2Checkout Premium Account Application For Credit Card Payment Gateway Processing

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What is 2checkout? how is it different from paypal and other payment gateways? 2checkout is a payment processor gateway just like paypal, plimus, avangate etc for collecting payment for products and services online. In a nutshell its a payment processor alternative

Earlier today, I was given a code to acquire a brand new 2checkout.com premium account that usually cost $49 a one time application fee for FREE, and I have decided to share simple steps on how i used the 100 percent working 2checkout merchant account’s credit card processing free promo code

Use the following steps below to secure a free premium online merchant account for processing credit card payments

Step 1: Goto www.2checkout.com and click on the signup button (https://www.2checkout.com/signup), fill and complete the signup form. Yours should be similar like mine in the screenshot below

Step 2: After filling in your First Name, Last Name (Surname), Email Address, tick the Yes, I agree to 2checkout.com’s term of use and privacy policy


Step 3: Complete the Login Information Application, by choosing a username and password. Then fill in your company name, just use your full names or something


Step 4: you will need to make payment the $49 one time application free on this page, but with the “free promo code” below, its become 100 percent FREE.


2Checkout Credit Card Payment Processing Free Promo Code: byetn2co11

after entering the promo code byetn2co11, just click on Apply Code, you will now have a free premium account with them.

Another 2checkout coupon code for free 2co account – this 2checkout coupon code that completely waive the $49 non-refundable application. The code is ETS2CO

Please use this free premium promo code while it last. Please share with friends too.

4 Responses to “2Checkout Premium Account Application For Credit Card Payment Gateway Processing”

  1. Akintilebo says:


    Thanks alot, i tried the promotional code and it worked, very amazing unlike some payment gateway provider like paypal that is blocking Nigerians from using there services……..
    It’s fun been here !!!!

    Akintilebo Akinola
    NEXTng inc

  2. Otusman says:

    Thanks for this eye opener am rushing down to signup with them now.


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