Below are payment links and details:

You can pay with either Perfect money, Webmoney or Local Bank Deposit

Send $20 USD (International User)

1. PerfectMoney account ID:

2. Webmoney ID:
WMZ-purse Z387580126876

Please after sending payment, kindly email

with the subject:

[PAID] VCC Manufacture System Kit

With your payment means and ID number


Pay Via Local Bank Deposit

Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

Account Number: 0032129707

Note: if you make payment using local deposit – Guarantee Trust bank account, send us Payment Details like Product Paid For – ” How To Make Credit Card”  Amount Paid, Your Email Address etc to this email at We will verify your payment speedily and send the package to you via your email address asap.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Nice Post, VCC Reselling is quite a good biz.

    • Yes Joseph!
      Most of those gurus selling vcc and other forms of online payment
      processing funding etc. keep making fortunes every now then.

  2. Robert says:


    Very informative article and very clearly explained.
    But I was wondering, what are the total startup costs, after paying the $19 for the course?
    Please assume that I have to purchase everything, except hosting.

    Thanks 🙂

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  4. Kristian Chelsea T. says:

    Nice one Jerry, but please i would like to buy a VCC from u… How do u sell?

    • Send me an Email

      • Erik C. Ekwealuba says:

        Hello friend,

        How are you doing today? I came across your blog this morning and decided to reach you for some simple idea on making some bux from the Internet. I can see you are versed in the marketing experience. Can you help me start making money online in avery small way. I am highly interested in the hyip investments via my Liberty Reserve Account. How do I go about this following your experince?


        Erik C. Ekwealuba.

  5. seun says:

    pls I don’t have the money on me now but can you give me one of your internet money making secrets and how I can withdraw the money here in Nigeria for free. Thanks

    • Dear Seun,
      There is nothing like internet money making
      secrets, we all take its as a business and
      persistently work hard for its, and we end
      up always smiling to the bank each and
      every now and then

      Hope you got the secret now. hahahahhah, Lo!

  6. jjwhite says:

    i dont think you guys say the truth, it can never be accepted by facebook adverts, some site still dont accept it. Nigerians plz tell the total thruth. yoy can prove it to me with facebook advert

    • Dear Jjwhite
      I am the only person that manage this site not “you guys”
      I think you were the person that calls me earlier todayl
      and explained.

      Know this, what can work with paypal is mostly accepted
      I even use local Nig banks cards to set up an FB ads
      not to talk of this kind of global card.

      If you cant trust me, please dont bother ordering! I am
      busy doing my site SEO linkwheeling and won’t have that
      time to show you such proof as requested



  7. Emmanuel says:

    Master Jerrywhyte thanks for your good work.
    please sir, from your last post your said that you are going to write to us how to obtain GOOGLE ADSENSE account using on your next post.
    please sir can you please do just that because I seriously need that.

    thanks and waiting for your amicable reply.

  8. paul says:

    jerry the fbd….. com site is not going please check it out, even the mtn phone number there is not connecting.

  9. eric says:

    hey all i need your help please do help me

  10. Piyu says:

    So you know which bank that issued vcc(s) of And can u help me to start a business like If so, i’ll buy this guide. Please reply asap. Thanks.

  11. augustine says:

    plz give me ur email address so can contact u.aniwaia i have verified paypal acct en am in ghana but want to kno if u can help me fund it to shop online like clickbank,ebay,amazon amg others.

  12. eddy says:

    Hw can i fund the vcc from nigeria? can i use it on any website and is it universally accepted?

  13. harry says:

    i really like wt ur giving out here,im happy tht we hv ppl like u in nigeria. im a hacker too bt i cncentrate on cstomisd cmpany softwares (u knw wt im talking abt). id like us to hv a chat cos thr r sm areas i find challanges. holla @ me on 08035254362. i need u men!

  14. Joe says:

    Can i pay with perfect money or egopay. I need this guide

    • You can pay with either perfect money or webmoney

      PerfectMoney account ID:

      Webmoney ID:
      WMZ-purse Z387580126876

      Please after sending payment, kindly email

      with the subject:

      [PAID] VCC Manufacture System Kit

      With your payment means and ID number

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