Watch Free Dstv Satellite TV Channels Live On Your PC

with the latest online/internet satellite channels viewing technology, you can now watch live quality premium Dstv channels free from your computer (PC).

There are lots of ways of watching satellite channels on your PC especially Nigerians.

1. Online Based Satellite Channels
2. Software based Satellite Channels

Most of the crappy software out there for internet television viewing sucks, they will ask you to pay a one time fee while some will give you free internet radio access and ask you to upgrade to watch premium tv internet broadcast.

From my own experience as a Nigerian Internet expert over the decades, i will recommend the online based internet television channels.


You don’t need a decoder, no monthly subscription, no monthly rental just the top six (6) best online satellite tv channels website i have personally used, click on any of the channels of your choice and watch them live ob your PC with just internet connection.


You can always search for more using this alternative sites link SimilarSites.Com

But among them all, the one i frequently used when ever i am online is from my own experience, it is the best. watch live online tv channels broadcasting on the internet. With internet television broadcast, you can watch live online tv channels broadcasting on the internet. huge collection of free live internet tv stations. over 2800 online tv channels are available available 24/7/360 round the clock

MediaTechBlog Online Channel Lists

As for those in Nigeria, you can watch the following Nigeria Satellite TV channels live from their website database. Emmanuel TV, DCLM, Loveworld internet tv channels and lots more

You watch this online tv channels in Nigeria of over 3000 quality channels free of charge with your computer and internet connection access, With no monthly rental, no decoder, installation all free.

Please note that these international internet tv channels and that of Nigeria satellite internet tv works on streaming technology. So smooth and fast online tv viewing and quality lies solely on your Computer (PC)’s configuration. So the better your computer configuration, the better the internet tv quality. Nigerians please take note.

Check them out and let me know what you think. Do you have other quality internet satellite tv channels, please share with us so that we can review them and enjoy all of these free satellite broadcast for free


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21 thoughts on “Watch Free Dstv Satellite TV Channels Live On Your PC”

  1. For best and new Satellite Tv Software Google search “satellite tv for pc 65 Software” or “satellite tv on pc 70 Software”

  2. pls i need a link where i can get a free downloadable internet tv software, free dstv on my laptop and other thingsthat i may need in my laptop. thank

  3. I totally agree with you. Satellite tv is indeed the best compared to the usual way of watching tv.
    satellite tv offers a lot of channels and you won’t worry about getting the latest news around the world.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the good work. Please can u recommend a good laptop with good battery life that i can get. I’m afraid getting laptop in nigeria. i don’t know. Help me out budget not >#110,000

  5. THANKS pls i want u to let me no how maney MB it will cost me on internte for one month if i began to wash internet tv? I WILL BE HAPPY IF U DU IT FOR ME

    1. Its depends on how many hours a day you watch it.
      Well let me tell you this that watching live streaming
      videos especially with naija network is not too advisable
      as most nigeria network provider charges by bandwidth (Gigs)

  6. yes,i hv agreed with yr xplanation so far but how can i get or go about the intalltionof dsty i dnt mind paying money evry month

    1. You dont need to pay money Tony, Use the software available to watch
      some dstv premium cable satellite channels free or use the online version

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