The Unique Improvements Of The iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 maintains some of the design which one can use to identify the previous models – the iPhone 4 and 4S. However, in other ways, the iPhone 5 presents significant changes producing a mobile upgrade that feels much more modern and advanced.

Previous iPhone models were made of stainless steel sandwiched between sheets of glass. The iPhone 5 is made out of aluminum. This is the same material used by Apple on their iPads as well as their desktop computers. It also has certain ramifications for the device. One of these is that by using aluminum, the iPhone 5 is much stronger than other models.

Glass is no longer found on both sides of the iPhone but only one which makes the device much sturdier and able to withstand more. In the past, the class was attached separately. However, now the case of the iPhone 5 is made of aluminum with the glass on the front sitting flush. The iPhone 5 has the most solid and sturdy design of any previous iPhone model.


The iPhone 5 has other unique aspects that make it stand apart from previous iPhones. For instance, the chamfered edge on the antenna runs the perimeter of the phone. This stands out rather well on the white model. With its polished metal accents the iPhone 5 is a very visually appealing mobile phone.

Apple made some other design changes to the iPhone 5 in order to accommodate a thinner phone with a larger display. For instance, one of these changes came with the creation of a new connection known as ‘Lightning’. Unlike other previous iPhone models the accompanying connection cord is much smaller even smaller than a microUSB connector.

By making this change Apple was able to provide some benefits to the design of the iPhone 5. The has less pins than the bulky 30 pin connector used in the past.  This means it will not break as often. It also made it possible to put a smaller connection port in the iPhone 5 to make the phone thinner.

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