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Is Sparkster The First 10 Million TPS NO Code Drag and Drop Blockchain Platform a Scam?

Sparkster is building the world’s fastest Decentralized Cloud for Smart software with a throughput capacity of 10 million transactions per seconds. Sparkster is a specialized blockchain designed specifically to replace cloud computing and execute tens of millions of transactions per seconds (TPS). By enabling you to build smart software without really learning how to code(codeless […]


#1 Way to Make Money Online On Nairaland Into Your Bank Account Browsing From Your Phone and Computer

No doubt that is #1 Nigeria websites with the biggest and largest web visitors (traffic) Though it’s more of a social hub where people gets to learn and discuss varying topical issues and general life subjects centred round politics, education, gossips, fashion, entertainment, style, football and many more of any thing you can think […]


Very Profitable Daily Income Business Anyone Can Start With No/Little Capital

Quick Definitive Guide on How to Start and Run a Profitable Laundry and Dry-cleaning Service Business Anywhere From Scratch Often times I got asked by many folks on the internet and offline of some questions like Any viable business one can venture into… …That has low risk of failure …Low inventory (startup cost) …With good […]