Huawei and Zte Imei Unlock Code Writer, Calculator and Generator Software Free Download

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Best Free Huawei modems and Zte modems unlock code tools. here is how to use huawei modem and zte modem imei number to calculate, write and generate each 3G usb modem/modem unlocking and cracking codes to break the modem security and make it a free universal modem to browse the internet with different network operator sim cards.

modem hauwei free unlock codes

All 3G Usb Modem Unlocker Software Free Download

1. The Modern Unlocker Software is also referred to as universal huawei usb modem code unlocker, since it is used in making your usb modems from huawei universal – that is being able to accept and work with other sims from other network operators.

Download Free Huawei Modem Unlocker and Imei unlock codes Software from here

2. Here is the free universal usb modem unlocker software for breaking and generating usb modems unlocking codes so that they can function as universal so as to work with other network carrier and operator simcards. This free universal mastercode writer and calculate also works for nokia phone, vodafones etc.

Download free Zte 3G usb Modem unlocker and Imei Unlock Codes writer from here

This post updated: 16th July, 2013

127 Responses to “Huawei and Zte Imei Unlock Code Writer, Calculator and Generator Software Free Download”

  1. Kameryn says:

    I am froveer indebted to you for this information.

  2. abraham says:

    muito bom esse sait onde posso encontrar respostas onde eu nao encontrei antes
    fico desde ja muito grato a vc Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi, valeu mesmo…

  3. Randy says:

    …..please help…. here is my IMEI Modem number 356635025429625 i need the unlock code and Flash Code thanks

    • Dear Randy,
      you did not specify is whether this is an Hauwei or Zte modem.
      Here is the unblocking and unlocking codes of the modem if its an Hauwei
      Unlock Code : 42096630
      Flash Code : 62468494
      Hope it works

  4. iroghama eremwanarue says:

    pls i need unlock code for my zte modem, model MF180, imei 867364001053687.

  5. japhet says:

    sir, im from philippines.. i would like to unlock my zte MF100 modem. I used the crack dc unlocker but it didn’t work…

    • The cracked Dc-Unlocker is working man, people on this blog has been testifying of that
      me too its worked fine for me, just follow the instructions on the tutorial above or watch
      the video you should be able to do it.

      What problems are you encountering when using it?

      • japhet says:

        the sim was unlocked but when i reinsert the modem with my preferred network it still asks for the unlocking code… sir, please help me… here is the imei number of my modem: 352867040575280 model mf100 smartbro

        sir, im here in the philippines. it is a smartbro modem. thats one of our internet network here.. it seems that my modem is asking several codes, i also tried the zte calculator. it gave me the unlocking code and flash code but still not working… i almost lose my hope now.. sir i hope you can help me… i know your brilliant with this..

        • being that its a zte modem you dont necessarily need to enter the
          modem its automatically unlock the modem when its pluged to the
          usb port

  6. japhet says:

    jerry, the unlocking code sir is composed of 16 codes… if its lesser than that, the code wont be accepted. the unlocking code given by code calculator sir is just about 8 codes… im really confused now sir. i hope you will help me.may God bless you sir and your family.

  7. japhet says:


  8. point9ine says:

    hello, i cant get to download the software, usb unlucker.
    this is the model number E156G. it is a MTN USB HSDPA stick.
    IMEI: 357133037868583
    S/N: GF4CAA1030901372

    • Dear Friend
      find your modem unlocking codes below

      Unlock Code : 48663904
      Flash Code : 38090518
      hope it works for you great

  9. Shahriar says:

    pls i need unlock code for my zte modem, model MF180, imei 355291040251817.


  10. Pierre Z. says:

    Hi good job. my zte imei is 353874041504490 its a zte mf192 modem

  11. DY says:

    E122 MODEM IMEI : 35688203014933

    please send me the unlock code thks

  12. cj saint says:

    hi sir,
    i have a zte mf612 modem, and i tried using the zte unlock tools but it only generates 12 digits – mine keeps asking me for 16 digits.

    Here’s my IMEI number
    IMEI: 353370030292015

    Thank you for the help.

  13. sir, how can i unlock my ZTE MF190?

  14. sir, how can i unlock my ZTE MF190?

    Here’s my IMEI number
    IMEI: 911133900787000
    S/N: RZTCDC110610551

  15. Nandkishor Prasad says:

    dear sir

    i have mts modem model no is EC122
    MEID a00002da7576F9 i want to unlocke and use the ather sim

    thanks ?

  16. AGILITY MARTIN says:

    My brother thank you for all your good works. Please I have trying to download the hauwei zte imei unlock code writer calculator generator software but I am still finding it difficult. I couldnt download it. Please how can I do it. Please I need your assistance

  17. Collins says:

    Good day. I want unlock my modem

    • What is the type of your modem, hauwei or zte, plsease post your imei number here or download any of the software dongle tool here to unlock the modem yourself

  18. Diego says:


    Imei: 352455030229264

    Alguem me ajuda please

    Anyone Helpme !!

  19. Shadrach says:

    Pls help me onlock my glo huawei G1101 mobile it’s only accepts glo simcard and when u insert another sim card it ask for network unlock code the imel is 353623045299205

    • Dear Shadrach, below is your usb modem unlock code
      Unlock Code : 34478927
      Flash Code : 53394606

  20. sunday njoku says:

    pls sir i need code for my etisalat usb modem. zte modem, model MF627, imei 351589042490117.

  21. wakeup says:

    av already downloaded the software 4 data card but when am trying to install he ask me 2 buy now. what i do

  22. Senator says:

    I want to Unlock my Glo Model Huwai Phone, so that i go dey used any network with am.

    Here is IMEI: 353623045535442. please send the unlock to my email please thanks

  23. mb says:

    my zte mf190 is sim locked . The dc unlocker that i downloaded and tried many times does not accept zte mf190. Also the dashboard does not show the prompt for unlock code if i use a different sim for the modem. Please help me?

    • have you really tried the dc unlocker software, coz that software is specifically meant for your modem series

      • mb says:

        thak you for your help
        but the dc unlocker software downloaded still it wont work. i am using mf190 from smartbro philippines. Perhaps their firmware is not acceptable by this dc unlocker version.
        i also use your universal master code unlocker but when i inserted invalid sim there is no prompt to enter unlock code coming from smartbro dashboard.
        I just wait from your blog for other unlocking software in the future.
        thanks again

  24. nikopoddium says:

    pliz try 4 me a zte imei 351573022796081,mtn unlock for me.other wise u ar good to share wat u fact keep up

  25. fandey says:

    i have zte modem model k3571-z with IMEI 359591034978622. please help me for the unlock code or unlocker setup.
    thank you!

  26. OWEN says:

    good day sir, I want to commend ur good works…thanks alot. pls I want to Unlock my Glo Huawei Phone G1101, so that Ican use any sim card with it.
    IMEI NO: 357778040266223
    S/N: 3V9XAJ1171702591…

  27. Samuel says:

    dear, sir i need help to unlock my huawei G1101 phone. it only accepts tigo sims

  28. Emml says:

    Please help me unlock my modem. ZTE imei:353164044914197.
    model: MF 100

  29. nicholas says:

    i have exceeded the unlock entries whats next

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  31. Virendra Patil says:

    Sir, please send login id to unlock code my MF190 ZTE Corporation?

    Here’s my IMEI number
    IMEI: 911133901578754
    RSN: RZTCDC120054691
    HSUPA USB Stick
    Model: MF190 ZTE Corporation

  32. john says:

    hey i have a zte mf 192 dcunlocker cannot detect it . pls help:
    IMEI 353874041844011 .

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  34. charles says:

    Jerry you are good, and the software worked perfectly. Thank you very much for the ideal you have shared

  35. Are Ahmed says:

    pls i need the unlock code for my zte mf190 modem
    thank you

  36. jean philippe says:



  37. jean philippe says:


  38. manasehino says:

    hellow please give me the steps of unblocking my sim card after attemting 10 attempts,i am using moderm zte mf 190.

  39. manasehino says:

    help me unblocking my zte mf 190 moderm after 10 attempts

  40. steve says:

    thank alot. great work

  41. Leymandudu says:

    Afternoon bro,
    Please I need to unlock HUAWEI G1101 mobile phone with IMEI: 357778040474058 and serial No: 3V9XAJ1172009275.
    Thank you

  42. Leymandudu says:

    Hi brother, please can u help me with unlock code for my Huawei G1101 mobile phone fron Glo with the following details:
    IMEI No: 357778040474058
    Serial No: 3V9XAJ1172009752.
    Thank you

  43. leymandudu says:

    Good Evening bro,
    Sir I need help to unlock my huawei G1101
    phone. it only accepts glo sim
    Thank you, God bless

    • Hi Leymandudu, kindly find your modem unlocked code below
      Unlock Code : 66349086
      Flash Code : 44063464

  44. leymandudu says:

    Morning bro, please I have a 3G MTN Modem that I want to unlock.
    IMEI: 357534044351002

    Thank you.

    • Find your download link below
      Unlock Code : 56362561
      Flash Code : 49198997

  45. simon says:

    Pls my broda jerry hlp me with dis hauwei unlock code for my modem. IMEI: 867648010787164 and the model: E303

    • Dear Simon, find your modem unlock code below
      Unlock Code : 35932652
      Flash Code : 46741941

  46. wale says:

    Your site has been source of inspirational to me,more grease to ur elbow.kindly help me unlock this mtnf@stlink E303, IMEI:867648010065736, S/N: U9CBYA9270711020, THANKS AND GOD BLESS

  47. adason says:

    pls hlp me on how to unlock my GLO 3G ZTE MF 110 modem

  48. G'gahits Damian says:

    hi Jerry i hv tried out all unlocking softwares including the dc crap unlocker to unlock my zte mf192 modem but i have failed i was hoping that you would help me out…

  49. archie says:

    Hi sir can you help me to Unlock my ZTE MF100 here is the 359518036960167 thank you in advanced

  50. Emmanuel says:

    Please I want unlock code for GLO phon.
    Model: Huawei G1101
    Thank you.(and I’ll be glad if you’ll teach me how)

  51. ABDUL-GAFAR says:

    pls broda, i need your help to unlock my zte modem with model MF100 and IMEI: 352867047322744, I hope you will help me as you do to others, may God bless you. Thank you

  52. AYO says:

    dear, sir i need help to unlock my modem E303 IMEL 867648010324554 S/n u9cbya9270907253 PLS SIR

  53. CHANDAN says:

    how to unlock tata indicom cdma 1x usb modem epivalley,model sxc-1280,meid-A10000040B499c

  54. lawrence kay samuel says:

    pls how/where can i dowload the dc unlocker software?

  55. janja says:

    Good sir, i downloaded the DC UNLOCKER but still i am not able to unlock my ZTE MF192 modem which the software doesnt detect, any updates or advise from your side will be greatly received.
    IMEI – 353874041891343

  56. philippe saint-amour says:

    PLEASE I NEED TO UNLOCK A PHONE HUAWEI G1101 IMEI:357778044279354 S/N:3V9XAT 1260403506

  57. george says:

    zte netlock code please ,,,356845040581579

  58. elo says:

    please kindle help me with the unlock code of ZTE MF190 as i am unable to download the software.
    IMEI: 866840015294384
    s/n: 323322726125.

  59. Karen23 says:

    zte tania IMEI:856182010122539

  60. Please Sir Send The unlock Code Huawei G1101 IMEI# “357778043844372”.

  61. RuiGuimaraes says:

    Unlock code for ZTE MF1800 IMEI:867364001250572 please.
    Thank you

  62. shiva says:

    pls give nck code for huaweai u7510 my imei is 353323030166978

  63. Joseph says:

    please!!! i need you to help me, i got the code but now how do i enter it

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