Send Unlimited Free SMS to Any Network With Your MTN Sim Without Paying a Dime

Here is How to Send Unlimited Free SMS (Text Messages) From Your Simcard on Your mobile Phone or Modem to Any Network


Just a couple of days back, I stumbled on this free trick for sending unlimited free sms that is, text messages from your mobile your and line to any network across the country without paying not even 1 kobo.

Quick NCC Update!
Just a quick reminder, 8th February, 2013 this year NCC mandated all network operator to effectively charge N4 as flat rate per sms within and outside each network operator service.

Majority of people have ever since not be aware of this welcome development in telecom. industry.

Back to the update of today’s post on how anybody can send free unlimited sms from his/her phone even with zero (0) airtime in your phone account’s balance.

This unlimited free sms sending tricks only works on the MTN network and it allows you to send series of text messages not only to MTN subscribers but to non-MTN subscribers like GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, VISAFONE, STARCOMMs and lots more.

The MTN Unlimited Free Sms Sending Tweak
here is how it works, if after typping/composing your message, you Select send and add + to the mobile phone user’s number and finally select send.

For example:

After typing your message, and you wanna send it over to me via sms service of your network provider, it becomes


Ensure you add a plus (+) sign to the mobile number as seen from the example above.

note that if you send it to me as in +2347032472869 the message will not get across or your account balance will be debited with  Nigeria network operators’ standard sms rate which is now N4 per SMS

If you add a plus as in +07032472869, the message will be send free of charge.

Sending Bulk Sms With This Tweak On Your Usb Modem or Datacard
You can add your MTN sim card to your modem and export the contacts you wanna bulk sms, and make sure the + sign is already added to each of the contact phone numbers before clicking on send.

There are automated dashboard software that you can also add to your usb modem user dashboard that will make a whole lot of sense thereby helping you to achieve fast result

Enjoy the tweak and trick while it last.

Top 5 Features to Look Out for Before Choosing 3G/4G Broadband Cyberspace Access Provider

Before thinking of patronizing that 3g or 4g broadband internet service provider for access to the web with your mobile cell(s), smartphone(s) or PC, below are the leading and trending factors that need to be considered for you to enjoy a better internet service delivery and in turn have good value for your chips without any unjustifiable daunting internet connectivity problems and issues


#1. Customer Care Service:

At least Airtel renders the fastest hook up time with response while trying to get across via their customer care line. Though the system has flaws and it’s poorly managed.

Local ISP Case Study

Among all the naija broadband internet service providers, Glo – 121 still rank better with good and courteous customer care conversation response follow by MTN. One thing that makes glo customer care service rocks is they don’t end a call after any conversation with a customer, instead they simply say would that be all, if your response is yes, they kindly say you may now end the call.

#2. Internet Connection Downtime:

MTN is perpetually known for frequent lost time or interruption of internet connection dauntingly making you to start establishing connection every time. Connection stoppage is very rare with GLO, Airtel and Etisalat except if they are experiencing unavoidable offshore barrier

#3. Flexibility and Intuitive Innovation

I learnt that Glo now offers “internet subscription connection bundle sharing” a me2U feature alike for sending airtime. This allows you to automatically share your internet connection bandwidth popularly known by a number of youths as “megabytes” or “Gigabytes” especially by most mobile users.

With this feature you can subscribe and share your internet connection airtime and space with friends and love ones on the same network. Ain’t this a simple smart move if you ask me?

Another innovative move is the recent first of it kind service introduction by Airtel that allows its users to use a blackberry subscription that is both valid on mobile phones and PC. If you are subscribing for the normal Airtel PC internet plan you pay more with a little bandwidth

The only drawback is that if your megabytes or gigabytes get exhausted before your airtime validity period (date), you can’t manually and automatically renew it until you call their customer care on 111 to have it done for you

Another flexible thing currently run by most network operators is being able to pay for internet subscription via ATM and POS terminals online even from the comfort of your home just at your finger tips if you have receptively opted for online banking service

#4. Availability and Proximity to 3G/4G Coverage Access

3G/4G simply means a wireless communication technology structured to deliver high-speed internet access also known as HSPDA capable of transmitting both light and heavy digitalized voice, video and multimedia files

Though most network operators and ISP have now switched their internet connection from 2G to 3G , 3.5G, and 4G as the case might be as well as occasion serves, but such service is still unevenly available to all locations nation-wide

MTN has a wider 3g internet across the nation follow by GLO, then Etisalat follow by Airtel. If you are in location almost at the outskirts of the city you may not enjoy strong 3g access but EDGE which is relatively weaker in speed compare to 3g

#5. Reliability, Speed and Other Users’ Experiences

Like I said above reliability and speed is one of the core attributes of internet connections that you should not ignore if you don’t want to get annoying internet connection error messages as result of poor network service

One of the popular places to find out what other internet users’ experiences about a specific internet connection provider are, is to ask frinds on facebook or visit top internet connectivity forums such as,, comcast, battlelog, pcpitstop and host of others

I think I would rather stop here as the post is getting lengthier. I think this 5 tips will put you on the guard thereby helping to prevent and remedy the worst internet connectivity problems and issues that emanate as a result of your ISP and network operators fixable  inefficiencies and weaknesses that most of them have reluctantly refuse to fix

Lets me know what exactly your experience has been with any network operator over the past couple of years? Lets me know your internet connectivity woes and pros and cons

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My Internet Connection Sucks? Sketchy Trustpenny Review to Choose an ISP that Truly Works Fast

It’s no more news that most internet users if not all are now having series of negative internet connection problems ranging from slow speed, poor network, bad reception signal, connectivity downtime to frequent disconnection especially those that use the commonest internet connection equipment and tool like the general one always on demand – 3g data card usb modems.

This is rather a quick post that will instantly cause you to take the right decision thereby helping you make the right switch of your ISP. It covers my encounter, avid online users, top internet marketers and bloggers experiences on what works and what does not work as regards your choice for selecting and choosing your ISP, the reasons why I stick to the ones I’m using at the moment.


Glo rocks and as always still remains the best efficient and a bit reliable broadband kind of internet service provider with less customer complaints. Gosh! did I hear you say “you are wrong dude”? Just a few more minutes or so, I would prove it, just read on

That is why after my experiences with airtel, mtn, etisalat, I have no any other choice than to stick with them as my prefer choice of internet browsing provider. And you would unarguably agree with me that mtn seems to be d worst, Airtel is the 2nd best bet after Glo while Etisalat follows in the top lists

This skeletal statistical guess sort of is culled from social network sites like and Twitter also from realtime users’ active forums like etc

People often complain of super-fast glo 3g unavailability in their location, a vast majority complain about MTN’s poor, inefficient and unreliable service while most internet marketers grumble about airtel not opening many sensitive internet marketing sites like

Others have repeatedly insatiably complained about Etisalat not working on so many third party apps and software like Virtual Private Network (VPN) for those trying to access blocked websites or websites service who have selectively banned or flagged some national IP from locating and reaching their service for one reason and the other. A good example is,, (for those using this payment option to receive auctioned web properties like domain name or websites)

With which ever reasons you’re here on the internet be you here to socialize, learn, make research, study or make money like I do the reason for importance for getting an hassle-free, efficient, reliable and downtime-free internet browsing service can’t be over emphasized as your success and failure for any of these reasons itemized above boils down and is chiefly controlled and regulated by your choice of internet connectivity.

Ways to Solve and Fix Disabled Google Ads Code Serving Your Website and Blog

For a detailed Google Adsense Case Study, Please read this preceding post on

Website Serving Google Ads Code Disabled – Overview and Case study on How to Troubleshoot it, but if you need straight solution on you can restore back blocked and banned ads serving your website, read on!

Ways for Resolving Google Ads Serving Your Website Has Been Disabled Problem

There are literally two (2) ways for resolving Disabled ads serving website problems

  1. Filling a reconsideration appeal request form
  2. Changing your domain name and doing 301 htaccess redirect

For a complete guide on how to effectively use Google adsense reconsideration appeal form to get back disabled ads serving your site please read this post.


Changing Your Domain Name and Doing 301 Htaccess Redirect

If you are just like me that did not get success using Google reconsideration appeal request form after ads serving my site was disabled, then the second option is your best bet.

Whenever google adsense stop serving ads to you, it’s not your website that is affected, it’s your domain name.

So if after ensuring your web pages are in compliance with Google adsense program by deleting every conflicting web pages and contents whatsoever and Google still refuses to restore ads serving your website, the best option is for you to change your domain name I repeat.

Using as an example, Google adsense suddenly stopped serving their ads there as said earlier in my preceding post here

Carefully Select a Similar or Exact Domain with Your Old Domain Name

After my domain name at had been shut down by google adsense, I have to ensure the domain name I got look similar to the former one. I tried buying which had already been registered by someone else, but the guy was not willing to sell.

Luckily for me was available and I quickly went over to and I have it registered.

After buying, It was now time for me to do htaccess 301 redirect from

How to Do Htaccess Redirect

I am not a coder or programmer just a smart blogger, you may contact your hosting company for help on how to do effective and SEO friendly htaccess 301 redirect from a domain name to a new domain name

If you website or blog is hosted on hostgator, you can read this 301 redirect tutorial or directly contact hostgator customer care representative live chat here  who would be more than happy to move your website from one domain to another for you.

You may also contact people on,, etc, but the former is more secure and better than the later

What to Do after Doing 301 Htaccess Redirect

  1. Submit your new domain to Google Webmaster tool
  2. Add Google analytic s or any other third-party website tracking code to your site via your its dashboard
  3.  Promote your sites across the social network
  4. Begin to do link building at least with the simplest blog commenting, you can use this automated tool Drop My Link to search for blog posts and niche relating to yours

Disadvantages of Changing your Domain after Ads Serving It Had Been Shutdown

  1. I lost a solid PR of 3 domain
  2. I lost my website search engine result page (SERP)
  3. I lost all my website social sites stats and counts that is my blog posts facebook likes, twitter and stumble upon stats and counts etc many of which were over 100k

How to Know if Ads Serving Your Website Has Been Re-enabled By Google Adsense

You will get a notification email from Google after they would review your site, and if it all changes have been made, Ads serving to your website would be enabled

Below is snippet of the email Google will send you once they have re-enabled ads serving to your website


Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply with our policies. After thoroughly reviewing xxxxxxxx, we have now re-enabled ad serving to this site.

Because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled, you many notice a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing on your site again. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

It took my site 24 hours for re-enabled ads to starts showing up

Please lets help share the knowledge and experience as so many people are stuck and stranded trying to fix and resolve this google ads issues. Just hitting  twitter, G+ and facebook re-share button  will get this to your friends across the social network and beyond.

Lets me know you think, have you think, where you able to resolve your own google ads issues? lets us know on the comment thread

Website Serving Google Ads Code Disabled – Overview and Case study on How to Troubleshoot

Has your Google adsense account ads serving on your websites been disabled and banned completely and you would want to solve the problems and have your ads up and running again on your websites? Read this case study on how to do simple Google adsense troubleshooting and follow the simple steps at the end of the post to fix yours

But if you are just like me with this sudden unexpected email from google adsense network team – “Ads serving to your website has been disabled” Here is detailed step-by-step guide and case study on how I was able to unblock google adsense code being disabled from displaying on three of my websites with two methods

  1. Using Google adsense reconsideration appeal form
  2. Changing my websites domain names

Lifting the Google Adsense ban on my websites was not actually easy at the initial time. Google adsense stopped serving ads to some of my websites July 27th this year precisely

When I got the usual unfriendly and disheartening email from Google, find the email snippet below


During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently
displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program


Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may
exist on other pages of this website or other sites in your network.


As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to
place Google ads on sites with content related to hacking or cracking. For
example, sites showing ads may not provide instructions or equipment to
illegally access or tamper with software, servers, or websites.

ACTION TAKEN: We have disabled ad serving to your site.

Your AdSense account remains active. However, please note that our team
reserves the right to disable your account at any time. As such, we
encourage you to become familiar with our program policies and monitor
your network accordingly.”

After reading through the email, I know a catastrophic had struck my adsense html code on my websites network, I hurriedly rush over there to confirm it, yes it was true, huge empty white spaces on my website where adsense is supposed to be lying

At this point, my heart began to beat so fast as my adrenalin begins to pump rhythmically. I quickly did some Google searches to look for ways to provide solution to my already blocked and banned google adsense sites, I landed on this two websites:

Unlike my website, theirs (Ghack and Shoutmeloud) that were luckily reconsidered after attempting two (2) Google adsense website disabled reconsideration appeal form

Ghack blog case study was a bit different from MediaTechBlog as Martin Brinkmann’s blog got rejected initially, then after doing a vivid and a thorough scrutiny by deleting every web pages on his network (website) that were conflicting and not in compliance with Google adsense program policies

Martin then re-applied again and his reconsideration appeal request was favorably granted the second time and disabled ads serving on his website was restored back

My Innocent Ass Was Kicked and Screwed 

I applied some of Martin Brinkmann’s blog adsense tips and tricks he used in getting back his adsense html code, but blocked and disabled ads serving my websites were never restored back by Google adsense team even after craftily composing my write up on the reconsideration / appeal form, I had only received one email notification and reply which stated that my appeal can’t be restored

I went back to my websites and I deleted over 50 posts some of which were not literally violating adsense program policies, but with a confused curious heart, I needed to take this holistic corrective measure just to ensure I get back disabled ads serving my site. I ensured there were no conflicting post/web pages whatsoever regarding

  • Hack/hacking/hacked
  • Crack/cracking/cracked
  • How to download youtube videos
  • Posts teaching your website visitors how cheat, steal from or leech other website content or intellectual properties
All of the above posts/articles types are strictly and stringently against Google adsense program policies.

What I Did to Get Back Disabled Ads Serving My Website

I did so many things to get back blocked and disabled ads serving my websites, so of the things I did are as follows

  • Changing my web browser(s)
  • Changing my internet connection service provider (ISP) since they all operate on different IPs
  • I deleted all the cookies, caches and every other stored third-party items on my web browsers
  • With no success, I eventually got my PC formatted, since Google are like ultimate virtual police.

All these I did in sequential and chronological order for the quest to restore back disabled ads serving my website, all of these conscientious attempts and efforts prove abortive and ended in absolute futility.

While the tussle between almighty Google and I lasted, I had already lost so much money (adsense earnings) as I was making much from adsense program.

I became psychologically and emotionally disturbed as this blood sucking detour in my financial and blogging plans became so much affected

Some Of The Options I Considered in My Confused State After Google Ads Serving My Website Was Shutdown

Powerless and defenseless me, I began to brood and ruminate deeply as to what my next step of action is gonna be? I considered the following thoughts

  • Using other Google Adsense alternatives
  • Selling direct ads space
  • Forget about google adsense and money and just keep updating my blog with powerful personal concept and ideas driven original contents
  • Change my domain name
My Results and Opinions After Doing the Above

First, I tried pretty wide range of Google adsense program alternatives like Adbrite, Chikita, Infolinks and Addynamo

To be perfectly honest in all fairness, none of these adsense alternative program  networks is as good as Google in earnings. Besides using these adsense alternatives I also tried few clickbank products since I was not doing email marketing alongside, there was no result

Second, I tried my own personalized ads-space marketing also to no avail since my marketing strategy was weak and extremely un-responsive

Third, in addition to my second though, just to forget about google adsense and the money ambition aspect of blogging and just focus on frequently updating my blog, but as an entrepreneurial blogger, I dont think this whole idea appeals to my goals. Then i just have to scrap this thought

Fourth, After thoughtfully ruminating over the whole ideas, and after Google adsense team has refused to reply me, I was left with no other option than to change my domain name.

After putting my house in order by carefully and painstakingly cross-examining my websites , I went back to re-apply the second time and several more times, unfortunately for unlike Ghack and Shoutmeloud, I never got Google adsense html codes serving my websites back neither did I also receive a confirmation notification email if actually they got my re-consideration appeal request.

I did many things to restore disabled Google ads serving my site but to avail. Here is a complete step by step method on how I was able to restore my website and how you too can.

Free WordPress Theme Finder – How to Find What Wp Blog Theme a Site is Using

More often than not when we are on a blog site the tendency of finding out the name of the blog theme on which that website is built and up and running becomes a factor especially when such site theme seems to be having a different the designs and layout from what we used to know or from the one we are much familiar with.

Even as a theme maker and programmer that customizes and create themes for people online, you would also find this how to find out what wordpress theme a blog site is using tutorial tips and tricks to sniffle other theme type online. So here are the ways to find out without too much ado

Three (3) Ways to Finding and Detecting a WordPress Site Theme Name

1. Using Automatic wordpress Theme Finder Tool online

What WordPress Theme is That?

This is the simplest, easiest and quickest method to find and detect what wordpress theme a site is using is running the free What WordPress Theme is that tool online


Seven (7) Details The Wp Theme Finder Tool Will Show you

Upon enter the website, and inputting the blog site address or url, the online blog theme finder software will show you any of the following if available

  • Theme name
  • Version of the blog theme,
  • Theme developer homepage (source)
  • Theme Coder Description
  • The Author or theme maker name
  • The theme or author website address
  • The theme License type

2. Using Google Chrome Theme Sniffer Extension Plugins

You can search google chrome plugin and extension webstore and install any suitable blog theme name sniffer or directly link to any of the two wp blog theme finder extension for chrome toolbar below and have them installed




3 Using Web Browser Page Source Information
This method is for advanced web/internet users, with browsers page source info, you can get the name of a wordpress site theme link and use Google search engine to get the remaining details about the theme.

All Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE etc.) Html Page source Shortcut Key


From any web browser environment just simply press this shortcut key  Ctrl+U and the web browser page source will be opened in a new tab, try looking and searching from the html page source from this new window, you will see the /wp-theme/ folder name and just copy and paste the link into any web search engine. Like i said above this method is rather meant for advance internet user, so if you are a newbie, i still strongly recommend you use the automatic theme finder tool online in method one above.

So if you have been wondering and trying to get a wordpress site theme name and all the necessary information to have sneak preview of the exact theme, I am sure you have found the handful of information above useful. Lets me know if this was really of great help to and if its answer your “What wordpress theme is a site using and running” question?


Where to Get What is Being searched For on Google Right Now – Hot Searches, Queries & Keywords

Are you a blogger, journalist, paparazzi(photography), correspondent, smart affiliate and internet marketer? looking for breaking hot search keywords and topics on Google Engine, here is a simple quick tips and tricks for you.

Internet Hot Searches Tips and Tricks

If you a journalist in the news industry or micro niche blogger and blogger getting the most recently searched thing on Google right now or at every moments gives you a firsthand edge over your competitors who seems to be contending with you in the same niche and for the same keywords and search phrases


So getting the most out of your niche sites will not be complete absolutely with results if you can’t device and figure out means on how to stealthily get the ground breaking hot search terms before you competitor would ever know if such words or things are being searched for online.

To get currently and recently searched for keywords, you need to be on the right platform (site tools) at the right time with the right mind and intent

Breaking Hot Searched Keywords, Trends and Topics Tool Online.

To get all web searches, hunts and queries that people are currently searching and looking for at the moment and at every time online, you need to check out any of the following free real-time search tools and trend functionality online

1. New Google Search Trend and Insights
2. Using Real-time Keywords and Research Tools
a. Keyword Spy
b. SpyFu
3. Social Media Breaking and Hot Searches
a. Twitter Buzz
b. Breaking Social Media 

What do you think of the recently free search terms getting and finding tools above? which is your most preferred option, do you have /know of any other good ads-free hot searches tools that you would want me to include in the lists? please feel free to use the comment to share with other internet user(s), I will be more than glad to add it as soon as possible upon approving your comment