Where to Get What is Being searched For on Google Right Now – Hot Searches, Queries & Keywords

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Are you a blogger, journalist, paparazzi(photography), correspondent, smart affiliate and internet marketer? looking for breaking hot search keywords and topics on Google Engine, here is a simple quick tips and tricks for you.

Internet Hot Searches Tips and Tricks

If you a journalist in the news industry or micro niche blogger and blogger getting the most recently searched thing on Google right now or at every moments gives you a firsthand edge over your competitors who seems to be contending with you in the same niche and for the same keywords and search phrases


So getting the most out of your niche sites will not be complete absolutely with results if you can’t device and figure out means on how to stealthily get the ground breaking hot search terms before you competitor would ever know if such words or things are being searched for online.

To get currently and recently searched for keywords, you need to be on the right platform (site tools) at the right time with the right mind and intent

Breaking Hot Searched Keywords, Trends and Topics Tool Online.

To get all web searches, hunts and queries that people are currently searching and looking for at the moment and at every time online, you need to check out any of the following free real-time search tools and trend functionality online

1. New Google Search Trend and Insights
2. Using Real-time Keywords and Research Tools
a. Keyword Spy
b. SpyFu
3. Social Media Breaking and Hot Searches
a. Twitter Buzz
b. Breaking Social Media 

What do you think of the recently free search terms getting and finding tools above? which is your most preferred option, do you have /know of any other good ads-free hot searches tools that you would want me to include in the lists? please feel free to use the comment to share with other internet user(s), I will be more than glad to add it as soon as possible upon approving your comment


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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hello sir,

    Thanks for these sites

  2. Techopera says:

    I was really curious when i saw the title of this article, but going through it, it’s perfect.
    I think since we’re hunting for google searches, i’ll go with the google trends, it’s the best.
    Though i wouldn’t under-rate others.

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