Mediafire And Rapidshare To FBI We Are Perfectly Legal Amidst Megaupload and MegaVideo ShutDown

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Its no longer news biffering the whole world wide web that Megaupload a large file-sharing site has been taken down by the US government. Megavideo (videos file-sharing site) has also been shut down in the same vain by the FBI anti-piracy group

You currently try to access these two sites – and, you will observe that three jurisdiction management agency logos are boldly appearing in their homepages.

The three jurisditic logo include the US Department OF Justice logo, Federal Bureau Of Investigation(FBI) and the US National Intellectual Property Rights logos.

SOPA and PIPA are going to kill and destroy file hosting and file sharing sites. Megaupload is closed and domain name is ceased by FBI January 19, 2012

Others responding to the unleash of MU and Megavideo include Fileserve which is beginning to delete users account and terminated its affiliate program January 20, 2012


File Jungle which is owned by fileserve is deleting multiple files, and blocking some USA IP addresses from accessing its site as at January 21, 2012

Uploadstation also owned and managed by Fileserve is doing same thing – deleting multiple files and blocking US IPs also at January. Other filehosting and sharing sites that are beginning to adjust their services include 4Shared, VideoZer, Uploaded, Filepost, VideoBB amongst others

Filesonic has stopped file sharing activities while Wupload has disabled many accounts linked with infriging materials

amidst of these, Rapidshare and Mediafire has categorically said they have nothing to worry about as their services are not based on piracy oriented materials and that they are ready to fight and respond to every jurisditic acts

The Chamber of Commerce argued that “rogue websites — dedicated to the theft of American intellectual property — get over 53 billion visits every year.” Upon closer inspection, about 40 percent of those visits were due to just two entities

3 Responses to “Mediafire And Rapidshare To FBI We Are Perfectly Legal Amidst Megaupload and MegaVideo ShutDown”

  1. I am sure they are still gonna track down other Megaupload (MU) rival sites like Rapidshare, Hotfile etc.

  2. AMDFAN says:

    Im sorry, but I do not feel sorry for mega video and by making a 72 minute limit then making
    people wait 24 hours, people should have known that was trap in the first place. If they are
    selling in anyway even on time limit the content then some thing is not right. Selling points
    are quality and packagabliltiy. Though I feel this is a publicity stunt for the gov to convince
    people to vote in SOPA and PIPA It’s also companies like these that make the issue so public that
    companies that are doing little wrong then trying to help others get these programs online to
    watch, to keep it so they can be left alone. So far the real criminals have been caught but how
    long till its the ones that didnt intend to actually sell the content but only to air it get the
    same? Thanks mega rip off for wrecking it all for the rest of us. And to even offer illegal
    downloads, WTF where they doing out there advertising themselves off for everyone to see
    everywhere you went anyway? Show the product for free, Offer a better package deal and
    Higher web streaming speeds, DO NOT sell the content or set a time limit making it distribution
    of stolen content by limiting how much content streamers can watch and then it can be wrote
    off as distribution of services (and not content) and allot of times it gets looked the other

    Again thanks Mega Video. You quality was only better then some, Youre episodes where often

    labeled wrong, AND you allowed people to download illegal content you yourselves stole and made

    it hard for
    other companies that where only boarder line pirating. I have no sympathy for you or the likes

    of you.

    Good bye and good riddance

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