Top 12 Non-expensive Educational Gadgets for Students in High Schools and Colleges

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The way in which students learn, calculate and innovate has advanced along with modern technology, making the old-fashioned school essentials outdated playbooks for an outmoded game.

Although the classic three ringed binder, packet of pencils and pencil sharpeners can still be for a variety of students, the modern age of technology has made way for educational gadgets that can help students and their schools improve the learning experience.


The following is a list of the twelve workable and coolest gadgets that you will find vital as a student that desire to easily manage the stress lifestyle of school activities thereby having the skills to excel with your studies and career

#1 – Laptop:

Rounding out the list is the essential laptop, which allows students to access the World Wide Web and browse through assortments of pertinent data, such as research papers, essays and other academic writings. While the price of a laptop has a bad reputation, the current saturation of laptops in the mainstream market has introduced a variety of quality laptops for very reasonable prices.

Quality laptops from Acer and HP can be purchased for less than $200 – $500 dollars especially if you’re smartly clipping coupon and purchasing from an online store that allow students’ discount code.

#2 – Livescribe Echo SmartPen:


This is one of those gadgets that most students might not be aware of. The Licescribe Echo SmartPen is an incredibly innovative scholastic tool that gives students the opportunity to both write and record, making it a useful device in capturing the essence of college lectures and presentations.

Livescribe can save these writings and recordings as data that is easily transferred onto a computer for electronic revising or saving.

#3 – Digital Voice Recorder:


Like the Livescribe listed above, the dictaphone is another important recording tool that can allow students to take notes and listen to lectures. Modern dictaphones save recordings on data that can also be transferred to a preferred computer.

#4 – The Scientific Calculator:


The scientific calculator has been a staple of school necessities for over a decade, and this doesn’t seem to be changing much despite the advent of new computer programs and smart phone apps that try to imitate the uses of the scientific calculator. This is a must have cool educational gadgets for students both in high schools and colleges.

#5 – USB Sticks and Datacards Reader:


Wherever and however students save their data, it’s important to be able to transfer that data freely, and securely, using a USB stick or a flash drive. This modern equivalents of floppy drives come in a variety of sizes, all for fairly no prices.

#6 – Amazon Kindle:


The Kindle has been a relatively new innovation on the market, and it’s just as helpful to students as it is to readers – primarily because the majority of students are made to be readers themselves. Many schools and universities are now uploading required reading and textbooks electronically, so that kindle users can download their own personal copy at a lesser fee than hardcover. The Kindle is also essential for any literature courses.

#7 – The Alarm Clock:

Talk about an old-fashioned necessity: despite the newfangled technology covering this list, the alarm clock is still an important part of the school day. Although a variety of alarms are offered on phones, tablets and even computers, few of them come with the functionality of a traditional alarm clock like the Sony ICFC3185 Clock Radio.
#8 – Ipod Classic:


Now it’s time to start listing the fun side of school gadgets. Ipods don’t have the best reputation as learning devices, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ipods have been demonstrated as incredibly focusing tools to help students blot out surrounding distractions and focus on their work.

#9 – Digital Camera:


A digital camera might have no academic use whatsoever, save for the choice photography class, but it’s an essential part of the social scene at school. Whether you are taking pictures of your friends, university or a field trip with your class, there is a digital camera out there that can meet your price point.

#10 – Blu-ray player with iPlayer:


Once again, this device is hopelessly useless for actual academic work. But a student’s life can’t be made up of school alone. Relaxation time and entertainment is an important balance for students to find, and the latest blu-ray players are more than up for the task. Like the popular saying goes “all works and no play makes a dull boy”

#11 – George Foreman Grill:

Students don’t have time to prepare long and elaborate meals. The george foreman grill can toast, grill, and get your cook prepared fast and hassle free. This is the perfect ‘gadget’ for a quick meal or to serve a friendly get-together with fellow students.

#12 – Printer:

Last but not least is the tried and true printer. Very few schools today accept reports, essays and other written works through email or in document form. The printer is still an essential tool for creating a hard copy version of your electronic project. You will also find a printer useful if you are the kind of students who is alergic to long time electronic reading.

Other reasons why you need a printer as a student is the ease it gives you to print books from any of the internet files formats such as pdf, ppt, doc etc. and read it up as hard copy while marking and underlying relevant points.

As a student, you can utilize the cheap printer discount and coupon codes online so as to save yourself money that can be used for other pressing needs.

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  1. Donatus says:

    I think laptop and digital camera is the most essential from the list.
    Thanks for sharing, its a nice list.

  2. Lucas says:

    SLR/DSLR cameras are expensive but if you don’t want a regular point ant shoot digital cam, go for bridge cameras instead.

  3. obinna says:

    wow.. what a list? but I observed this list was essentially made for students in developed country not for developing countries like Nigeria.

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