Send Unlimited Free SMS to Any Network With Your MTN Sim Without Paying a Dime

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Here is How to Send Unlimited Free SMS (Text Messages) From Your Simcard on Your mobile Phone or Modem to Any Network


Just a couple of days back, I stumbled on this free trick for sending unlimited free sms that is, text messages from your mobile your and line to any network across the country without paying not even 1 kobo.

Quick NCC Update!
Just a quick reminder, 8th February, 2013 this year NCC mandated all network operator to effectively charge N4 as flat rate per sms within and outside each network operator service.

Majority of people have ever since not be aware of this welcome development in telecom. industry.

Back to the update of today’s post on how anybody can send free unlimited sms from his/her phone even with zero (0) airtime in your phone account’s balance.

This unlimited free sms sending tricks only works on the MTN network and it allows you to send series of text messages not only to MTN subscribers but to non-MTN subscribers like GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, VISAFONE, STARCOMMs and lots more.

The MTN Unlimited Free Sms Sending Tweak
here is how it works, if after typping/composing your message, you Select send and add + to the mobile phone user’s number and finally select send.

For example:

After typing your message, and you wanna send it over to me via sms service of your network provider, it becomes


Ensure you add a plus (+) sign to the mobile number as seen from the example above.

note that if you send it to me as in +2347032472869 the message will not get across or your account balance will be debited with  Nigeria network operators’ standard sms rate which is now N4 per SMS

If you add a plus as in +07032472869, the message will be send free of charge.

Sending Bulk Sms With This Tweak On Your Usb Modem or Datacard
You can add your MTN sim card to your modem and export the contacts you wanna bulk sms, and make sure the + sign is already added to each of the contact phone numbers before clicking on send.

There are automated dashboard software that you can also add to your usb modem user dashboard that will make a whole lot of sense thereby helping you to achieve fast result

Enjoy the tweak and trick while it last.

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