MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads Using BIS Plans With Improved Freegate Dynaweb Proxy Software

Welcome, today i am going to show you the exact step-by-step tutorial guide “mtn cheats” i have been using in browsing the internet absolute free using my mtn simcard, mtn blackbaerry plan and free gate dynaweb software.


Just Imagine this 2.04 Mbps speeds experienced last night while rocking the MTN-freegate-blackberry free browsing trick. You can also see that i have used over 7 Gigs of internet data bandwidth in the past 27 days

Things You Will Need For The Mtn Free Browsing Cheats
1. MTN internet provisioned sim
2. Any 3G Usb or Universal modems
3. Freegate free browsing Proxy Software
4. And of course your PC

Steps For Setting The MTN Free Browsing Tricks & Codes
Step 1:
Ensure your MTN line is internet-service configured, you can learn how to provison your sim here or call 180

Step 2:
Set-up and configure your 3G usb modems as follows
Profile Name: MEDIATECHBLOG or Anything
Access Point (APN):

In Authentication Settings, insert the following settings

Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

See Screenshot Image for help


Like I have always said, there is no need for any DNS settings, I don’t use it and I have always experience the fastest and best mtn INTERNET connection speed ever

Step: 3
Subscribe your simcard for any of the mtn BlackBerry data plan. I have been using the MTN (BBC) BIS Complete monthly data plan for the past 4 months now. All need do is to insert my mtn simcard into my blackberry phone and sms BBC to 21600. I dont need to wait till i get a confirmation message from mtn before i start crusing the internet.

All I need to check is if my account balance has been debited 1500 naira, if yes, I remove my simcard and insert it into my modem sim tray, and starts rocking the internet on the go

How To TroubleShoot MTN BIS Subscription Issues

If after loading the 1500, and you are getting insufficient balance messages, check your account again, they would have removed 1 – 5 naira, so load N100 extra to avoid the daunting hassle – MTN will always suck, no matter how hard they try

you can check out for a complete monthly, weekly and daily plan of mtn BIS

Download and install Freegate free browsing software from here

Its automatic, just follow the command prompt and install

Configure your browser and applications and start browsing free with unlimited data plan download. You will need to manually configure Moxilla Firefox, Google chrome and Opera will automatically detect Internet explorer settings

Proxy (IP) or localhost
Port Number: 8580

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  1. I tried using the settings you explained here but it didn’t work for me……I used #500 naira unit and send — BBC WEEK to 21600 I got a confirmation message , I removed my MTN sim and inserted it into my etisalat modem….man it didn’t work oooh I want solution please…….

    Please reply me ASAP thanks …..I believe your work!!

  2. AAm using a roam universal modem which.  previous dns setting  use was 8 8 8 8 and . 8844 wud  also change it or leave it at that, andd thanks a lot  dis blog helped a lot.

  3. what is i don’t have a blackberry phone? just want to enjoy free browsing on my pc

  4. pls i need free browsing cheat code and any tricks, plz help me.

  5. plz i need cheat code to subscribe and proxy settings , please help me thanks

    1. I am sorry charles, we dont do cheat code, we only share any of the working
      network operators free browsing tricks and tips when stumble on any hot one

  6. Pls hw cn i browse for free on mtn pulse in nigeria

  7. I always recommend your site to my friends. Thanks! I have so many of your helps. 08060007154. please talk to me on whatsapp.

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