Google Now Ready to Sell Co-Branded Android Tablets in Its New Online Store

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There has been a lot of buzz about the new Google’s Nexus Tablet over the last few months. Most of these rumours suggest that Google has contracted Asus, a popular electronic manufacturer, to build a sub-$200 Android tablet, and now, the Wall Street Journal ponders on it, firmly declaring that Google will open a new online store that will sell the co-branded Android tablets by other makers.

According to the Wall Street Journal post (subscription required) which was conveyed via Nexus 404, it states:

“Google won’t make the devices and its existing partners such as Samsung Electronics Co. and AsusTeK Computer Inc. 2357.TW -1.08% will be responsible for the hardware, these people said. 

One co-branded tablet that may be sold in the online store is due to be released later this year by Taiwan-based Asus, said one of these people. 

Details of the project still remain unclear, including when Google plans to unveil the online store. Google is expected to release the next version of its Android software, called Jelly Bean, in the middle of this year, people familiar with the matter have said. 

Google will shortly manufacture its own tablets, due to its pending $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., which has been approved in the U.S. and in Europe and is awaiting approval by the Chinese authorities. Some people who are more familiar with Google’s plans said that Motorola tablets are expected to be offered in the online store soon.” 


And based on this fact, we can presume that Google’s new online store will simply be a digital walkway for consumers to scrutinize and compare highly regarded tablets.

However, what mostly matters to me is that WSJ confirms that Google “will soon manufacture its own series of tablets” with the help from Motorola. It is recalled that Google bought Motorola last year to boost the company’s mobile industry domination. And with this move, we can now look forward to more Xoom tablets and others!

If truly Google can work this out, people should be expecting more of Motorola devices running on Google’s popular operating system, Android OS.

This is not the first time when Google will be attempting to launch its own online store to sell its permitted hardware. Last year, Google tried to sell the Nexus One (when it was first launched) through its online store but the sales were not forthcoming as the company presume. And that led to the closure of the online store.

Why would Google revive an online store?

At that time, we can say Google has little or no impact in the industry but this time, things has changed simultaneously. The Google’s powered Android OS is ever-present. And now, there are a lot of people calling for Google Play and some other Google products as well.

The fact is opening an online store that sells Google standard hardware could be a good step at enhancing the “disjointed” Android tablet experience. This could also see Google having more control over the user experience — which used to be an Apple and Amazon case before, by strictly incorporating the hardware and software at the points of sale.

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