Tricks For Saving Tabs In Firefox 4 Latest Web Browser

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I can’t save tabs on firefox 4 browser? Discover the tricks on how you can use hack secrets on how to enable Save Tabs on Firefox 4 new browser.

After upgrading to the new moxilla Firefox 4 web browser i started having difficulties saving tabs in firefox. One of the feature settings which is missing in Firefox 4 is prompts to save the tabs on exit, right now it only shows the warning that you are about to close the tabs.

I am going to show you below how i was able to save moxilla firefox tabs on exit of my browser.

how to save tabs in Moxilla Firefox

But if you want the option to save the tabs before you quit, you can enable it with a simple hack. Open a new tab and type about:config. Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button and in the filter bar type browser.showQuitWarning and hit enter.

new firefox 4 save tabs

You can see that the current value of this is false. Double click on it to change the value from false to true, or right click on it and select Toggle. Once you enable this feature, you can see that Moxilla Firefox 4 will asks you to save the tabs when you quit.

how to save tab on firefox 4 browser

Once enabled you can save the tabs before you quit so that you can have your tabs and data back when you open it again.

This is the simple trick and hack on how to save multiple tabs on Firefox 4 when quiting the browser.

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