How to Find DHL Tracking Reference Number Using Google Adsense Payment Number to Track Check/Cheque

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As for those google adsense advertiser(s) using Payment Type as secure Check delivery usually dhl according to what is showing from my own location when opting in for the paid secured payment mode.

Just like the way parcels and other items being posted and sent via dhl courier service are being attributed tracking reference number(s) so that delivery could be checked and monitored real-time online, you can also use your Google Adsense payment number – usually nine(9) digits to do the same.

How To Track a Google Adsense Check/Cheque Real-time Online

To track your google adense check/cheque realtime online, log into your adsense account and click Payments tab, then scroll down in your payment menu to select the exact month earnings you intend to track, and look for the nine(9) digits Payment Number

Then go over to this main DHL reference number tracking webpage as seen below

you will need to copy and paste your Google adense payment number into the Shipper’s Reference tab e.g 0X8X483X2


As for the Date range for shipment – From tick 01    03     2012
As for the Date range for shipment – To tick 05   03   2012

make sure the date is within a close range and interval e.g 1st – 5th since Google normally send out check(s)/Cheque(s) to courier companies 1st and 2nd

Leave the Account number tab blank, your could select your country as Shipment Destination or leave it blank then click Track

So long you correctly fill in the correct Date, Month and Year, clicking on Track will display the entire routes (cities and Countries) and the corresponding time your google adsense check arrives and departs


How to Find DHL Tracking Reference Number – Waybill

What is the meaning of dhl payment waybill?  Dhl Waybill simply means dhl tracking ID. The dhl reference tracking number could also be referred to as Waybill which is usually ten (10) digits number at the top right corner of dhl online real-time shipping process webpage.


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