Does Facebook Make money? – Find Out Shocking Top Ways How Facebook makes Money

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If really does makes when its services is almost free to its users, then how does facebook makes the money? what an illusive simple question and answers?

Its true that makes money but many that are curious are still yet to know the may truth behind how facebook makes money online. Facebook still remain the number most visited website in my country while is second.

facebook revenue source

This is something opposite when its comes to world global site ranking according to, Google still remains the number one most visited website in the world, while is second most visited website in the whole wide world

With an estimated $2 billion in revenue last year and expectations set to nearly double that number this year, many wonder how a free service makes money. The games are huge and with the recent complete switch to Facebook Credits for in-game merchandise, that’s definitely a part of it. Yet, advertisers are able to hyper-target us in ways never truly seen.

While most industry insiders have a firm grasp on Facebook’s monetization models, most people still don’t understand how Facebook makes money. For those that still don’t know how Facebook makes money, we thought we’d take the opportunity to break down Facebook’s various revenue streams including past and future streams of revenue.

Does Facebook Makes Money Simple Question And Answer ?

Does Facebook Makes Money, If yes how does facebooks money? simple question that deserve simple answer – Yes facebook truely makes money, and facebook make money with three main sources.

1. Facebook Advertising
2. Facebook Gifts – Facebook Gifts shops
3. Facebook Apps. (Applications)

To read the whole article and watch the video and discover the top three (3) secrets of how Facebook makes money read this main preceeding post here – Top Secret Sources how Facebook Makes Money Online

Infographics on How Facebook Does Make Money

infographics on how facebook makes money

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