One-Step Way to Bulk Delete and Empty All Your Hotmail Messages

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It does happen that most times we get overly busy that other things get to take our minds away from deleting our emails once they have been read.

Especially for those online geeks that consume lots of internet information.

We subscribe to lots of internet email lists just to see what they have got for us behind their email newsletters back office.

As a result, we end up getting lots of followups and promotional email offers from these mailing lists.

What we get at the end of the day, are lots of bombarded emails hitting our inbox/junk/spam folders.

These un-deleted emails get piled up and may often end up being damn annoying.

And what you’re going to need to do to bring back sanity to your email inbox and other folders, is to delete them.

And getting rid of these too many emails cluttering our inbox from seeing essential legitimate emails is easy.

After searching on how I could delete my over three thousand, six hundred and nineteen emails from my hotmail inbox or any other email folder, I eventually found the easiest one-click to bulk delete all the inbox emails at once.

Just imagine, if I’m trying to select all the emails and start deleting them batch after batch, it would have taken me some considerable number of hours if not days.


You see, that’s crazy chunk of productive hours that could be used on something more important being wasted on trying to delete unwanted emails. I mean something, like writing useful blogpost content like this.

So Here’s How to Use 1-Click Button To Mass Delete Your Hotmail Inbox Emails

Log into your hotmail/livemail account. From your email dashboard landing page, click inbox and just right-click on the “inbox” folder


You will see 3 options.

a. New subfolder
b. Mark all as read
c. Empty folder


To delete all these mails, you’re going to need to just click on “Empty folder”

Upon clicking on the empty folder, a prompt dialogue box will pop up saying “You’re about to delete all of the messages in this folder.”


Make sure you really want to do this, and just click on “Empty”

The next small prompt that will pop up again is the “We are running as fast as we can” showing the numbers of emails being deleted.


With this, all these messages in this folder will instantly be deleted.

See image tutorial on how I did mine and how you too couldĀ  do yours.

Have any question, just the comment.

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