How to Detect and Fix 3G USB Modem Dial Up Internet connection Errors & Problems E.g 619, 628

Have you experienced or been experiencing these famous usb data card errors  whenever trying to establish a connection on your PC from your usb modem on your usb port?

“Error 628: The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed”
Despite the fact that most usb internet modems run on 3G to 4G platforms, they still use dial-up internet connections when authenticating to register and establish an internet connection network on you PC.

Most of the dial up internet access number runs and operates with this authentication code *99#. So long this type of network signal is of a dial up internet connection, you are bound to experience the usual “error 628 the connection was terminated” message.

Below are some of the reasons for the dial-up connection errors’ problems you could have been experiencing when trying to establish an internet connection on your PC.

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Causes Of 628 Errors Of USB Modems Internet Connections
These are some of the peculiar problems experienced under the Network Connection prompt while it’s initializing and registering to get a stable internet connection.

The hauwei and zte usb modem error 628 problems is normally caused by network operator server downtime while others like that of At&t, T-mobile, Idea netsetter, Vodafone are usually caused by incorrect internet settings and inappropriate usage of wrong profile settings.

Below is how to fix and solve the error 628 messages being prompted by the graphical user interface of your usb modem(s).

Top 5 Dailup Internet Connection Access 628 errors Problems
1. Wrong Internet Connection Profile settings
2. Insufficient balance (Bandwidth subscription plan) on your network operator data account
3. network operator server downtime
4. Faulty or over used USB port
5. Faulty datacard (usb internet modems)

Fixing and solving the “error 628 the connection was terminated” problems is easy if you can do some basic troubleshooting of your modem and its internet connection type be it 3G(HSPDA), EDGE, GPRS, CDMA or GSM you can solve the errors

fix 628 error

Ways to Solve and Fix The “error 628 the connection was terminated” Problems
below are top 5 tips for rectifying and proffering solution to your usb modem 628 error problems.

1. Ensure you contact your network operator (internet service provider) of the accurate settings. Ensure your network operator access point, username, password, dial up access (authentication) number is correct. Like those users in my country you can call Mtn, Glo, Etisalat or Airtel customer care line or visit their websites online

2. Get and register for an active internet subscription bundle plan if you are mtn user text info to 131 or glo user text info to 127 and get various internet subscription plans and codes. This is also another way of fixing and solving the 628 internet connection errrors and problems

3. Most times your network operator connecting your PC to cyberspace might be experiencing server downtime, in this case, being that your modem is already unlocked to accept other network simcard, you can swicth to another until bug or downtime on your operator database is fixed

4. Most times usb port might be faulty, and also excessive and frequent usage of a particular usb port could also be a reason. Since most computer normally comes with a minimum of 2 – 3 and maximum of 4 – 5 usb port numbers, you can unplug the usb modem and re-plug it into another port and wait for the connection to get registered

5. Most time your usb modem or datacard could be faulty, in this case you are advice to get a new one.

Type 2 Dial Up errors “Error 619:A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed”

Causes Of #2 Dial-up Error 619 Internet Connection problems
The error 619 is peculiar with hauwei and zte 3G usb modems. The 619 error on hauwei and zte modem is caused by using a wrong internet connection settings on your usb modem.

How To Fix and Solve Error 619 Internet Connection Problems

For instance Globacom usb internet modem APN setting is gloflat, username and password is gprs respectively.

When it’s altered for MTN APN which is your modem user interface will display error 619 messages telling you that you need to adjust or correct your internet connection profile settings.

To overcome this annoying problem, always ensure you select the right internet settings profile for your corresponding network operator especially if you’re using a cracked and unlocked data card  to accept and browse with other data service sim cards

Hope this top ways of fixing dial up internet connection errors really helped. Please consider sharing this with others as lots of people are connected to the internet round the world via data card and usb modem internet service

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  1. Hello,

    i also faced this problem error 628 code error again and again.. the solution explained here is also very helpful.. i fixed this problem by visiting this .. someone might get help from this site also.. than
    ks for sharing information about error 628..

  2. Hello,

    i also faced this problem error 628 code error again and again.. the solution explained here is also very helpful.. i fixed this problem by visiting this .. someone might get help from this site also.. thanks for sharing information about error 628..

  3. Dear Sir, I have a problem. I install fresh window xp3 on HCL D33006 GA-7VKMP Mboard. After installing bluetooth and usb connectivity driver for nokia mobile phone, I am unable to put local area code and dialing number of the provider to access internet via bluetooth. When I doubled click on phone and modem section of Win.xp3 a window appeared with option modem etc. without entering local area code and dialing number of the provider. So I am getting error 628. Plz. help. With thanks.

    1. Dear Virender,
      You dont necessarily need to input your country internet network provider dialling
      code if the latest version of nokia pc suite is installed on your PC. I advice you
      visit nokia official website to download and install nokia latest and most recent
      pc suite that automatically have almost each country network operator APN, username,
      Password and access number configured inbuilt. visit here to get the latest version
      of nokia pc suite
      or update the on your PC.

      Hope this helps

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  5. how to fix error that “a connection to remote computer could not be established” while connecting to internet via beetel mf 190 data card using aircel gprs connection in os xp sp3?

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