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How to Reboot and Shutdown Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Online Without Using Start Menu

Rebooting, hibernating and shutting down any of your computer windows operating system either remotely or directly online is now made easily possible With the free ReStartPage online, you can now close all open programs, shut down windows and then turn of your computer online without having to click on your normal computer Start Menu or […]


How to Hide and Create an Invisible File Folder in Windows

Here are top five easy ways to create and hide file folders in windows operating system. Not everyone uses a computer that they have all to themselves as many people share computers to do work. Therefore it becomes more like a necessity for them to know the steps to create an invisible folder. Everyone has […]


Keyboard Shortcut Keys For windows 8 OS

Its good to know that windows 8 operating system will officially be released October later this year. Microsoft has officially made the pronouncement and we all are waiting to witness a full complete version of a “never released before” OS Below are top quick microsoft new windows 8 operating system shortcut keys Windows key¬†– Shows […]